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Recent Reviews

  tamra l D. - 06/26/2017

" The NP was so compassionate and understood what I was trying to explain to her - her experience was evident with her response to what I was saying to her. She is a gem !! "

  michael g F. - 06/23/2017

" doctor krampitz is always thuough and a great sence of humor I always look forward to his visit, a great doc,he always has a great outlook on life, in general. "

  david w D. - 06/20/2017

" Dr. Tran is wonderful in every way!! "

  gabriel H. - 06/15/2017

" Very helpful and caring "

  muthiah S. - 06/14/2017

" Keep it up. "

  patricia y M. - 06/14/2017

" Dr. GERHARDT is wonderful...the rare doc who tells it like it is. I do so appreciate honesty. In a diagnosis! !! Thank Deseree is a treasure!! "

  marguerite s L. - 06/08/2017

" I am so happy for the referral to Dr. Pavasia. He is so kind and takes time with you. I never feel rushed. "

  susan e H. - 06/06/2017

" Really appreciate the care I have gotten. I'm so much better now and everyone is kind and helpful. "

  judi d B. - 06/02/2017

" As doctor's appointments go, this was very nice. "

  trina k T. - 06/02/2017

" So happy to find a NEW PCP for my care. "

  kela d F. - 06/02/2017

" I couldn't have found a better doctor and clinic than with Dr. Gerhardt. He listens to his patients and that's rare among providers. I've recommended Dr. Gerhardt and the clinic as a whole to at least 5 people I know. "

  raymond m M. - 06/01/2017

" I was very pleased with the overall experience "

  janice viola P. - 06/01/2017

" The only bad thing was the elevator went out and we had to wait for about 25 minutes before it was fixed. This is not the staffs fault but they did keep us informed of the progress of it being fixed. The visit and the staff were great courteous and professional knew what they were doing would recommend to all . "

  lee H. - 06/01/2017

" Dr. Tran was extremely personable and reassuring. Excellent experience. Told my husband best "bedside" manner I have ever experienced. "

  martha c C. - 05/31/2017

" Dr Tseng and Amanda are wonderful. "

  nancy n S. - 05/26/2017

" a very good experience with an excellent doctor "

  camille K. - 05/25/2017

" I love Dr. Young -- she listens and responds to my concerns. REally listens. I've been able to get my chronic headaches under control with her help. She is wonderful now -- but she was also kind and compassionate when I was at my worst and really struggling with this very serious problem. She has a new assistant who is not quite as good as her other assistant, one she had for years, but that is to be expected, I imagine. It takes time to learn a job that well. "

  marie a B. - 05/24/2017

" Since I had my stroke in 2006 I have been under the care of Neurology Consultants. First with Dr. Connie Chen and then with Dr Angela Young. I feel very fortunate to have had such wonderful caring doctors. "

  loretta j D. - 05/19/2017

" The automatic telephone service is somewhat of a pain. I think there could be an improvement on that service. "

  diane l G. - 05/19/2017

" Dr. Mendreddi explained Parkinson's to me and answered all my questions. She was knowledgeable and especially kind. "

  debra e D. - 05/18/2017

" Dr. Young is by far the most considerate and caring doctor I have ever had. She takes the time to understand your concerns and answers your questions thoroughly. "

  petrea B. - 05/17/2017

" What more can I say? "

  blanca C. - 05/16/2017

" Dr. Tseng and her nurse, Amanda provide excellent patient care and follow through. They listen and explain things patiently and are very respectful. "

  frank M. - 05/13/2017

" Great counsel on use of cane as protection for knee pain. . . . Very Effective. . . "

  theresa a C. - 05/11/2017

" Though I did have to wait an hour past my appointment time, Amanda did come in to let me know the Dr was with a difficult case and they did not forget about me.I have always been treated with utmost respect and staff has gone far above any expectations to help me in fighting against insurance companies to cover treatment costs. "

  nancy kay R. - 05/10/2017

" I arrive to my appointment struggling on crutches. The lady at the desk was very helpful by bringing the clipboard to me at my seat and then helping me up and down the hall where I need to go holding doors open for me. They could've not been more helpful. I really appreciated it. "

  manfred A. - 05/10/2017

" The doctor was very helpful, and patient to explain treatment, and the disease. I highly recommend her. "

  leonor m C. - 05/10/2017

" Thank you, Dr. Krampitz for the fine care you have given me over the years!!! "

