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Recent Reviews

 Kevin B. - 03/28/2017

" Cannot say enough about the folks at ASM. Have been a patient of Dr. Elenz for a decade and between him, his amazing nurse Linda, and al of the PAs and assistants he has had, the experience has always been positive. They have kept me active and done so in a conservative manner. This visit was an emergency, and Linda was quick to call back and get me in the same day. So grateful to have them as health care professional providers!! "

 Mary M. - 03/23/2017

" I can't say enough about Sam as a PT. She has an understanding of the human body that goes beyond what she learned in school. "

 Lytton A. - 03/21/2017

" I've utilized Austin Sports Medicine for 3 separate events over past 20 years: knee (surgery), tennis elbow (steroid shot), and strained shoulder (therapy only). In each case, the medical staff got me back to full function and back on the tennis court again with only recommending surgery in one of three injuries. The entire staff that I interacted with were very professional and supportive. I highly recommend this medical group. "

 Pooja V. - 03/21/2017

" I absolutely love coming to see Dr. Windler and the rest of the Austin Sports Med staff. Everyone has been so extremely helpful, patient and kind through a difficult process. I am so grateful to everyone at ASM! "

 James R. - 03/18/2017

" As usual and expected, The Dr and staff were on point, efficient and direct. "

 Dennis B. - 03/09/2017

" Always helpful and fantastic service! "

 Pamela A. - 03/09/2017

" Thanks Jane for working me in so fast to Dr. Windler's schedule! I appreciate it! Sincerely, Pam Atkins "

 M M. - 03/07/2017

" Dr Elenz is fantastic! "

 Monica K. - 03/03/2017

" Can't get any better! A+ Everything. Professional and the best ever. "

 Mary P. - 02/28/2017

" Another wonderful experience there! "

 Candace K. - 02/27/2017

" I will always recommend y'all!!!! Awesome experience!!! Thank you! "

 Felicia N. - 02/24/2017

" My wait time was minimal both in the waiting room and exam room. The staff from front desk to physician was very friendly and pleasant. I got x-rays and results very quickly. It was easy upon the conclusion of my visit to obtain the appropriate brace and to set up follow up with physical therapy. The front desk was really helpful in letting me know about potential payments not covered by insurance, which I really appreciated. Overall my experience was excellent and I would definitely recommend to friends and family! "

 Reagan W. - 02/23/2017

" Would highly recommend Dr. Elenz and Linda. They gave the best care to both of my girls that I could ask for. Both required surgery and anytime I had questions or needed anything I could count on either one of them. Very important these days if you ask me! "

 Steven B. - 02/22/2017

" I'll be back.... "

 Gerard V. - 02/22/2017

" Dr. Windler is an excellent doctor. He is very knowledgeable in his area of expertise. "

 Clifton C. - 02/16/2017

" The entire staff is the most efficient, time considerate I've ever experienced in the medical field. "

 William A. - 02/08/2017

" In my experience, all aspects of the Austin Sports Medicine group / practice are absolutely top notch. "

 Ronald D. - 02/07/2017

" Everyone at your office is first class.......doctors, nurses, assistants, and staff! "

 Barbara F. - 02/07/2017

" Dr. Windler, Jane and the entire staff always go above and beyond to make the experience as easy on you as possible. It makes it easy to totally trust them with your care. "

 Judith C. - 02/07/2017

" 40 years of excellent service for my whole family! "

 Hannah Z. - 02/05/2017

" We love the PT group and especially love Chandi's work! "

 Andrea R. - 02/03/2017

" I am amazed that you all consistently keep the appointment times. Every time I've ha an appointment, I've been seen on time. That's a miracle. Thank you for respecting my time as well as the doctor's. "

 Alberto R. - 02/03/2017

" Staff is always friendly and very helpful. "

 Sharon C. - 01/25/2017

" Thank you for listening. Much appreciated. "

 Cole H. - 01/25/2017

" You guys are the best... "

 Amy B. - 01/25/2017

" I was very impressed with the office, the doctor and the staff. "

 Elsie E. - 01/19/2017

" Dr. Jim Fernandez is a great doctor. He is very professional, knowlegeable, and friendly. "

