Hennington Wellness Center

Hennington Wellness Center

220 Scott Dr.
McComb,MS 39648
Chiropractic Care
Family Medicine
Massage Therapy
Rehabilitation Therapies
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Business Hours:
8 AM
5:30 PM
8 AM
5:30 PM
8 AM
5:30 PM
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Recent Reviews

 Bridgette C. - 05/19/2017

" Dr. Hennington is by far the best Chiropractor! My family loves the atmosphere and, of course, the fur babies that are always so happy to great each patient that walks through the door! "

 Gladys I. - 05/16/2017

" I really liked the relaxed atmosphere.I felt very comfortable there. "

 Marc G. - 05/10/2017

" It's me again Margaret!LOL - Doc, thanks for seeing James, he is a good friend that has a lot of pain. Not much on communication and that s why I stepped in on his problem. Hope you didn't feel like I was overstepping my bounds, but he expects you to ask the questions he has. Many Thanks Doc. Hope you can help him. Hey Margaret, its me again. "

 Amber W. - 05/05/2017

" The entire staff is always so friendly! The laid back atmosphere, cheerful music, sweet fur babies, and caring doctors make it feel more like visiting friends than a dr's office. It is always really hard for me to keep appointment times with the nature of my job but everyone is always accommodating and understanding. The only hard time I am ever given is when I am being a bad patient; not taking my medication properly or staying on my wellness plan as instructed. No one leaves the office without a smile and a hug! (but only if your into that) Thanks for all you guys do! "

 Paula A. - 05/03/2017

" I am very thankful for a great doctor & staff that love their jobs!!!!! If you want to feel better & live your life without pain go see Dr . Hennington. He has changed my life. I've been a patient for 5 years.... He is the BEST!!!! "

 Kaci G. - 04/26/2017

" Dr. Henningtons office has been the best experience yet I have made wonderful progress and meet a great group of therapist. Thank you all. "

 Holly C. - 04/18/2017

" This is the best experience at a Doctors office!! "

 Diann A. - 04/18/2017

" Every staff member at this clinic is helpful, concerned, caring, compassionate. Could not ask for a better experience! "

 Laura S. - 04/05/2017

" Staff is happy in their work environment; therefore, customers are happy too! "

 Kayla T. - 03/24/2017

" Everybody at this clinic are so welcoming and caring! Steve Hennington is a life saver and keeps me "straight". Very thankful for his services. "

 Holly C. - 03/17/2017

" The staff is Excellent!!! They are all very attentive and caring!! Love this place!! "

 Diann A. - 03/14/2017

" Wonderful experience! Great atmosphere! "

 Steve B. - 03/07/2017

" Great place! Lot of Posituve Energy in the building, Love It! "

 Reddy T. - 02/08/2017

" Very satisfying. "

 Carolyn B. - 01/28/2017

" I always look forward to my visit at Hennington Wellness. Everyone is super friendly and always willing to be if help if needed. Love seeing their two sweet little doggies too! "

 Grady C. - 01/27/2017

" Dr. Hennington treats ALL that come into his office like they are family. He takes a personal interest in everyone. "

 Grady C. - 12/23/2016

" Excellent experience as it always is! "

 Kara R. - 12/21/2016

" I look forward to every trip to see the chiropractor and the nurse practitioner! "

 Kay R. - 11/09/2016

" PERFECT every time !!!! ????? "

 Monica G. - 10/19/2016

" Thank you so much! I have had ongoing issues for years and feel 100% better. "

 Connie T. - 10/12/2016

" It's always a pleasant visit at the Hennington Wellness Center - besides feeling better when you leave! "

 Krystal R. - 10/02/2016

" Everyone is so nice! This was my first time seeing a chiropractor and it was the best experience I've ever had with a doctor and staff! They were all very concerned and caring about me and helping me get better. Everything was explained to me, in words i understood! I'm going back and will refer everyone!! "

 Dale C. - 09/28/2016

" Provider very professional, congenial & effective. "

 Grady C. - 09/16/2016

" It is an amazing team that Dr. Hennington has put together! They all are the VERY BESt! "

 Etta T. - 09/10/2016

" The entire staff is personable and very friendly. I love coming to the clinic. Dr. Hennington and his staff are professional, yet friendly. "

 Janette P. - 09/02/2016


 Suzanne B. - 08/24/2016

" Love the people and look forward to a long relationship !! "

 Drew M. - 08/02/2016

" I don't hurt anymore.... "

 Janette P. - 07/30/2016

" They are AWESOME! "

 Joan B. - 07/20/2016

" Wonderful Doctor and Staff "

 Stacey S. - 07/12/2016

" Great people!!! "

 Heidi V. - 07/06/2016

" They took me back first because I had to be to work right after. They are amazing people! "

 Drew M. - 06/29/2016

" Very professional office The personal care is what I hoped for. "

 Janette P. - 06/28/2016