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Recent Reviews

  vannesa m R. - 01/20/2018

" Dr Park is awesome. I enjoy working w/Tyler, she has been great. Dr Park's staff is wonderful too. "

  joyce c L. - 01/20/2018

" Dr. Carmody had done some surgery on my back a few years ago. So when I began to have trouble again, I went to him. He is so knowledgeable as well as personable. He listened and did not immediately jump to surgery. At his recommendation, I went to the best physical therapy and seven weeks later, I am pain free. Thank you, Dr. Carmody, for another positive experience. "

  john r R. - 01/20/2018

" Recovery six months, physical therapist said normally recovery time is twelve months. After surgery left hospital after only one day AMAZING! "

  james l R. - 01/19/2018

" Dr Robert Viere has one of the most professionally run medical/surgical offices that I have ever experienced. "

  joyce d T. - 01/19/2018

" Very pleased with wonderful medical services I received. "

  brooke G. - 01/18/2018

" Dr Park, Ms. Hooper PA, and staff provided phenomenal service each and every visit. "

  denise g M. - 01/18/2018

" Dr Carmody's office and the associates working with him are always so polite and helpful I will recommend doctor Carmody's office to all my friends who need surgery. "

  johnnie f S. - 01/17/2018

" I've been dealing with this group for quite some time. Everything has always been top notch service. Dr. Viere is the best!!!! "

  john w P. - 01/17/2018

" Dr. Carll is superb and made it so easy to understand my issue and the process he will use to repair my back. I lowered waiting time because he was so backed up due to the weather. Most of the time you are in on time or a little early. "

  melanie d. J. - 01/16/2018

" As always Every thing was perfact!!! I HAVE BEEN GOING TO Doctor Parks for several years and every thing has been great Thank You Doctor Parks and Texas Spine Center!!!! "

  mary e L. - 01/16/2018

" Dr. Carmody and his staff are outstanding in every way. I can’t recommend them highly enough. "

  raina W. - 01/16/2018

" Dr. Carmody is amazing! I highly recommend him for anyone that needs back help! His listening skills and bed side manners are top of the line! Thank you Dr. Carmody! "

  bruce b F. - 01/16/2018

" Dr. Park always suggests all possible remedies PRIOR to any surgery. If you have a surgeon like that, keep him. If not, go see Dr. Park and the folks at Texas Spune Consultants. "

  melanie K. - 01/16/2018

" I'm your #1 fan there are no words too describe what your team has done for me and my Family thank you from my heart❤️❤️ "

  sandra d B. - 01/13/2018

" Special thanks to Linda and Rosemary who helped me get back to the airport to catch my flight on time. What nice people! "

  gilma leonor T. - 01/12/2018

" Great visit, as always "

  nancy r N. - 01/12/2018

" Appreciate having resources for other services. All staff very kind and helpful. "

  melody s W. - 01/12/2018

" Ok to post comments, without my name. "

  scot a K. - 01/12/2018

" Thank you for providing excellent care and follow-up!! "

  lance w B. - 01/11/2018

" First time to meet Dr.Andrew Park" Really liked him he was very interested in my concerns as well as the x-ray tech, and Nurses, he explained what was going on with my back and explained my options and ways i good help myself, he went over the meds that i had been given and explained what each med was doing for me. i would refer him to anyone. Very good bed side manner. "

  emily L. - 01/10/2018

" Dr Viere and staff are wonderful!! "

  jeff m J. - 01/10/2018

" Dr Hennessy is an excellent surgeon and will make sure everyone knows this. Amazing results "

  donald t H. - 01/10/2018

" Very professional and appointment time met on time by the Dr. "

  maria "claudia" L. - 01/09/2018

" I Love Dr. Viere. He is an exceptional physician who also has a wonderful bedside manner and who sincerely cares about providing excellent and appropriate care to his patients. "

  michelle R. - 01/06/2018

" Dr. Hennessy and staff are awesome! I highly recommend him. "

  nigel p B. - 01/06/2018

" I really want to thank Dr. Carmody and his entire staff. Dr. Carmody, you are simply amazing and you don't get the reputation you have without going above and beyond. You are not only a good surgeon, you are exceptional. It has only been 8 -days since my surgery, and my pre-surgery pain is gone, and I feel about 95% better already. Your staff are all professional, friendly and very courteous, and I really appreciate all of you. "

  beverly a P. - 01/05/2018

" Very pleased and will recommend Dr Sachson to others. "

  karen B. - 01/05/2018

" Everything was GREAT... even getting me scheduled for my two MRIs on the same day! I am so appreciative to Dr. Park and his outstanding staff. "

  ralph e W. - 01/05/2018

" I was overwhelmed by the courteous, professional service! Everyone was outstanding. This is the Medical place to go. "

  terence c R. - 01/05/2018

" I greatly appreciate Dr. Hennessy's care. Not only did he treat the problems I was experiencing with my spine, he discovered an aneurysm on my main aorta that might well have killed me had he not found it and arranged for it to be treated. Terence C Roper "