  gloria j C. - 05/08/2017

" Every thing is very good- a few suggestions- girls at front could be friendlier . They are helpful and nice but don't seem to be warm. Maybe smile more??? What about some magazines to read? I know we don't sit very long but when we do would be nice to have something to read. "

  irma R. - 05/04/2017

" The Doctor and the medical assistant were very nice and patient with me!!! The Doctor explained what is wrong with me in a way I can understand!! She didn't use medical lingo she used words I can understand! :) "

  dusty l H. - 05/04/2017

" Sam, the doctor assistant is very helpful, courteous, and nice. She is the best!!! Dusty "

  jogindra B. - 05/03/2017

" Very good people and very good office. "

  rose j B. - 05/02/2017

" One of the best experiences I ever had with a physician I did not know. "

  agnes f W. - 04/29/2017

" You have limited van accessible parking, but we used the valet service and it worked out fine. We are not there very often, so it is not a big deal. "

  elaine M. - 04/28/2017

" You do a fabulous job!!👍 "

  terrell S. - 04/27/2017

" I feel my Dr. Reviewed all of the MRI & scan results and gave me a good assessment of my condition in terms I could easily understand. "

  lynda k W. - 04/26/2017

" Thank you for allowing me to answer this locally; the web site left me hanging with the comment BAD - URL, twice. God bless us all; and pray that is all we have to fight! With gratitude, Lynda Kay and Philip Weaver, Patient and Spouse. "

  christina a S. - 04/26/2017

" Although the condition I have been dealing with does not have a known treatment, I appreciate that Dr. Mentreddi took the time to listen to my concerns. I have been to multiple doctors for the same issue who did not seem interested nor concerned about my condition. It is difficult to truly understand how this impacts me as a patient unless one has gone through the same process, but at least someone was willing to listen to me. "

  joshua g H. - 04/22/2017

" Great doctors. Great experience. "

  pauline p W. - 04/20/2017

" Our only concerns were that the doctor and his assistant/scheduler both talked so fast! It was a lot to take in, and seemed like a whirl wind. Very happy with the experience, though. "

  brandy a B. - 04/20/2017

" I cannot say more about the new and amazing team of Dr. Young and Peaches. Dr. Young is already an extraordinary doctor and Peaches is the perfect fit! "

  doris d P. - 04/20/2017

" Dr. Tseng is an outstanding physician. She is extremely knowledgeable and caring. She is an engaged listener and that is so important when treating neurological issues. I always leave feeling optimistic and supported. "

  stephen d G. - 04/19/2017

" Its always a treat to have the opportunity to visit with Dr. Tran and his staff "

  david w T. - 04/19/2017

" Need to respond better to telephone messages on prescriptions. "

  jaqueline k P. - 04/18/2017

" Dr. Tran was very thorough! He has given me hope that we might find answers for my symptoms! "

  joyce l R. - 04/14/2017

" The entire staff and appoint were above expectations. Couldn't be more pleased with Dr Gerhart and everyone there. "

  mary G. - 04/12/2017

" Efficient, informative and dedicated to your care. "

  julie B. - 04/12/2017

" Mistakenly went to Walnut Hill instead of Merit. That receptionist was lovely, called Merit, and with the expense of a cab got right over there. The receptionist (on the left) questioned whether I could get in but when I told her it had been arranged and that I had taken a cab in the interest of time she moved forward. Not a real friendly gal. But I love Dr Gebhardt and wouldn't go to anyone else! His assistant is lovely. "

  john B. - 04/12/2017

" Dr. Tran and the entire staff bring me comfort and hope. Thank you. "

  brian c S. - 04/08/2017

" DR Tran was absolutely excellent as ALWAYS. Brian S. "

  gayla m K. - 04/08/2017

" Very informative and she set my mind at ease and gave me a plan on how we would proceed. "

  mary ann P. - 04/07/2017

" Everyone was very helpful, friendly and treated you like an ole friend, which I liked. "

  cheryl a S. - 04/07/2017

" Have been seeing Dr. Gerhardt for many years. Staff have become much more efficient. Medical assistant has provided excellent information and responds quickly. I am thankful they were recommended to me. "

  rachel V. - 04/07/2017

" Love this office and doctors they take really good care of me. "

  christopher S. - 04/06/2017

" Dr Pavasia was very kind, respectful, helpful and compassionate. We feel we were heard and he took appropriate action to help us moving forward. Vanessa's patient care on the phone and in person were TOP NOTCH! The women at the front desk were kind, helpful, and worked with billing office to correct an over-charge while we waited. Thank you so much for making our first visit to that site go so smoothly! "

