1st Pet Vet - Chandler Emergency

1st Pet Vet - Chandler Emergency

1233 W. Warner Road
Chandler,AZ 85224
(480) 732-0018
Please call for information
Please call for information
Payment Accepted:
Major Credit Cards, Checks, Debit, Cash
Business Hours:
12 AM
11:59 PM
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Recent Reviews

 Izzy B. - 03/28/2017

" long visit. kept me informed and comfortable "

 Tictac W. - 03/25/2017

" You all were wonderful, and really appreciated the follow up call. "

 Rudy M. - 03/23/2017

" Only one thing could have been better with my first experience: less wait time. "

 Loki B. - 03/23/2017

" Really nothing but charge less but I know Vet bills are not cheap. "

 Ruby B. - 03/21/2017

" Coffee ?? "

 Evan C. - 03/17/2017

" I really appreciated how fast they got me in and taken care of. This is my second experience here and they have always been great. "

 Rico A. - 03/14/2017

" This 24 hour vet is amazing!!!!!! I wasn't sure if my dog needed to see a vet, but just in case I brought him in. They offered me a drink and snack basket, and made sure I was comfortable. They had a tech assess my dog, and informed me that it was not medically necessary to see the dr (but gave me the option). I was literally in and out of there within 15 mins. I was not pressured to have any unnecessary medicines or tests done on my dog. Wonderful experience! And they were right, my dog is absolutely fine! Thank you! "

 Saphira C. - 03/14/2017

" Staff was excellent "

 Snickers V. - 03/14/2017

" This was our first experience with 1stPet, resulting from the fact our regular vet was unable to see our dog that Saturday morning on an emergency basis. My wife saw many great comments on Facebook and suggested we give 1stPet a try. Awesome staff, great at pacing the conversation (didn't talk down) and fantastic, neat and clean facility. A staff member even followed up by phone the next morning (on Sunday!) to ask how our dog was doing - this is customer service and care! We (and family) have been using our current vet for several decades. Not saying we will switch, but this single interaction may change that. "

 Ace N. - 03/08/2017

" Excellent service! I was most impressed with the friendliness of the entire staff. They were all great! "

 Reese E. - 03/08/2017

" Prompt, professional, and compassionate care. "

 Bentley C. - 03/07/2017

" Very good service. Highly recommened. Everyone was so nice. "

 Tony B. - 03/07/2017

" Staff is very friendly and explain everything. "

 Nala S. - 03/05/2017

" The doctor did a great job of making me feel like my concerns were important. "

 Jax H. - 03/03/2017

" We had such a great experience when we brought Jax in. We had a very negative experience at a local spay and neuter clinic and brought Jax in and we were treated so great. Ended up having to have surgery over the weekend but he was in great hands. Thank you all so much. "

 Lola F. - 02/28/2017

" I was just happy that I didn't have to wait forever. The only thing would make my visit better not have been such a high bill. "

 Maisy W. - 02/28/2017

" Not much. Wait time was a bit long but to be expected on a Friday night. Front desk staff were super friendly and helpful. The veterinarian was fabulous. Very caring with my dog. "

 Kiah M. - 02/28/2017

" Everyone was very friendly and concerned about our puppy when we arrived. She was having an allergic reaction and face very swollen. They took her immediately to a room and started treatment to help her - no waiting around, which was great. Everyone made us feel comfortable even offering water and snacks while we waited for our girl to show signs of responding to the treatment. The parking lot had quite a few cars and we could hear others in rooms so we know we weren't their only client on a Sunday evening yet they made it feel like we were a priority. Thank you all for taking such good care of us in our emergency. "

 Buffy C. - 02/24/2017

" Nothing could have been done differently. Everyone was so friendly and helpful. We felt very cared for - thank you! "

 Cosmo C. - 02/23/2017

" Not a thing could make it a better visit! Excellent staff! The past few years know and adore Mary at front desk. Everyone very courteous; offer water, snacks, kept me updated as kitty and I waited. Doctor was aware and sensitive to my financial restraints, and very considerate. Kitty was looking better within a day! My deepest thanks. "

