1st Pet Vet - North Valley

1st Pet Vet - North Valley

520 W. Union Hills Drive, Suite 105
Phoenix, AZ 85027
(623) 849-0700
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Please call for information
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Recent Reviews

 Ruthie R. - 12/05/2017

" Great visit as always. Great staff. "

 Weezy P. - 12/02/2017

" Red carpet customer service for my pet and me "

 Dixie R. - 11/24/2017

" All is good "

 Happy B. - 11/22/2017

" I love that they love my dog! "

 Moose C. - 11/17/2017

" The staff is very kind and patient. I appreciate that they don't try to rush you out of there. "

 Celie W. - 11/16/2017

" When a pet is being seen for a recheck exam (follow up) to see how they are progressing with the prescribed treatment, the cost of the exam should be significantly less (like half price) rather than just $10.00 less. "

 Aries S. - 10/26/2017

" Always pleased with staff, and care of our pet. Always l "

 Gracie Y. - 10/20/2017

" I arrived with serious health concerns for my pet, and every person I spoke with responded by careful listening, asking pertinent questions, and addressing every concern. They did this while being both professional and fully present to me and my dog. They were caring and attentive and gave my dog such loving attention that she reacted as if she was on a play date rather than undergoing serious medical tests! "

 Callie B. - 10/12/2017

" The professionalism and the love towards the animals is awesome but it's a little too expensive making me think I need to go elsewhere "

 Tippy M. - 10/10/2017

" We have no complaints. The staff is always friendly and knowledgable. "

 Jazz L. - 09/16/2017

" Everyone was very positive and upbeat. "

 Harley D. - 09/13/2017

" Every time we go to the vet we have a great experience. Always so friendly and helpful. "

 Chanel T. - 09/13/2017

" Nothing; I am so thrilled with the service and the people that I am changing from my vet of over 35 years to this practice. "

 Baby G. - 09/13/2017

" Everyone was great! The tech was so sweet and have my kitty lots of love and treats. It was a wonderful experience. "

 Puppy S. - 09/10/2017

" Your kindness is always appreciated! "

 Happy B. - 09/06/2017

" Perfect, love this place and the people! They love my dog and are concerned for me as well. Thank you. "

 Charlie L. - 09/05/2017

" Everyone here is so kind & loving to my cats. That is extremely important. Dr. Vernon is the best!! "

 Meow meow S. - 08/30/2017

" The vet made my pet very comfortable! So I really liked that.-Denise "

 Bianca K. - 08/12/2017

" From start to finish with Bianca's Kenton dental appointment went perfectly!!! "

 Peewee F. - 08/10/2017

" We love Dr Vernon and her staff. They truly love animals and their jobs. We have been going there for years. "

 Mr peabody K. - 08/08/2017

" So happy we found 1st Pet we will be making you are regular vet for our animals "

 Baby S. - 07/29/2017

" The entire staff seem to really care. Top notch care ! "

 Harley D. - 07/29/2017

" We switched vets awhile ago because we were unhappy with how the last vet treated our Pitty. This vet makes him feel so loved and doesn't have anything negative to say because of his breed. So thank you! "

 Kaia H. - 07/27/2017

" The staff, as always, was AMAZING. They were so kind and gentle to Kaia. They answered all of our questions. Got a call from the Doctor today. Great service! "

 Winnie B. - 07/26/2017

" thank you all for being so understanding and caring! "

 Penny L. - 07/26/2017

" We were extremely happy with our visit! "

 Franny H. - 07/21/2017

" My dogs don't mind coming here, the techs and dr.s are wonderful and caring "

 Kayla H. - 07/12/2017

" I don't think you could make it better. Very impressed by the thoroughness of examination etc "

 Becca M. - 07/01/2017

" Everything has always gone well in my visits. "

 Prim B. - 06/21/2017

" Nothing. You were great! "

 Zoey T. - 06/15/2017

" I love 1st Pet Vet. Your staff is always so friendly and great with my dog. You explain procedures thoroughly and don't pressure me into doing unnecessary things or buying unnecessary supplements and food. "

 Poppy M. - 06/12/2017

" From start to finish, we felt comfortable with the staff and doctor. They genuinely care about the animals they serve! They were truly amazing and we are so grateful! "

 Lucas R. - 05/16/2017

" I always use you guys when I have an emergency! You guys are the best!!!! Love my dogs einstein and Luke riddle "

 Saydee H. - 04/21/2017

" Dr Vernon & Ila are the best. Felt my pets received their fair share of time and attention by both, doc & tech. Could not ask for better treatment. "

 Riley B. - 04/13/2017

" Everyone is so nice and helpful. The staff makes me feel like my 2 baby girls are the most important of all animals. They all come in and love on them and make them feel special. I appreciate that, because my girls are special. "

 Becca M. - 04/11/2017

" All my visits have been very positive for my pet and myself. Keep up the good work. "

 Mr whiskers S. - 04/09/2017

" Loved that I was called the day after our emergency with updated information. I absolutely was surprised by the follow up call asking how Mr. Whiskers was doing. Really appreciate the concern that everyone had for my pet family. Thanks so much! "

 Princess C. - 04/06/2017

" it was all good. "

 Lily S. - 04/06/2017

" It was all good "

 Tj J. - 03/20/2017

" Clinic was very clean and the staff was very friendly! We're very glad we switched 1st Pet! "