  christine h P. - 01/05/2018

" After leaving I had wished I had requested a new prescription for PT for my foot and lower and upper back. Can you ask Dr. Viere if he can give one? It can be faxed to 1-888-462-2833 or emailed to soldbychrissy@yahoo.com. Thank you, Christine Pollock 903-240-5385 DOB 2-10-61 "

  nicole B. - 01/05/2018

" Very grateful for you guys "

  susan e S. - 01/05/2018

" I have already recommended Dr. Park to many people. "

  gary c G. - 01/05/2018

" Dr Park is an outstanding doctor that I have used in the past. I would recemmend him to anyone having spine issues. "

  diane r C. - 01/04/2018

" This is the most efficient medical practice I have ever been in. "

  christopher j O. - 01/04/2018

" I am so thankful that I am in the care of Dr. Park, his expertise and caring for me are a blessing. "

  cliford a R. - 01/04/2018

" Dr CARMODY, Randy and staff are top notch! Would recommend them to anyone with spinal issues! "

  laura B. - 01/04/2018

" My family has seen Dr. Carmody for years. We trust him implicitly. Due to recent back issues, I am now going to him. He doesn’t rush to recommend surgery unless absolutely necessary. He is an excellent doctor. "

  cary s L. - 01/04/2018

" Dr. Park literally changed my life! Before surgery I had just about given up on a decent life, the pain was excruciating and constant. When I woke from surgery I had absolutely none of the pain I had before. My life has totally changed since Dr. Park operated on my back and 3 months after the surgery I still have no pain. I would highly recommend Dr. Park to anyone. He was wonderful. "

  diane k P. - 01/03/2018

" Everyone was very efficient and courteous including both medical assistants and the xray technician. "

  luther w. H. - 01/03/2018

" How do you improve on excellent? "

  michele S. - 12/30/2017

" Dr. Hennessy is AMAZING!!! "

  larry K. - 12/29/2017

" Good experience "

  lawrence S. - 12/29/2017

" Everything about the visit exceeded my expectations "

  rebekah D. - 12/29/2017

" Dr. Carll is the best. Both my husband, Dana and I have recommended him to family and friends. "

  bobby S. - 12/28/2017

" I’ve been a patient for about three years. My care has been of the highest level. My present health concerns are going to require long lasting care and I trust my doctors and PA with the utmost confidence. I would certainly recommend you to others. "

  charles G. - 12/28/2017

" Everybody had a great moods. Makes it almost exciting to go to “the Dr.” "

  carolyn ann H. - 12/28/2017

" Dr. Carmody and staff are the best in neck and spine orthopedics! Have had three surgeries and will never trust anyone else. Nicely run office too. "

  jeffery R. - 12/27/2017

" We really appreciate how quickly you got us in to see Dr. Park! "

  charles M. - 12/27/2017

" You guys at Texas spine Consultants have been a true blessing to me and my family. You have stuck by our side through all of our hardships. We just want to say thank you to all of your locations and office staff. Without you guys we wouldn't be where we are today. Thank you to all the office staff and both Julie's who are coordinators. Thank you all from the Melton family and have a Happy New Year! "

  richard r B. - 12/27/2017

" I already have recommended a friend of mine. "

  jason C. - 12/27/2017

" Dr. Kendall Carll is professional, extremely knowledgeable and personable. "

  chaib S. - 12/23/2017

" Doctor ordered MRI but we did not get a call to be scheduled. Please follow up with us. Thank you. "

  glenda g K. - 12/22/2017

" Dr Viere always pleasant. Takes his time to explain things I don’t understand. His assistant and Linda great. The phone is answered and calls returned promptly. This is 2 major surgery with Dr Viere and I would definitely refer to friends and family. Oh and Jie is always upbeat and kind! Glenda Jelldorf "

  carri l G. - 12/22/2017

" I’ve never had a doctor like Dr. Viere that I feel comfortable letting him decide what is best for me. I know he has my best interest at heart and he’s the best doctor to handle my spine issues. "

  lori B. - 12/21/2017

" I am ALWAYS overly impressed with the amount of care, concern and attention I am given at each visit. From the Surgeons and Physician's Assistance, all throughout the office staff, I am constantly treated with the utmost courtesy and respect. I will continue to recommend Texas Spine Consultants to those in need. "

  kristen P. - 12/20/2017

" Almost a two hour wait past my appointment time to see the doctor. The super frustrating part was that at no point did anyone communicate that there would be a wait, even when I asked. Still, Dr. Carll is great and he took the time to go over all my questions. He didn’t rush through my visit which I greatly appreciate. "

  paul d G. - 12/20/2017

" All was great, very professional and helpful. "

  kenneth C. - 12/20/2017

" I want to express my gratitude to everyone in the clinic. Although busy, the clinic ran like well a organized team of professionals. Dr. Carll was very good at explaining my condition and offered his suggestions and recommendations. Being in healthcare for 17+ (RN,BSN) years I quickly picked-up on the quality of care I had been given. Keep up the good work! Thanks, Again! Ken Carlton "

  cindy a S. - 12/19/2017

" I will always use Dr. Carmody. He is the Very Best in the World! Thanks again Cindy Silk "

