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Kids and Teens Medical Group

Recent Reviews

 Karena D. - 09/19/2017

" Thank you, Great job "

 Jordan R. - 09/17/2017

" Dr. Snyder is fantastic. His only shortcoming is he is not an internist. I would go to him. "

 Juan C. - 09/16/2017

" This practice has being my children's doctor since they were borned. I am not sure what's going on but lately the wait time has being horrible. I waited 1:30 min to see the doctor and my visit took 2 hrs. The doctor had to enter the referral for my son to see a specialist. Doctor should be there to check the patient and move on. Having the doctor do the referral is very inconvenient for us. We are the ones waiting. I will give this practice one more chance but if the wait time is the same, I will move my children to a different practice. Also front office was short in staff and for the quantity of patients you guys have you should think in hiring more people. Please hire someone to take care of referrals. This new system is not working for me. I am a mother of five children and the time I spent in the office was unacceptable. Love the service and doctors, however, the wait time is unacceptable. Hope upper management can do something about this issue. All they need is hired someone to be incharged of referrals and more receptionist. "

 Genesis H. - 09/15/2017

" You have a great doctor, Dr. Orlando Ayala, he is the best !! "

 Giovanni S. - 09/08/2017

" I changed insurance plans JUST so I could stay here! It's an excellent place, everyone is friendly and we always feel welcome and at home there 😊 "

 Ariana L. - 08/26/2017

" The doctor takes her time and I feel she went the extra step to have my kids checked for things that were of her concern. I feel she cares. My son has seen her for sinus and allergies a few years ago in northridge and we were very happy with how my son was treated by her. I would like to continue taking my kids to her at encino. It overalll I love kids and teens clinics. Thank you for all that you do for our kids. "

 Alyana D. - 08/22/2017

" I love the clinic, they all know how to take care of my little girl. Dr. Bast is very helpful on mommy tips, she sure knows how to make the visit worth it. "

 Chloe K. - 08/21/2017

" The wait time is usually an hour even with appointment. Anyway to improve this? "

 Julianna B. - 08/16/2017

" Love Dr. Ayala!!!! "

 Michael O. - 08/15/2017

" Yes we're satisfied with how fast is taking care "

 Mackenzie Y. - 08/12/2017

" I love love love Dr. Harder, we would not be a Kids and Teens if it were not for her and we would leave if she left. I do not like the tablet check in system where each time we visit I have the enter the exact same information...... it is quite a waste of my time. "

 Gonzalo M. - 08/05/2017

" Excelente Servicio!!! Gracias!!! "

 Ryan L. - 08/05/2017

" The only thing is that we waited 1 hr for an appointment previously scheduled. I'm not sure if they squeezed us in or they were running that far behind, but our issue was not an emergency. "

 Spencer P. - 08/04/2017

" Thank you to everyone in the office for taking the time and patience to give Spencer my BIG BOY his shot. :) "

 Anthony N. - 08/04/2017

" I changed my doctor to this office and I am so glad that I did. My son absolutely loves it here "

 Jovan R. - 07/25/2017

" My kid came for immunizations and I know at this very same office, there used to be this little plastic thing they used to squeeze her arm and it seemed to make a big difference on how much it hurt them. They don't have these any more and I just don't get it!! They must cost $1 or less to have and they don't have this simple thing to bring up the comfort level tremendously. I really wish these would be purchased again and used for all kids getting their shots. Otherwise, no complaints. I always like everyone at the office and never have any trouble with appointments or anything else. "

 Amara P. - 07/18/2017

" normally the nurses are amazing! This time the nurse was younger and seemed less experienced with handling kids, but still she was not bad. "

 Soleil R. - 07/18/2017

" Dr.Bass, Antoinette, Betty, Angela, Angie always fun, supportive and amazing with my family. "

 Nalani H. - 07/11/2017

" Love the service you guys girl very very good service love bringing my granddaughter there "

 Pablo L. - 07/06/2017

" Everyone in the Pasadena office and La Cañada office always strive to give us the best service as possible. The nurses and receptionists are extremely helpful and always help with any concerns we may have. They make themselves available whenever we have any concerns. I feel very comfortable with them caring for my child while we are there. Wait time is excellent as well. "

 Jack D. - 07/01/2017

" We love love love love Angie at the La Cañada office. She is the best!!! "

 John K. - 06/24/2017

" Thanks for accommodating. "

 Annabella W. - 06/14/2017

" Angelica? A nurse with a name similar to that is the friendliest and most helpful nurse I've ever dealt with. My children love her "

 Karizma B. - 06/07/2017

" I was worried when everything at my old dr's office was changed to kids and teens but they have been great and I was wrong. They are great and they kept most of the staff that my kids have known for ever. As well, they learned lots of great new people! "

 Melissa G. - 06/02/2017

" I am happy the receptionist gave me an alternative to this office when in need. I extremely am happy with this office visits!! "

 Lorraine O. - 05/27/2017

" Was so happy they were available to see my daughter. "

 Julian O. - 05/19/2017

" La atencion es super exelente la enfermera super exelente virginia muy linda exelente atencion!! "