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Recent Reviews

 Betty R. - 03/28/2017

" Dr Adulla is the best. She takes good care of me. "

 Charles C. - 03/24/2017

" Dr. Paxton and his staff are the absolute best of the best. He listens to your concerns and responds in language that you can understand. He is also respectful of your time. I have been going to him for 4 yeaars and have never had to wait more than 15 minuetes past appointment time. "

 James M. - 03/24/2017

" Dr. Han...the Best! "

 Joseph A. - 03/22/2017

" My experience from contact about appointment to the visit with the Dr, all was great. I wish more doctors were as thorough as Dr. Jasti. "

 Jane S. - 03/21/2017

" Everyone there was great, friendly, and very patient (with my hearing disability), competent and accommodating. It was a pleasure going to my appointment. The phlebotomist was painless. Dr. Sanchez was very knowledgeable, courteous and thorough. I highly recommend them! "

 Joyce M. - 03/19/2017

" Dr. Paxton and all his staff are consummate professionals. The doctor takes the time to explain everything I need to know, good or bad, and I always go away knowing exactly what he said and what he recommends. "

 Loring B. - 03/16/2017

" great service from a truly professional staff "

 Elizabeth J. - 03/16/2017

" The staff and Dr Virmani are so nice and through. "

 Anne H. - 03/15/2017

" I usually do not have to wait long to see the doctor. My appointment was with Dr. Jasti. After waiting a while in one room, the nurse came and moved me to another room with no explanation about why. Then I waited a very long time and finally a nurse practitioner came in. I never saw Dr. Jasti which was ok, but I did not like having such a long wait as I was having to take off work to be there. It would have been nice if someone had offered an explanation of what the delay was and why I was not seeing Dr. Jasti. "

 Dennis B. - 03/15/2017

" With all other Doctor's that I have, I can schedule my next appointment after my visit prior to leaving the office. Your software and/or procedures does not allow this unless it is within the 4 to 6 weeks. Not sure why this is, but it is prone to error and inconvenient. "

 Gregory T. - 03/14/2017

" My last visit showed increased lab results in my kidney functioning which i was surprise. I just followed Dr Muro regiment and I improved a great deal. "

 Dorothy B. - 03/14/2017

" I always have a good visit at this doctors office every time I go.Thanks for being so caring. "

 Lester L. - 03/10/2017

" Great service from every one and thank you very much "

 Melvin S. - 03/10/2017

" Time is important to me. I was in and out in a timely manner and was satisfied with my treatment. "

 Loyd C. - 03/08/2017

" I love going into the doctors office everyone is always so nice and friendly. They are also helpful with anything that I need. "

 Alvin B. - 03/08/2017

" Dr Press is an excellent physician. He is personable while also being very professional. I highly recommend him to other potential patients. "

 William M. - 03/07/2017

" This is an awesome group of people. They are caring and kind. Thank you for always being there when I need you. "

 David H. - 03/07/2017

" Dr. Hoshi is not only an excellent doctor but a very wise and compassionate man. "

 Mattie G. - 03/05/2017

" Very pleased with services rendered. "

 Sarah T. - 03/03/2017

" Everyone associated with Dr. Kavil is as excellent as she is. There has never been a wait for my appointment and all of the staff members go over the top to help me! Shiela always is kind and gracious and is so sweet to me and everyone else!! And although I always offer the young lady weighing me, $20 to write a lower weight, no one has ever taken me up on it!! Love this practice!! "

 Terri C. - 03/02/2017

" I have always been treated with courtesy and respect from the office in Conyers & in Covington. "

 Patrick O. - 02/28/2017

" Dr. Jasti has been great. "

 Kelly M. - 02/23/2017

" Wonderful staff!! "

 Glynn M. - 02/14/2017

" I tried three times, leaving messages at 2 different phone numbers, saying I was a new patient and to please give me a call, to no avail. NO ONE returned my call. Finally, my husband and I made a trip to the office and was finally able to get an appointment, which I went to yesterday. I was very pleased with EVERYONE in the office. I gave a urine specimen and had blood drawn, but have no results yet, as expected. Persistence made this work out for me. "

 Patricia M. - 02/08/2017

" love them "

 Donald A. - 02/08/2017

" Dr.Sanchez is fantastic . Very personable, always listens and explain so that we understand. I always feel that he cares and Wants to help. His caring attitude filters down to his staff Who are also very caring people. I Always feel more encourage when I leave this office. Thank you all so much ?? "

 Janet D. - 02/08/2017

" Dr Paxton is incredibly caring and spends a nice amount of time with his patients. Thank you!! "

 Dilcie G. - 02/03/2017

" There aren't words to grammatically describe the excellence of Dr Adulla! She's ahead of the bar! Bedside manner supreme, descriptive articulation amazing, proactive solution attack is on point! She reserves my hope in allopathic doctors and doctors in general! The staff is excellent! Super efficient and capable! I'm about to enter my mom into the portal system which is the reason for N/A comments. The automation could be improved it's not so direct on reaching a live voice or navigating which prompts will. "