 Annie G. - 02/23/2017

" Noticed that the survey said "emergency", but it was just a doctor visit and not our first visit over the years.We've spent thousands and Our one concern is the escalating cost which is driving pet owners to purchase pet Insurance.. "

 Leah E. - 02/22/2017

" If staff would have let me know an emergency came in that had to be handled immediately which caused a long delay between the doctor's examination and getting me the bill and prescription medication. I thought they had forgotten me, so I finally went to the desk and asked. "

 Olive J. - 02/21/2017

" Nothing. You saved my dog's life. That's all I could ask for. "

 Voodoo B. - 02/21/2017

" Really nothing, everything was very professional yet compassionate (very appreciated during high stress time for my cat..and me!!) "

 Paisley A. - 02/16/2017

" The service was great and friendly. Our doggy, Paisley was treated wonderfully as were we for as much stress we were all under at the time. The office staff was very accommodating as well as understanding and patient while teaching us how to express our Paisley's bladder due to new, unfortunate circumstances ??. I would definitely recommend this great facility to friends and family for quick, helpful, and frieldy service. "

 Ozzy K. - 02/14/2017

" I like the large old waiting room. I don't like being stuck in a little room with the door closed. "

 Coco B. - 02/14/2017

" The service was excellent and I appreciate all that was done to help this new pet but the cost was over the top. "

 Sparky S. - 02/07/2017

" Everything was fine at a stressful time. The staff was very understanding and patient, explaining exactly how the treatment plan was to proceed and the price was less than I expected. The facility was very clean. They even brought in a basket of goodies for me too. "

 Roxie C. - 02/07/2017

" Nothing. Barb was wonderful, she checked in on me as I was upset and talked with me. "

 Bailey S. - 02/07/2017

" nothing, you all are fabulous!!!! "

 Puck G. - 01/31/2017

" Everything possible was done to make me feel comfortable during a stressful time. I can't think of anything else you could have done. The snack basket is a very thoughtful touch. "

 Cielo M. - 01/31/2017

" The experience is always difficult and this facility only made us comfortable in a bad situation. I can't think of anything to do different. "

 Daisy M. - 01/28/2017

" the waiting was almost one hour in the exam room......water and juice were offered.....nice ! I think someone should pop their head in every half hour to say something...... "

 Walter L. - 01/25/2017

" No changes! Hospitality for both my pup and I were beyond expected! Thanks a bunch "

 Lucy Q. - 01/22/2017

" Only complaint is when I do a google search for directions, your place didn't come up easily. Searched 'vet', without your place really showing up. Works when I knew exact name, but general search didn't really work. :) "

 Cooter S. - 01/20/2017

" This is the 2nd time I have had to bring my fur-baby in late at night. Both times the staff has been amazing and made both myself and my rather large bulldog feel at ease. They gave him lots of love and by the time we left we both felt better. I recommend them to everyone I know. From both "Cooter" and myself, Thank you for everything. You guys are awesome. "

 Sunny H. - 01/19/2017

" Expensive place to visit! very pleased with everything else. "

 Abbie F. - 01/10/2017

" Our visit went very well. The staff took my dog and I right back, no delay at all. Dr. Moenk, (I hope I spelled that correctly), was very professional and caring, and was able to solve our problem quickly. I couldn't ask for more. The entire staff went above and beyond my expectations. Thanks! "

 Angel R. - 01/10/2017

" We are so grateful for your help with our. Angel. She responded in good health the next morning many praises and thanks to your great staff and doctors. "

 Cj P. - 01/09/2017

" Nothing. It went as well as an emergency visit could have gone. "

 Dillinger N. - 01/08/2017

" No changes- all points of the visit were superb. "

 Cricket S. - 01/07/2017

" Visit was very good "

 Maya M. - 01/07/2017

" Everyone was wonderful from the first phone call till pet pick up later the next day. Thank you! "