  nancy B. - 04/06/2017

" Ann was wonderful. I was relaxed had all of my questions answered, was explained all steps thoroughly. Nancy came in at the end to meet me and see if I needed assistance get to my car. Only question I had was concerning my neurologist. Ann was very professional and personable! "

  linda m N. - 04/05/2017

" I loved how the EEG tech anticipated and explained everystep from how to get from the office waiting room to her lab through the EEG process including the "Head Massage" while removing the gel following the procedure! "

  david m C. - 04/04/2017

" My family highly recommends Dr. Jay Harvey. "

  dena m W. - 04/04/2017

" I love Elliott! He is such a positive person and was a joy to deal with regarding setting up future tests and appointments. "

  laurie R. - 04/02/2017

" Good personal attention. It is apparent the doctor is there to give me good care, not self promote their practice. I have been to modern,expensive, flashy, fancy practices and none of that matters. All that matters are the doctors and support staff who care for the patients. "

  ann g B. - 04/02/2017

" I haven't had a dr that is more knowledgeable or had a better bed side manner. Dr. Tran is the best dr. I have ever had. Very informative and lets you know exactly what he thinks. Izzy is great also. She does her best with me to make me understand the next steps that I need to take and I truly appreciate having a doctors office that I believe in. I brought my caregiver with me for the first time and she was thoroughly impressed. "

  jonathan t L. - 04/01/2017

" Best visit I have had to this facility over the years. "

  denise f D. - 04/01/2017

" Dr gergart , Was amazing , great on explaining everything!! Treats you w/ great respect and very efficient . Walk out feeling very good, even thou was bad news for me... Have complete confidence w/ Dr Gerhart! Thank you "

  sara d L. - 03/31/2017

" Dr. Tseng is so nice and she was so thorough and she really listens. She gave great advice and I left the office feeling like I had great care. "

  jennifer n I. - 03/31/2017

" Dr Young is hands down the best Dr I have ever been to! "

  norma V. - 03/30/2017

" As always exceptional service from the staff. Dr. Tran always makes be feel comfortable and answers all my questions and concerns. "

  jerome b G. - 03/30/2017

" Dr. Tran is the best! He is professional, concerned and listens to the patient. I wouldn't see any other doctor in Dallas for my medical issues. "

  charles e J. - 03/25/2017

" Unusually good service and experience for a large group practice. "

  bryan k P. - 03/25/2017

" The scheduler, the receptionist all were impeccable from helping me to get an appt to calling & telling me the Dr. had taken the day off as I pulled into the parking lot. "

  lori A. - 03/24/2017

" Dr Tseng is great. I feel like she really listens to my issues and continues to work to find the best possible solution not just stop with an acceptable course of action. "

  victoria V. - 03/24/2017

" Dr young is by far one of the best doctors that we have ever used.she listens she unsmdestands she never rushes she works very hard to be personalized in her care "

  amy l G. - 03/23/2017

" I really like Dr. Tseng and her medical assistant Amanda! "

  clyde H. - 03/23/2017

" The entire staff is very nice and good at what they do. I really to like the doctor. He is very kind and speaks clearly so that I understand what he says. He does not mind repeating answers to questions I may have. He allows enough time to explain things and answer questions. "

  beverly r R. - 03/22/2017

" Dr. Hinton was very thorough and gave me ideas for what I need to do for the future to help myself "

  jason j E. - 03/21/2017

" I drive four hours one way to see Dr Tseng for the last 10 years. That how much I value her and how much I trust her! Top notch care! "

  felicia m M. - 03/21/2017

" Dr. Krampitz is one of my favorite Dr.'s of all time. He listens and takes into consideration your concerns. "

  callie b H. - 03/17/2017

" The wait time is a bit too long but Dr. Tseng is amazing! "

  genevieve g E. - 03/16/2017

" Dr Tran very patiently and compassionately answered all of our questions, and gave us all the time we needed. "

  frank m H. - 03/13/2017

" Really appreciate it Dr Trans extreme care and concern for my wounded warrior brother. "

  ellen f J. - 03/13/2017

" Anyone who needs/chooses to see a neurologist, THIS IS THE PLACE TO GO.... "

  jeffrey d H. - 03/11/2017

" Was very happy with the entire experience. The staff was especially helpful in getting my medical records from my previous provider in Houston. Looking forward to a long relationship. "

  conley C. - 03/10/2017

" Very satisfied with ever aspect. "

  delois d B. - 03/09/2017

" We love Dr. Mentreddi!! "