 Melanie B. - 02/03/2017

" I wanted to give all excellent results but it wouldn't let me. I don't know if the problem was my phone or the website. I really liked this doctor. He treated me like I had some sense. Everyone in the office was nice and accommodating. I had practically zero wait time . All in all, a pleasant visit to the doctor. "

 Guy M. - 01/26/2017

" Doctor Sanchez is great and very considerate.I am grateful to him. "

 Portia B. - 01/24/2017

" Very professional! "

 Lysandra D. - 01/12/2017

" Dr. Muro is an excellent physician! The staff especially Ms. Lisa and Ms. Stella are amazing and wonderful. I would like to thank Dr. Muro for understanding my disease and completely curing me. I am very thankful to be in the hands of great people. "

 Edith H. - 01/12/2017

" Always have a great visit. "

 Kenneth R. - 01/11/2017

" The best doctor and staff "

 Hugh B. - 01/11/2017

" The appointment process needs to be upgraded to allow follow-up appointments 6 months out to be scheduled at end of current visit. "

 Helen W. - 01/10/2017

" Dr. Muro is exactly the competent physician I want to see! "

 William D. - 01/07/2017

" Dr. Kavil is the greatest!!! "

 James M. - 01/06/2017

" Dr. Han is the best!! I place a significant trust in her personal care for me and other patients. A+ Jim Maran "

 Joseph M. - 01/05/2017

" Dr. Elmore is our favorite Dr. ever! "

 Jeannette P. - 01/05/2017

" Superior physician and staff. "

 Buckley B. - 12/22/2016

" I greatly appreciate Dr. Jasti. She communicates exceptionally well and is thorough. "

 Gregory C. - 12/15/2016

" Thanks for everything you do. "

 Paul V. - 12/14/2016

" The front desk lady is extremely nice and helpful "

 Betty R. - 12/13/2016

" Dr Adulla is the best. She takes such good care of me. Betty Rose "

 Kathleen M. - 12/10/2016

" Dr Kavil is superior as a MD. She not only attended to me, she listened to me regarding some issues I had that were non medical. I truly love having her as my doctor . "

 George W. - 12/09/2016

" Wonderful doctors and staff. "

 Kimberly H. - 12/09/2016

" I realize it takes a lot of coordination for GA Nephrology to make the doctor's in-office schedules, but it is frustrating that I can't make my next appointment when leaving the office (I'm due back in April) because the schedule is not available. The only reason I marked "Use and explanation of the patient portal" with "poor" is because I wasn't informed there was a portal at all. This is the first I've heard about it. I am thankful that Dr. Press is my doctor. He is thorough, clear, caring, and approachable. "

 Barbara M. - 12/09/2016

" Dr. Elmore is great! She takes the time to thoroughly explain my lab report, medications, and what steps to take to improve kidney function. I highly recommend her to others who are dealing with kidney issues. "

 Carol G. - 12/08/2016

" Dr was running late by 45 minutes and apologized that he got behind. I love the way Dr. Press explains everything so you can understand all lab reports and that he takes time with each patient so I don't mind waiting for him he dies a great job with each patient "

 Mabel K. - 12/08/2016

" Staff and doctor are great. "

 Maria V. - 12/08/2016

" Dr. Miro is a courteous, very thorough with her explanations and the ultimate professional. "

 Kathryn A. - 12/08/2016

" Dr. Virmani is a great doctor. Explains everything in terms everyone can understand. Very thorough and friendly. I have a lot of confidence in him and would definitely recommend him. "

 Gloria T. - 12/07/2016

" well done. "

 Ella D. - 12/07/2016

" Dr. Sanchez was awesome and very detailed! "

 Lois P. - 12/07/2016

" Dr. Joshi is a fine doctor,he really do care takes the time to talk with you about your health and tell you what to continue on. "

 Benny B. - 11/25/2016

" Of all my doctors, and there are many, Dr. Virmani is my favorite. "

 James R. - 11/24/2016

" Dr. Elmore is wonderful. "

 Terresa C. - 11/23/2016

" My visits with Dr. Paxton are always professional. I actually enjoy my visits, Dr. Paxton and the entire staff are a pleasure. "

 N lynn W. - 11/22/2016

" Dr. Paxton and Angel, are excellent medical providers. My kidney disease has stabilized and improved since I have been his patient. The only issue I had was that I had to wait 1 hour and I had another Drs' appointment that I was late as a result of the wait. This wait was unusual. Normally it is no longer than 15 minutes. Fantastic service. "

 Grace D. - 11/20/2016

" The doctor and all staff are very friendly, professional and accommodating, would recommend to family and friends. "

 Gregory T. - 11/20/2016

" Dr K. Muro very dedicated doctor. Listen, give good advice, keep you on track, you look forward to seeing her again. "

 Helen W. - 11/16/2016

" The professional treatment given exceeds my experiences elsewhere. "

 Elizabeth D. - 11/15/2016

" I have no. Problems. "

 Dilcie G. - 11/14/2016

" At times it's difficult reaching someone unless I choose scheduling. The automated system can be a bit ambiguous in choosing the right prompts. When I do get through the staff is always very professional, personable, and concise, "