 Lara N. - 01/18/2017

" Dr. Breazeale and Carl are the absolute, best. Both Dr. Breazeale and Carl work with a couple others in the office. All work professionally and efficiently, together. I love how fine tuned Dr. Breazeale and his staff are. All are exceptionally personable. Impressive, because I know Dr. Breazeale and this office receive tremendous volume. I have referred at least 5 friends that I can name off hand and most likely more folks than that, thus far. Keep up the good work and thank you, Dr. Breazeale and Carl for all that you do. "

 Doreen W. - 01/17/2017

" Dr Fernandez and his staff are exceptional! "

 Sheila R. - 01/16/2017

" I love the atmosphere in the office. Everyone is positive, upbeat and having fun. It looks like a great place to work! "

 Vernesse R. - 01/16/2017

" Since moving from Northern Virginia in 11/14, I have been disappointed at the low quality office staffs and or physicians I have experienced in Austin. For this reason, I saw my physicians in No VA last August and made a decision to continue to see them. I decided to try Austin Sports Medicine. I was shocked that the office staff was pleasant, professional and competent. Wow! Dr. Fernandez and his assistant, Becca, were both outstanding. Becca and I had talked on the phone prior to my first visit and she was also pleasant, professional and competent. I could sense that Dr. Fernandez knew his specialty well and considered the patient/physician relationship as a partnership. Thanks to all of you that I no longer have to take the trip to No. VA to see my orthopaedic surgeons. I trust you with my care. "

 Laura K. - 01/12/2017

" Carl is Dr. Breazeale's assistant and he is outstanding. He injects the steroid and hylauronic shots pain free. He has a wonderful bedside manner, very professional and just a delight to be around. "

 Christopher M. - 01/11/2017

" Couldn't have been a better experience "

 Cheryl W. - 01/10/2017

" I give Dr. Breazeale's care team consistent good ratings. Whether I'm calling in from New Mexico for advice on a ski injury or just getting an injection for chronic osteoarthritis, Austin Sports Medicine is there for me. I have to drive an hour into Austin for care, but it is worth the trip to have access to their expertise,. "

 Robert H. - 01/06/2017

" I have never had a bad experience at this Doctor's office. Always quick to be seen, courteous, and helpful. "

 Justin B. - 01/06/2017

" I'm very pleased with the Physical Therapy care I'm receiving, and very pleased with all of the PT staff. Thank you! "

 Betty L. - 01/06/2017

" Very attentive, excellent PT staff. This is such a great clinic with PTs that listen and provide excellent care. "

 William A. - 01/06/2017

" I am continually impressed with the doctors and staff at Austin sports medicine. "

 Mary M. - 01/05/2017

" Samantha is an excellent physical therapist! "

 Sue F. - 01/05/2017

" Dr Breazeale was the best!!! He really took the time to discuss my questions and concerns. He gave me his undivided attention. I really appreciated the empathy he shows for his patients. The entire staff was awesome!! "

 Sylvia M. - 01/04/2017

" Chandi is an excellent PT! "

 Amy S. - 12/29/2016

" Dr Fernandez is terrific- thorough, smart, conservative approach, wonderful experience! "

 Jatana G. - 12/28/2016

" I wouldn't go anywhere else. They are amazing! "

 William B. - 12/23/2016

" Dr Fernandez addresses my concerns and renders compassionate care. "

 Patricia K. - 12/22/2016

" all good "

 John R. - 12/22/2016

" Jim is, as always, exceptional. All staff 5 stars ! "

 Valjean B. - 12/22/2016

" Had my 3rd steroid injection in my knee & as injections go it was the easiest! I hate shots & Carl (Dr. Breazeale's assistant) was awesome!! Very conscientious about my situation and took the time to put me 80s. He is the only one who numbed the area of injection prior to the steroid shot. Really made me feel comfortable! "

 Heather H. - 12/21/2016

" Hands down, best PT team and FD staff. And love Dr Elenz and Fernandez. Never thought I would look forward to doctors appt/PT, but I do! "