  david n K. - 03/08/2017

" very impressed with Ann and her professional abilities as well her and friendliness "

  debra k L. - 03/07/2017

" Dr.Tran took the time to explain all of my concerns and more additional information. "

  natalie A. - 03/06/2017

" Wait time was the main issue.. everything else good. "

  michelle a K. - 03/03/2017

" I have been a patient of Dr Gerhardts for years & I just love him. He has always been informative, a good listener & has my best interest in mind. I have recommended him many times. "

  richard W. - 03/02/2017

" The courtesy and professionalism demonstrated by my care provider and her assistrant were exceptional. "

  tom j B. - 03/01/2017

" My overall experience was terrific. I was given all information that was needed for the continued treatment for my diabetes. "

  nick T. - 02/28/2017

" great doctor and staff "

  christi W. - 02/28/2017

" Dr.Gerhart and his medical assistant have been amazing, as difficult as all of this has been since my diagnoses knowing I have both of them to help me has taken a lot of stress and worry off me and my family! "

  shu c H. - 02/25/2017

" Dr. Young was very courteous and compassionate. One of the best doctors that I have ever had so far. "

  francis u. E. - 02/24/2017

" My care providers were awesome and as a team they sent me home very satisfied. "

  joye m D. - 02/23/2017

" Dr. Tseng is so knowledgeable and encouraging that she makes a trip to the doctor pleasurable, not frightening. "

  courtney p M. - 02/22/2017

" I spend a lot of time with doctors due to lupus. I appreciate the fact that my doctor was thorough and listened well. I feel that he was good diagnostically and asked good questions, which is what I've found separates the good docs from the avg plug and clug ones. A lot of doctors run unnecessary tests or won't explain why they aren't running tests, he discussed his thoughts on diagnosis and potential next steps with me and told me I could come back if needed. I would recommend and return if needed. "

  virginia K. - 02/22/2017

" There was a one hour delay because our initial appointment was made with the wrong doctor. Despite the delay, we were exceptional pleased with our proper physician. "

  barbara s D. - 02/21/2017

" This was my first visit. I was very pleased with all aspects of my appointment. "

  alanna d R. - 02/17/2017

" Very knowledgeable, excellent observational skills "

  courtney e R. - 02/17/2017

" I'd give an even better than "excellent" rating for several of these questions, if that option was available. I've seldom experienced such sincere and thorough medical care. I can't thank you enough. "

  david everett R. - 02/17/2017

" Appreciate not having to wait a long time to be seen and doctor was up to date on my condition. "

  cecil m H. - 02/15/2017

" It's a pleasure to see Dr. Tran. The entire staff is helpful and courteous. Thanks! "

  . paul j C. - 02/08/2017

" Amanda and Dr. Tseng are very friendly and thorough. I like them both. "

  cari ann M. - 02/07/2017

" I am confused by my next steps on medicine. Totally my fault though. "

  luis G. - 02/05/2017

" This visit was not only very professional but also caring, kind and attentive to all our needs. They care. "

  patricia h M. - 02/03/2017

" Dr Tran is excellent. He listens and provides suggestions and reasons for performing the tests he orders. One of the best doctors I've found in Dallas "

  lafayette denise J. - 01/30/2017

" I could not have asked for a better neurology "

  robert F. - 01/29/2017

" I am so fortunate that my internist got me in to see Dr. Tran. Words cannot describe my relief and satisfaction with Dr. Tran as my doctor. "

  dawn V. - 01/28/2017

" I sincerely LOVE EVERYTHING about Dr. Harvey!!! I do not have words to express the gratitude I have. Your continued care is giving me back my life, instead of an existence. "

  ron lee T. - 01/27/2017

" Dr. Anna Tseng explained all aspects of the exam and what/why they were done. She used terms and examples that I (as a patient) could actually understand. She impressed me with her professionalism and courteous manner. I would highly recommend her to anyone. "

  priscilla m P. - 01/27/2017

" Love Dr Tran. The best, Izzy very good too. "

  tamra l D. - 01/26/2017

" The office could use an update - it looks a little rundown. Dr. Tran's new MA (Izzie) is great - she is so friendly. "

  lynn a H. - 01/25/2017

" Dr. Tseng is always amazing. "

  mary m T. - 01/25/2017

" you all need a larger office space "

  gordon H. - 01/18/2017

" Professional staff and loved the doctor. He was kind and understanding. I feel as iif he has a strategic plan for my husband's health. "