 Frances S. - 11/11/2016

" Dr. Muro is excellent! "

 Doreen L. - 11/05/2016

" Love working with Dr. Jasti and the staff. All very pleasant, caring and helpful. "

 Billy W. - 11/02/2016

" Everything went very good. "

 Bertie P. - 11/02/2016

" great staff--great doctor. "

 Dorothy B. - 11/02/2016

" I had a very good experience at my Nephrology appointment. I had great service. "

 James M. - 10/28/2016

" Dr. Han: The best there is! "

 Guy M. - 10/28/2016

" I appreciate Dr.Sanchez who has all the qualities one could expect from a doctor. "

 Donald A. - 10/26/2016

" Dr. Sanchez is a phenomenal Doctor . Very clear and makes sure you understand and does not mind questions. We feel very happy to have him. He was there for a very critical time during my husbands illness "

 Carletha J. - 10/25/2016

" Very good meeting with the practioner. She did not miss anything. "

 Rodney W. - 10/25/2016

" All Staff are professional and courteous. "

 Gwen B. - 10/24/2016

" Always enjoy seeing Dr. Paxton & staff. They are the best. "

 Barbara S. - 10/19/2016

" I love Dr. Paxton. He never rushes me & really seems to care. He is above and beyond most doctors today. "

 Cathy C. - 10/14/2016

" Dr. Press, Kim, the other Kim, precious and my beautiful lab lady are all wonderful! "

 Betty D. - 10/10/2016

" Love Dr. Virmani and his staff. "

 Terri C. - 10/08/2016

" Dr. Elmore and her staff are the most professional & friendly group of all the medical personnel I have encountered. They truly care for their patients. There is no fakeness with them. "

 Patricia M. - 10/07/2016

" As my doctor talk to me yesterday I realized that she has read my doctors report from years back, that made me good about her, because none of the other doctors seen to go back or even question my years back. I feel good that she show she cares. "

 Charles B. - 10/06/2016

" My most recent visit (10/05) for an Ultrasound was scheduled in Sept. following an examination by the physician. "

 Cefield S. - 10/06/2016

" Dr. Elmore was very nice and explained all of my results of my test so that I could understand and she provided some websites for me to look at so that I can have a better understanding of my situation. I would recommend Dr. Elmore to several of my friends and family if they need her services. "

 Elayne J. - 09/23/2016

" Dr. Paxton is the best there is. He takes time to explain everything. He and his nurse Angel Gibbons are amazing. I will only get to see them. All Drs. Should be like them. "

 Veronica W. - 09/23/2016

" very nice treatment thru out the office "

 Kelly M. - 09/21/2016

" I am so happy to have Dr Rhondla, love her! "

 Jean B. - 09/18/2016

" Staff very efficemt "

 Patricia O. - 09/16/2016

" This was my first visit to the Covington office. It was a very comfortable and relaxed experience. Everyone was welcoming and helpful. Dr. Elmore, as always was friendly, while very clear and concise. The website was helpful when I looked for the location for my GPS. "

 Bertie P. - 09/15/2016

" Dr. Kavil & her staff are the best & we go to 8 other doctors for comparison---very compassinate-thorough-professional-patient-understanding & we can sense that they are interested in getting us well & keeping us well... "

 Charles W. - 09/13/2016

" Keep up the great work!!! "

 Rita P. - 09/10/2016

" Dr Rondla is by far the most caring knowledgeable Doctor I have known in a long time. She is amzing "

 Martha T. - 09/09/2016


 Donna M. - 09/07/2016

" Dr. Muro is the best?? "

 James M. - 09/02/2016

" Dr. Han....Super Doctor!!!! A+++ "

 Patsy B. - 09/02/2016

" II am always better when leaving than coming in to Dr. Muro office. My spirit is always lifted to see the check out lady, I feel her energy and genuine love for all people she encounters whether it is by telephone conversation or face to face. She is the greatest. "

 Shane M. - 09/01/2016

" Dr. Paxton is the best in the region. I've had him for over 6 years and would recommend him to anyone. His knowledge and attention to detail is what sets him above the others. He is also caring and compassionate. Angle, Dr. Paxtons as is equally efficient. "

 Howard N. - 08/30/2016

" Dr, Adullah and her staff are THE BEST! "

  . - 08/26/2016

" Dr. Press is excellent. "

  . - 08/11/2016

" I don't have any complaints at all. They are all nice and friendly, willing to answer questions, without be a grouch. A wonderful bunch of people. "

  . - 08/11/2016

" Had about a 45 minute wait after my appointment time to see Dr. Paxton. Highly unusual but understandable. Some patients may have more concerns than others, requiring more attention. Dr. Paxton has always been willing to spend as much time as necessary to answer questions and give understandable answers-at least this has always been my experience. He shows a genuine concern for his patients. Also a very professional & friendly staff. "

  . - 08/11/2016

" Everyone at the office is always so friendly. I would highly recommend them to friends and family. I have only been going there for a couple of months and everyone already knows my name when I go in and asking how I'm doing. "