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Recent Reviews

 Angie C. - 09/14/2017

" Bre was great an the girls up front were awesome "

 Therese S. - 09/13/2017

" Great experience, Very patient, friendly, and helpful. "

 Stan W. - 09/13/2017

" Professional, knowledgeable and courteous staff. Everyone is happy to help make your visit as great as possible! "

 Carol S. - 09/13/2017

" Everyone is so professional, courteous, and helpful. It is always a comforting experience in what could otherwise be quite stressful. "

 Anthony P. - 09/11/2017

" Tried two times with two different sign- in's to get into portal. Never has worked. "

 William H. - 09/06/2017

" Dr. M has always helped me and keeps me informed on new tx and meds he is the best. "

 Bonnie G. - 09/03/2017

" Would have liked to ask Karen more questions before she left the room. "

 Brenda O. - 09/03/2017

" This report was Too long. "

 Melanie Z. - 09/01/2017

" Jen was very friendly and generous to give me sample product to try! I LOVE Moeller Dermatology West! Won't go anywhere else! "

 Frankie H. - 08/31/2017

" Nurse Kim is the top of the lone nurse she really cares for her paints "

 Rolland O. - 08/30/2017

" Good to hear that Dr. Moeller is back in the office sometimes. "

 Merl H. - 08/29/2017

" I have always had great care at Moeller Dermatology. "

 Lewis B. - 08/28/2017

" 1. Question: Regarding upcoming procedure: would complete shaving of the scalp hair be a requirement or, at least, make application of the gel treatment easier for both patient and attendant? 2. Question: Is the hat required within the confines of a dwelling having a skylight and a large patio exposure? "

 Jerry O. - 08/18/2017

" It has not been long enough for test results to come in so this survey is a bit too soon, but my overall experience was very positive. "

 Vanessa D. - 08/15/2017

" I love Dr. Johnson!! He is always very informative and educates me on my different options. He was also very aggressive with my treatment and I showed improvement within 2 months of seeing him, when I'd seen another dermatologist for 10 years and not seen improvement. I've already referred several friends and family to him because I am so happy with him. Best decision I ever made! "

 Ronald E. - 08/15/2017

" Always a very good visit "

 Kim C. - 08/11/2017

" I have never had an issue with Moeller Dermatology. All staff and doctor's are excellent, caring, professional, compassionate, helpful and kind. "

 Sharon H. - 08/10/2017

" Karen Bohaty takes excellent care in treating me. I am always glad to see her. She is very knowledgeable and explains everything to me. She's kind and friendly. The Medical assistant I had(I can't remember her name) was wonderful too. She went through everything that needed to be done she drew blood and was excellent at that too, and was very kind. "

 Charles Q. - 08/09/2017

" fruitcakes ,weirdos , nose rings ,creepy tattoos , etc. everyone appeared normal with no obvious malcontents. Highly recommend , didn't mess around...took care of business. Painless......everyone was experienced and knew what they were doing.......the phlebotomist is world class . Don't mess around with amateurs Outstanding, truly obvious malcontents, weirdos, nose rings, creepy tattoos, etc. First class amateurs......the phlebotomist is world class. These professionals don't mess's all business. Why drive a Chevy when you can get a Cadillac ? "

 Laronna B. - 08/08/2017

" You NEED something to numb the area before you numb the area. HURTS! Every single time! There has to be something to make it more tolerable for the patient. Other than that, it's wonderful. "

 Teri W. - 08/08/2017

" Came for early skin cancer check up. The PA seemed to whiz right through it that it just made me question The thoroughness of the exam. Thank you for the survey. "

 Laura S. - 08/06/2017

" I was very impressed with Dr Moeller and his staff. They were all very friendly, knowledgeable and respectful. The receptionist (Samantha) has a wonderful personality, both on the phone and in person, his assistant (forgot her name)made me feel at ease by the way she explained things to me before the procedure was done, very sweet lady as well. The office was very clean from the front desk to the examining room. I will recommend Dr Moeller to family and friend. "

 Cassandra N. - 08/06/2017

" Absolutely loved my first visit!! Staff was very professional, courteous, and friendly! I've only been to one other Dermatologist a year ago and without a doubt, this is the only one I will go to from now on. Very pleased =) "

 Brian A. - 08/04/2017

" Jessica up front was very polite and friendly. Dariah, Heather (I think), and Karren all did a great job. Very friendly. Very quick too! "

 Sarah S. - 08/02/2017

" Thanks so much for your care and concern - wonderful women helped me in all phases of my visit. "

 Jean L. - 08/01/2017

" Variety of magazines in waiting area too limited. Need more news, sports, Readers Digest, etc along with the woman's interest type of reading material - Mad Magazine would be cool! "

 Ronald B. - 07/27/2017

" Excellent service, excellent care. Thank you! "

 Donald W. - 07/27/2017

" The very best in our area. Great people to work with. "

 John O. - 07/27/2017

" You probably don't get near the response you'd like from your surveys because it's way way way too long. Ten questions max. Your response numbers will go up. It did for us "

 Pamela D. - 07/27/2017

" Always enjoy all of the staff. Wonderful help getting my new insurance to cover my prescription. "

 Melba K. - 07/27/2017

" I realize my wait time at this appointment could not be helped usually I get right in. Have no complaints "

 Barbara R. - 07/20/2017

" Karen gives me piece of mind after my yearly checkup. I am so glad I can see her. "

 Randy H. - 07/20/2017

" Karen Bohaty is outstanding! "

 Annette S. - 07/18/2017

" Poor experience with my Primary Care Physician led me to ask questions & found Moeller thru a family member/patient. Regret not coming here first but, hopeful everything will be done correctly and I will leave cancer free! "

 Betty L. - 07/13/2017

" Karen is very friendly and explaine things well. "

 Shawn O. - 07/13/2017

" Love the crew at Moeller!! "

 Carol B. - 07/12/2017

" Very caring and willing to answer your questions and making you feel at ease. "

 Brecken B. - 07/12/2017

" Dr. Moeller was very thorough in his explanations of my daughter's problem. He did an excellent job making her feel comfortable, and even gave her a packet of wildflowers as a token for being a good patient. "

 Carol S. - 07/11/2017

" It was so excellent. I had to reschedule two times, which was easy for me to do and the staff was so helpful. From the moment I arrived, everyone is so nice and my waiting time was minimal. Dr. Bohaty was absolutely wonderful and she addressed every question I had A wonderful experience! "