 Michelle Y. - 12/20/2016

" As a first responder we have injuries that happen on and off duty and when they do this is the first place my workers and I think of four treatment! Everyone on staff is amazing! "

 Rebecca M. - 12/17/2016

" Love you practice Carl is the best Thank you "

 Linda D. - 12/16/2016

" Always great care taken by Austin Sports Medicine "

 Billy S. - 12/16/2016

" Although I'd always prefer to never have to set foot in a doctor's office, it is very reassuring to know that if I need any sort of orthopedic care, Austin Sports Medicine is there for me. Their efficiency and professionalism from initial visits through examinations, surgery, follow-ups, and physical therapy is first class all the way. "

 Kristina W. - 12/15/2016

" I love Dr. Fernandez and team!! "

 Kevin B. - 12/09/2016

" Dr. Elenz is always great. He listens. He answers all the questions. He provides good counsel. "

 Cathy M. - 12/08/2016

" As always Dr, Nathan Breazeale and his staff, and Diego were outstanding....It is always a treat even if injured to visit such an expert doctor and his staff....simply the very BEST ! thanks and love, Cathy Munson "

 Barbara M. - 12/07/2016

" Best of care! Thank you "

 William M. - 12/07/2016

" Sam and Jules are rock stars. I almost feel like I am on Seinfeld when I'm PT with them. They are hilarious and do a fantastic job at their jobs. I don't know the receptionist lady I always check out with, but she's always super nice and has a great smile. Everyone there has such a good attitude and is always very pleasant. I have no idea what they are paid, but it should probably be more. "

 Key R. - 12/02/2016

" Everyone I have met in the office is very friendly, very professional, and seem to really want to help me get back to my normal activities. "

 Reagan W. - 12/02/2016

" Dr. Elenz and Linda as well as the staff members are all GREAT! I would highly recommend Austin Sports Medicine to family, friends and/or anyone. They truly care about their patients and the customer service of the office staff in the front is so refreshing. I'm so pleased that I have taken both of my daughters there and each were treated just as I expected, with the highest level of care and concern. "

 Carole P. - 12/01/2016

" Always a very comfortable experience at ASM "

 Mary M. - 11/30/2016

" I already recommended ASM and Dr. Elenz to more than one person in pain. "

 Karen J. - 11/24/2016

" In comparing my experience at another practice this was absolutely great. I appreciated being able to schedule on short notice and was delighted with all three Doctors/assistants. Thank you very much. "

 Virginia W. - 11/22/2016

" Easy to get an appointment in a timely manner and the entire process went smoothly. "

 Arthur M. - 11/18/2016

" Austin Sports Medicine has the best physical therapists in town. I have used them for over a decade, and I credit them with experiencing, on a consistent basis, quick recoveries from injuries. They are always patient and knowledgeable in answering my questions, and they use online tools to help their patients execute the exercises and stretches at home. They should be proud of the contribution they make toward helping their patients live a more active and full lifestyle doing the things they love. "

 Lonna I. - 11/17/2016

" Dr Fernandez is Superior I would and have recommended him highly more than once. "

 Sarah B. - 11/17/2016

" All of my visits since I have been seeing Dr. Fernandez have been excellent. "

 Tina S. - 11/16/2016

" I have been a patient of Austin Sports Medicine for years, and Dr. Windler and his staff are always extraordinary in terms of the standard of care that they provide. My wait time yesterday was less than five minutes, the exam thorough and Dr. Windler specifically outlined the course of my care. I must also send a comment of appreciation to Cassie at the front, who helped me work through a problem with my insurance company and couldn't have been more kind and courteous throughout the arduous process!! "

 Betty L. - 11/12/2016

" Dr. Elenz and his staff always deliver the very best care with the utmost professionalism and kindness. "

 Corina B. - 11/12/2016

" Dr. Elenz is wonderful!! He has cared for our daughter since she was 5 years old. She continues to be active in athletics as a college student. Whenever she is injured she, we 911 Dr. Elenz. "

 Charles G. - 11/11/2016

" The bad news is that over the last several years I have needed Orthopedic care for both knees and one shoulder. The good news is that I have had Austin Sports Medicine physicians, therapists, and support personnel to provide outstanding care and service. I always recommend them to any friend or acquaintance that needs this type of care. "