  james m L. - 01/17/2017

" Dr Pavasia and his team are so caring and Dr Pavasia spents quality time with the patient. Great Doctor "

  anne F. - 01/17/2017

" I could not believe that this doctor actually spent time with me and addressed ALL of my questions. He was very thorough and knowledgeable. "

  arnold b C. - 01/17/2017

" Dr. was wonderful! Caring, understanding, personable. "

  doris d P. - 01/17/2017

" Dr.Tseng is a caring, committed professional. She listens carefully and adjusts the treatment plan if warranted. I always leave feeling confident that I am in the best hands. "

  claudia z V. - 01/13/2017

" Dr. Gerhardt is the best, love that he explains to you when you have concerns. "

  gordon b A. - 01/12/2017

" Very caring medical professional. Thorough . Excellant support staff.. "

  william j P. - 01/10/2017

" Of course I feel good since she relieved my fears about a worse possibility! "

  sharon l L. - 01/10/2017

" I really appreciated all the time Dr. Gerhardt spent look up info and answering questions. I was in there dark! "

  harry a D. - 01/06/2017

" Knowledgeable doctor and staff "

  david R. - 01/06/2017

" The staff and Dr. Pavasia were exceedingly kind. "

  jimmy j H. - 01/06/2017

" Thank you "

  cynthia a M. - 12/30/2016

" Dr. Tran is always very personable and seems truly interested in my health outcomes. I appreciate his trying to rally my support systems. "

  taylor S. - 12/29/2016

" Dr. Hinton was wonderful, and so was his staff. Very helpful, informative and comforting. Thank you for a great experience! "

  rebecca j S. - 12/29/2016

" This doctor's office has always been attentive and thorough with all aspects of my care. I find this group to be exceptional. "

  nan j P. - 12/27/2016

" This is an excellent run clinic. Every person I interacted with was courteous. They went out of their way to help us feel comfortable. Dr. Mentreddi did a through exam, talked with us, and answered all our questions. She was very knowledgeable and reassuring. "

  dava l M. - 12/24/2016

" Dr. Pavasia spent a long time with me talking about my health and mulitple options for treatment. Really feel like he is genuinely committed to finding the best treatment plan for me. "

  larry L. - 12/22/2016

" Dr. Hinton takes time to listen and to fully answer any and all questions. "

  karen l E. - 12/18/2016

" Neurology associates is a wonderful practice that I always feel listens to my concerns and responds with my best care in mind. "

  derald w K. - 12/15/2016

" Dr. Tran is awesome. He always takes the time to listen and makes sure that all of our questions are answered. My only gripe is that his schedule is booked so far in advance. I guess that is because other like him too. "

  roy d H. - 12/15/2016

" Brandy is excellent to work with! "

  hilary w A. - 12/15/2016

" Everything was as excellent as usual. "

  william michael lee R. - 12/15/2016

" Very impressed with Dr Jay Harvey and his staff. Looking forward to working with them on my son's care. "

  leonel M. - 12/09/2016

" Good people doing good things "

  shu c H. - 12/09/2016

" The doctor was excellent and very compassionate. She took time to answer my questions and concerns and really shows that she cares. The facility was dated but that is nothing compared to the quality of service that I received. "

  keith h S. - 12/09/2016

" The office functioning is improving. Administrative staff is doing a better job. We love Dr. Pavasia and his nurse practitioner, Catherine. "

  linda s W. - 12/09/2016

" Dr. Young is such a delight, always bright and cheerful, I share a special relationship with her. It is so important to trust your Doctor and to know that her knowledge will help you understand your problem. She will always go that extra mile to make you better and I love her for it. Crystal, her assistant will return your call within a timely manner, listen patiently to your call and recommend the appropiate action. She always lets you know your call is important and no complaint will go unnoticed. I recommend Dr. Young to all my friends and family because I believe in her. "

  marina Z. - 12/09/2016

" Dr Tran is great. Very good explaing and Listening. His nurse very professional wonderful Team. "

  stephen M. - 12/08/2016

" Had an EEG by Anne. She was great! "

  pamela m A. - 12/08/2016

" My daughter has been coming to to the office the over 5 years. I started having some problems. The office took me in me in and they have been great getting to the the problem. "

  robert j A. - 12/07/2016

" Dr Tran was 50 minutes late to the appointment but we talked about it and I was ok. He's a very talented Dr. "

  pamela H. - 12/07/2016

" I was very pleased with my visit and the medical attention that I received. I feel that all of my treatment issues were handled or will be handled. "