 Tinkerbell T. - 03/19/2017

" This was our first visit at 1st Pet. Our beautiful pup was very ill, and after many tests it was found she had cancer. Dr. Holliman was extremely caring and thorough, even calling us twice. We unfortunately had to put our beloved pet Tinkerbell down yesterday and everyone at 1st pet that we came into contact with was feeling her loss as much as we were. We definitely appreciate everyone there. "

 Happy B. - 03/17/2017

" Less waiting time "

 Sophie L. - 03/10/2017

" Sophie was very nervous but your staff went out of their way to make her comfortable. Thank you so much! Ashley and Sophie "

 Ami gator H. - 03/09/2017

" We love Dr. Vernon. She's amazing. "

 Lola P. - 03/07/2017

" Front desk staff was very friendly! Alyssa Shaw was my tech and she was awesome. She was knowledgeable and took a genuine interest in my dogs care. "

 Pudgy L. - 02/25/2017

" This most recent experience at 1st Pet was as good as it gets. Attention to the customer - both two--legged and four-legged was superb. "

 Cali S. - 01/31/2017

" nothing "

 Summer M. - 01/29/2017

" None "

 Mack G. - 01/27/2017

" Nothing Everything was great "

 Buster L. - 01/27/2017

" 1st Pet is the most professional and friendliest veterinary clinic that we've ever used over the years. "

 Bristol R. - 01/17/2017

" Nothing. You guys rock! "

 Truck G. - 01/10/2017

" We had no problems during our visit. We would recommend this clinic "

 Chloe J. - 01/04/2017

" The reception desk was wonderful, however one day when we were in one girl seemed to be less informed. Maybe she needs more training? "

 Jelly F. - 01/04/2017

" We trust our family's care to our doctors and the staff at 1st Pet because the team always does what is best for them. We have a long standing relationship with 1st Pet and have taken our pets there to receive treatment for all of their medical needs. We wouldn't want to be anywhere else. "

 Hank P. - 12/31/2016

" We love 1st Pet "

 Bella R. - 12/17/2016

" Love love love 1st Pet! "

 Sophie W. - 12/07/2016

" Nothing they are all wonderful I have been going to 1st pet for 4 years everyone there is so caring and always passionate about what you are going through with your pet. They saved my yorkie when she was 10 weeks old and she is now 4. I am indebted to all that work there "

 Zoey O. - 12/02/2016

" Everyone is extremely friendly and genuinely care about your pet. I first became a customer due to an emergency with my dog and I am extremely happy with the service and attention of everyone on the staff. My dog unfortunately had to stay over night and had multiple follow up visit and everyone on the staff wanted to come and see him to see how he was doing. It really shows how much they love their jobs and the animals they care for. I will recommend 1st Pet to anyone that is looking for a place to take their animal too. I owe everyone there a huge thank you!! "

 Maya W. - 11/26/2016

" Nothing, everyone was so personable and so nice and so caring I couldn't have asked for a better experience. Thank you for everything ! "

 Carter F. - 11/16/2016

" This office is amazing "

 Koba D. - 11/06/2016

" Nothing. A great experience from the moment we walk in until we left! "

 Spencer S. - 10/29/2016

" Great staff, very friendly, knowledgeable, and caring. "

 Jerry T. - 09/30/2016

" Nothing, Everyone at this location is great. We would never go anywhere else! Besides, Diamond and Jerry, our doggies, like it there too and that is most important! "

 Jack R. - 09/28/2016

" Nothing. I think the employees and the facility are great. I feel safe and that my animals are getting the best care. "

 Lily F. - 09/20/2016

" We are very happy with our vet and the care our pets receive at FirstPet. "

 Zoe B. - 09/18/2016

" This has been a surprisingly great experience with a vet office for me. I came in an emergency situation and was so impressed by the level of care and fair pricing that I decided to keep my pet with this facility in the future. I'm very grateful for the staff and the way the business is run. "

 Penelope L. - 09/01/2016

" I have been coming to 1st Pet Vet for over 7 years and I have never had a single complaint about any of the services provided by them. I recommend them to everyone who is looking for a regular vet, or an emergency clinic. 1st Pet Vet is literally the best, my kiddos are always so well taken care of I couldn't imagine taking them anywhere else. "

 Rinna N. - 09/01/2016

" I love 1st vet! The staff is curteous & knowledgeabe. I would recommend them to my family & friends. "

 Heart S. - 09/01/2016

" Very good visit. Everyone has always been very helpful and nice. I would recommend 1st Pet to everyone. "

 Dozer C. - 08/31/2016

" I don't think there is a need to change anything. This has been the best experience we have had so far. Everyone is so caring and wonderful, from start to finish. It was nice to know that my dog was in such great hands. I really like that Dr. Veloz already checked in first thing this morning, less than 24 hours after we picked him up. I would recommend this business for all pet lovers and will be coming back...hopefully just for routine check ups next time! "

 Daisy S. - 08/13/2016

" There is a reason we come here. They give comfort to our dog and myself, knowing she's in the right hands. "

 Katie B. - 08/11/2016

" The level of professional and compassionate care of the veterinarians and their support staff is always excellent. I trust them with both my canine and feline companions. Thank you for everything, 1st Pet Vet - North Valley! "

 Hercules S. - 08/06/2016

" Nothing. I love your office and staff. Everyone is always wonderful and positive. The flexible hours are great. "

 Titus F. - 08/02/2016

" The Dr and staff were great. "

 Dakota H. - 07/31/2016

" Best treatment I have every experienced for both my dog and me. Very professional. "