 Phillip P. - 11/11/2016

" Jim F. is a great doctor. Worth the drive to see him. "

 Sibyl D. - 11/11/2016

" every way! "

 Joseph N. - 11/04/2016

" Getting you back into the game. Even if the game is life, Dr. Windier and all the doctors share the same approach. I love the conservative get you healed and back onto the field/court etc approach. Truly blessed to have the experts at Austin Sports Medicine. The staff is great as well! Friendly, professional and competent! Thank you for all you do and have done for me! "

 Brandt P. - 11/04/2016

" I was in for PT. I've had bad experience with PT in the past, at other clinics. That has not been the case with Marcus @ ASM. He's a terrific listener who gives clear, actionable advice and instruction. At every appointment, he challenged me to move forward with my rehab and get back to pre-surgery activity. He has been wonderful to work with. "

 Nina T. - 11/01/2016

" Not only am I getting better, I have a fun time at therapy. The therapists are personable, friendly and good natured. I think this helps the healing. I look forward to seeing them. "

 Richard L. - 11/01/2016

" I had a problem occur on Sunday. I went to Austin Sports Medicine Monday at 7:45 AM without an appointment. The staff realized my problem and worked me in to see Dr. Windler as soon as he was out of surgery. I am so impressed and thankful for their speedy response, their patient service, and their sincere concern. This experience, like all of my other experiences with them was exceptional. I enthusiastically recommend Austin Sports Medicine !!!!! "

 Harriet M. - 10/31/2016

" Visit was very good. "

 Ledana Z. - 10/29/2016

" The very best. That is why I drive all the way from Del Rio. I also send all the referrals I possibly can "

 Jeffrey P. - 10/27/2016

" Sam and Julie are awesome PTs! They are getting back to my old self. "

 Robert K. - 10/26/2016

" Great as always. You all have great team. Thank you!w "

 Conny W. - 10/22/2016

" Great office! "

 Justin B. - 10/20/2016

" Prior to coming in, I had seen another doctor at a different practice about the same issue, and had a bad experience. In contrast, Austin Sports Medicine's team was FANTASTIC and answered all my questions, provided clear plans for moving forward, and made me feel comfortable and at-ease. Thank you! "

 Susan P. - 10/18/2016

" Excellent customer service. Dr. Windler and his assistant Jane were very thorough and answered all my questions and concerns. I never feel rushed when i go here. Everyone in the office is very polite and courteous. "

 Michael W. - 10/18/2016

" Love you guys. Thanks. "

 Alexys S. - 10/15/2016

" Absolutely love everyone! "

 Maurice W. - 10/13/2016

" very satisfied, answered my questions and gave advise about therapy and recovery of function "

 Luis M. - 10/13/2016

" Carl was friendly and courteous as always. Dr. Breazeale let me know exactly what was wrong and told me what to expect the next couple of weeks. Thank you ASM. "

 Cynthia F. - 10/11/2016

" Amazing practice! Loved my doctor and the entire staff is top notch!!!! "

 Gustav R. - 10/04/2016

" Everyone was professional and courteous "

 Carol S. - 10/02/2016

" Dr. Fernandez is one of the most caring doctor's I have met and takes the time to listen to his patients and explains his diagnosis and action plan clearly. "

 Eliana A. - 10/02/2016

" thank you so much for fitting us in and dealing so well with high maintenance patients! "

 Hannah Z. - 09/30/2016

" Dr. Elenz & Chandi and team are awesome! "