  glenda sue J. - 12/07/2016

" I love Dr Tseng. And Amanda is wonderful! "

  dennis j R. - 12/07/2016

" I was extremely impressed with Dr Young. She answered 100% of my questions and addressed 100% of my concerns. Thank you all for such a professionally operated practice. "

  ginger g B. - 12/06/2016

" Love Dr. Tseng "

  lyndal c S. - 12/06/2016

" Dr. Tseng and Amanda are amazing to work with. Whenever I have a question, they are wonderful about responding. "

  harriett e A. - 12/06/2016

" Waiting room way to small! "

  stephanie L. - 12/06/2016

" The text message should show which office your appt is located. "

  howard c R. - 12/03/2016

" What a great experience with a staff and physician who really care about their patients. "

  melissa s S. - 12/03/2016

" Ann performed my EEG, December 2, 2016. Ms. Ann was very cheerful, effectient, professional. She made my experience comfortable, as well as, enjoyable. "

  arnett L. - 11/23/2016

" THE whole staff and DR. Hinton were beyond great,I'M looking forward for the great svce they give "

  suzanne renee N. - 11/23/2016

" Dr. Young is amazing. I will be recommending her to others. "

  david d R. - 11/23/2016

" The lady that performed the MRI was absolutely the NICEST person I"ve met all week. Patient, friendly, professional, explained the process and what I might expect, and took time to make sure I was comfortable. It made laying in a constricted tube much more bearable. I appreciate the concern. The procedure was done in a very timely manner. I've had one other MRI previously and it felt like I was using a shuttle service. Rush 'em in, get 'em out there's 3 more waiting and waiting and waiting kind of environment. Where they were busy on this day, I wasn't made to feel like I was just another body they had to work with. Her demeanor made me know I was a patient with concerns and my comfort was a priority. Thank You. "

  thelma A. - 11/20/2016

" My mother and I had a good experience. "

  regina G. - 11/19/2016

" I'm glad i didn't have any issues to show up on my MRI but in a weird way i wish i could see Dr. Mentreddi again. It's rare you enjoy talking to a doctor and truly feel like they care about your entire health. "

  . - 11/19/2016

" I was very please with the questions asked on the paper at the beginning and the consultation with the doctor. He diagnosed something that I believe has been going a long time and misdiagnosed by several doctors and treated incorrectly! Doctors never even said to go to a Neurologist. I sought him out myself! I love my mother and want her to have a correct diagnosis and the great care given to her also! "

  natalie V. - 11/18/2016

" Dr. Young is the best neurologist I have ever seen in . She truly cares about her patient, listens, provides information in an easy to understand way and is thorough. I can not say enough good things about her and Crystal. I feel extremely lucky to have found them - it has changed my life. "

  . - 11/17/2016

" Dr. Harvey is a great doctor, he explains everything step by step where he speaks my language and also he takes his time . His staff are very helpful and courteous. "

  . - 11/17/2016

" Every time I have called the office for an appointment or come for by appointment, I have always been treated respectfully and felt like I was part of the Neurology Consultants family. Thank you I appreciate being listened too and understood. "

  . - 11/17/2016

" I always ENJOY meeting with and seeing Dr. Duc Tran. He is a GREAT doctor and all around GREAT person. "

  . - 11/17/2016

" Dr. Young, her assistants and technicians were all very good. "

  . - 11/17/2016

" Only wait time was disappointing. Dr. Gerhardt was very thorough and did not seems to be in a hurry as most doctors are. He spent. It was comforting to know that I am in good hands. "

  . - 11/16/2016

" I love Dr Tseng she is the best at what she does and is professional in every way. I believe she has improved my health and thus my life. Words cannot express how grateful I am to her and her staff. Keep up the good work. "

  . - 11/16/2016

" Dr. Gerhardt was very thorough and a good listener. "

  . - 11/16/2016

" I have all the confidence in the world in Terry Zushow being a PA. He is very through in his examination and really listens to his patients. "

  . - 11/14/2016

" Dr. Gerhardt was great and so were all his staff members. Thank you! "

  . - 11/13/2016

" Dr. Krampitz did great job explaining the situation and had a very nice personality. "

  . - 11/11/2016

" I would wish that office would call & remind me of appointment. Senior Citizen here! "

  . - 11/10/2016

" My husband and I were more than pleased, and THank you so for caring. "

  . - 11/09/2016

" My husband and I highly recommend Dr. Hinton! What a kind and caring Doctor! Also, the staff at Neurology consultants are so helpful. "