 William M. - 09/29/2016

" PT superstar Sam is not only strikingly beautiful and pleasant, she's the best dang PT I've ever encountered. She's very motivating and encouraging, but has done more to help me recover from my injuries than anyone in the past 2 years. Although she makes what appear to be extreme easy tasks so difficult you pour sweat, I think I have come further in my recovery than anything prior to seeing her. In addition, I feel hopeful and positive about my long term healthy regarding my injury. But that's not all. Not only is Sam great, Jules and Harriet are fantastic and hilarious! Also strikingly beautiful, they always greet me with a smile and fantastic attitude. It's a same more people in the government aren't the Sam. Jules and Harriet coach and help me through all the work Sam assigns me. They do a fantastic job of keeping an eye out for slacking or deficiencies in my form, but also manage to run like 5 other things at once. I thoroughly enjoy talking with them all and have considered getting injured again to continue having such great visits. Lastly, the two blonde ladies at check out who appear to possibly be sisters are also super great, pleasant and strikingly beautiful. They're always friendly and helpful with my questions and scheduling quandaries. Dr. Fernandez and the PT dude who's name I don't know maybe the most handsome men I have ever met and inspire me to eat better. :D Thank you guys for all you do. Yall are fantastic and I can't tell you how happy I am with the care yall have provided and the improvement to the quality of my life. Thank you. Austin Sports Medicine is probably the best place in Austin. "

 Nina T. - 09/29/2016

" Not only am I getting better, but I have the best time with Orli, Harriet and Julie. Along with therapy, it is said that laughter is the best medicine. No wonder I'm getting better! "

 Shelia W. - 09/28/2016

" Thank you. Your office staff and physicians offer an incredibly positive experience at what is sometimes a difficult time for the patient. "

 Carolyn T. - 09/28/2016

" Dr. Windler and Jane and the whole staff are the best! "

 Robert H. - 09/27/2016

" Returning patient - as always, the office visit exceeded my expectations and is better than ANY other medical practioner I have gone to. "

 Mary S. - 09/27/2016

" I was very impressed with Dr. Fernandez & office. One of my bets experiences with a doctor related to an orthopopedic injury or rehab. "

 Judith K. - 09/23/2016

" I have been a patient since 1999 and have nothing but high praise for Austin Sports Medicine. Dr. Breazeale and Carl Phillips are my most frequent contacts and are exceptional. "

 Michelle W. - 09/21/2016

" Everyone here is awesome. De.Windler, Jane, Ed, Diego, the girls at the front and at checkout are exceptional. I always refer people to Austin Sports Medicine. "

 Joshua C. - 09/14/2016

" Entire staff has always been great. Definitely worth the commute the see the doctors here. "

 Cynthia W. - 09/14/2016

" I highly recommend Dr. Elenz. Both he and his medical assistant Edward are warm and caring. "

 Michael W. - 09/13/2016

" My preferred place for knees, shoulder, and back. "

 Rebecca M. - 09/08/2016

" Love your devices, have been coming for 10 years and love Carl and Dr Braezle thank you "

 Tom F. - 09/08/2016

" Very professional and respectful medical and support staff. Thank you all. "

 Lori G. - 09/03/2016

" We have had several experiences with more than one doctor at Austin Sports Medicine. Everyone there is always very friendly and efficient. The doctors and their assistants always take plenty of time explaining the condition and making sure you understand what has happened and what the next steps are in treating your condition as well as all your options. "

 Lisa P. - 08/31/2016

" All your staff, therapists and docs are awesome! I wouldn't be moving so actively without you!z "

 Tina S. - 08/31/2016

" The care that I receive from Marcus Cantu is unparalleled. He has a clearly-defined physical therapy plan for me, but he asks questions at each visit and adjusts the plan relative to my responses. He has an uncanny knack for knowing just how far to push me so that I continue to make progress but I don't suffer too much along the way. I couldn't be in better hands! "

 Lauren F. - 08/30/2016

" Dr. Fernandez and his entire staff were so professional, relatable and informative. I will definitely be back if the need ever arises! "

 Wendy S. - 08/28/2016

" I came to Austin Sports Medicine for a 2nd opinion from another doctor in Austin who was not a good fit for me. Dr. Breazeale and his staff were very compassionate about my condition, took their time listening to what I had to say, really explained to me in terms I could understand what our game plan would be going forward. I was very impressed with the courteous staff as well, which is typically a trickle down effect from the top. The entire atmosphere was positive and warm. Makes you feel so much at ease, especially when you have been dealing with chronic pain for a while and you are simply trying to find a doctor you feel you can trust and place your health needs in their hands. "

 Gustav R. - 08/25/2016

" I have been completely satisfied. "

 Jillian P. - 08/25/2016

" We have always been impressed with the quality of care Dr B and Carl have always given us. They take the time to explain our injury and recovery process. "

 James R. - 08/25/2016

" It is excellent in service and directness. "

 Dan N. - 08/24/2016

" The PHysical Therapists and their assistants are outstanding, They recognize their patients by name and are always warm and friendly. "

 David B. - 08/16/2016

" I am nearly eighty years old and have visited many medical facilities over my life. I have never been better served or treated with more respect than I receive at the Sports Medicine office. I give it a five star rating. "

 Richard C. - 08/13/2016

" With 3 kids in sports over the years, we have seen Dr. Jim Fernandez quite a bit. Always professional, always going above & beyond! Recently son had knee surgery with Dr. Ellenz, and couldn't complain one bit. Top notch care!!! Thank you Austin Sports Medicine. Don't know where we'd be without you. Sincerely, Darlene C. "

 Karl H. - 08/10/2016

" I am always impressed with the quality of service and timeliness of service when I come to the clinic. Very Impressive. "

 Benne W. - 08/05/2016

" The staff is exceedingly courteous and everyone seems to know how to listen. "

 Diana E. - 08/03/2016

" Between my husband & I we have seen multiple Drs at Austin Sports Medicine. NEVER has there been any issue with Dr nor staff. Friendly and comfortable That said, Carl is our absolute favorite. No matter the level of pain or discomfort he makes us laugh and feel better?? "

 J D. - 08/03/2016

" Dr, Windler, Jane, and the rest of the staff are the best! "

 Miroslava B. - 08/02/2016

" I have been seeing Marcus Cantu for physical therapy over the last two months, and find him excellent, so professional, caring, and helpful at every step. He is a superb professional, and the physical therapy department and its beautiful sun-lit exercise space are uplifting and a wonderful place to be, every time I go there. This last time, I joked to Marcus: 'I hope I get a little injury again, so I can have occasion to come back often!' I have only compliments for all of Austin Sports Medicine. My doctor, Dr. Jim Fernandez is excellent, very helpful, thoughtful, and kind--and, above all, he thinks things through--and I recommend him in the highest terms. "

 Stacey D. - 08/02/2016

" I have had reoccurring arthritic issues with a knee post surgery, and Dr. Breazele and Carl have been patient and very diligent in my care. "

 Edward S. - 08/02/2016

" A friendly environment and never a feeling of them in a hurry to finish with you. Have a question? They will take the time to answer and make sure you are confident about your situation. "

 David I. - 08/02/2016

" you guys always do a great job. I am very please with y'all. "

 George T. - 07/28/2016

" Austin Sports Medicine is the most efficient doctor's office I have ever visited. The doctors are knowledgable and communicative, and the office is very well-run. A great combination! "

 James R. - 07/27/2016

" Great experience! Very caring, interested in my recovery, great suggestions for exercises, very patient in working with me.....really cared about my well being and how they could help me! thank you, thank you!! "

 Bradley S. - 07/27/2016

" Dr Fernandez is a miracle worker! He helps me understand in laymens terms what is needed to get me back to optimal performance! "

 Ben W. - 07/26/2016

" Top-notch staff! I would rate the group overall as the best I've ever experienced, from office staff to physicians and therapists. "

 William M. - 07/24/2016

" Sam is awesome. I really can't tell you how thankful I am for her care and attention to my medical needs. She's great. "

 Fiona S. - 07/24/2016

" Dr. Jim Fernandez was very attentive to my history. I underwent nerve conduction tests. I've had them before administered by other doctors, and my experience this time was surprisingly superior, in fact almost painless. I have the utmost respect for and trust in Dr. Fernandez. "

 Sylvia M. - 07/22/2016

" Dr windler and his nurse went above and beyond to help me when I broke my knee on vacation out of the country and had everything setup for surgery right when I returned. "

 Henry R. - 07/21/2016

" Could not have gone better. "

 Juan O. - 07/21/2016

" Always a pleasure to work with the professionals at Austin Sports Medicine. "

 James R. - 07/21/2016

" Marcus was excellent, patient and thorough. "