  kay m W. - 12/19/2017

" Best doctor. Dr. Viere takes time to listen with kindness and care. The surgery was difficult but he was wonderful. I would never let anyone else touch my back. "

  raymond a W. - 12/16/2017

" Thank You Dr Park and Staff for the absolutely great concern and care over the years R.W. "

  bonnie m B. - 12/15/2017

" Dr. Carmady is the greatest. I have gone to a few different back doctors and have had nothing but horror stories. Dr Carmady and his staff bent over back words to get me in when I really needed him,expedited tests, and most of all I felt like he wanted to make sure that I got the best care possible. He was concerned about my best interests, not his. (To me that is the highest complement I could ever give a doctor) His staff also gets Excellant ratings, they could not have been more professional and caring. I was amazed at what agreat experience it was "

  regina E. - 12/15/2017

" Dr. Kendall Carll is the best. He helped me tremendously and took very good care of me. His staff is the best, very courteous, helpful, and understanding. They made me feel as if my Mom was doing my surgery n taking care of me. They always a swer your questions no matter what you ask...I Love Them n wish all doctors n their staff were like them. Thank you so much for getting me better, I Owe you guys my life 😁😁😁 "

  patricia l S. - 12/14/2017

" Dr Park is the most caring, compassionate surgeon I have ever seen. He truly listened to my concerns and surgery corrected my issues. Dr Park is an extremely skilled, detail oriented surgeon. His staff is well trained, professional and efficient. I have and will continue to recommend him to people who are suffering from back problems "

  eve m B. - 12/14/2017

" Dr. Park always goes above and beyond for me and my husband. He is a great doctor and neck surgeon. "

  john t P. - 12/13/2017

" Lindsey is very informative, listens to my needs and concerns, and offers various options to return to good health "

  michael s H. - 12/13/2017

" Wish Dr Vierre would spend a little more time with me as a patient. I now have 2 medical problems, neck and low back. Just a free more minutes more for s 5 hour drive to see him. "

  graciela C. - 12/13/2017

" I didn’t like being rushed to fill out required paperwork nor being told the Dr will not come in to see me until after I’m done completing the paperwork. The young lady even put N/A on an entire area of questions. I demanded the paperwork be given back to me so I may finish answering. Glad I demanded or I would have not saw the N/A that was applied. "

  charlene m C. - 12/12/2017

" Dr. Carmody is very kind and caring to his patients. I am extremely confident and trust his expertise. "

  eric B. - 12/10/2017

" Email giving address was unclear jumbled other locations. Building has no signage says Texas Spine. I walked into building that said chiropractor looking for Texas spine ask a girl up front if she knew wher Texas spine was. She did not know, luckily lady beside her over heard and said your here at the right place.... I brought my mri results and cd but still had to do X-rays that were not used during my visit... "

  nelson L. - 12/09/2017

" Dr Viere performed a successful back surgery on me four years ago. When my husband was diagnosed with a compression fracture, I would only take him to see Dr Viere. I trust him completely and appreciate his kindness. "

  barbara B. - 12/09/2017

" Not only Dr. Park but his entire staff are very friendly, courteous and know exactly what they job is. I trust them all completely with my care. "

  james w P. - 12/09/2017

" Dr Park is clearly very capable. I also appreciate his candor in sharing information regarding my medical condition as well as his follow-up "

  judy e B. - 12/09/2017

" I like Dr. Carmody a lot. He's direct, honest, and approachable, If he isn't absolutely certain about what's going on, he'll say so. I like that honesty. I would definitely recommend him to anyone having back/hip problems. "

  dale a S. - 12/09/2017

" Dr. Hennessey was an excellent care provider. He too time to explain the results of my X-Rays and MRI and in full details explained a planned course of action to prevent surgery. "

  jesus O. - 12/08/2017

" All the service I received from the beginning was excellent "

  janie e F. - 12/08/2017

" Very pleased with Dr. Hennessy and his staff. They helped me more and found issues that all the other Specialist I’ve been to overlooked or didn’t know. "

  leeann H. - 12/08/2017

" From Amber to Dr. Viere it was an amazing experience!! "

  nora H. - 12/07/2017

" I’ve already got my Husband an appointment to see the same dr I did.. "

  shanequa s J. - 12/07/2017

" Dr. Hennessey and his staff are the best. They have taken very good care of me and all of my needs. I will definitely recommend him to my family and friends. "

  karin t B. - 12/07/2017

" Love the personal touch by all staff from receptionist to the doctor. Very respectful. Thank you "

  janette m J. - 12/06/2017

" Dr Carll and Mark Glass are an excellent team! "

  patrick m M. - 12/06/2017

" Always a pleasure talking to Dr. Carll. You DON'T get the feeling you are being rushed so he can get to the next patient. That is indeed rare these days!! "

  leslie y L. - 12/05/2017

" Already told my husband to book an appointment! Dr Carmody is amazing! "

  dan B. - 12/02/2017

" I have utmost respect for Dr. Viere, who performed a difficult surgery on my back. Dr. Viere explained my situation in great detail, and patiently advised on the path to quick recovery. I highly recommend dr. Viere. "

  virginia e R. - 12/02/2017

" After 3 back surgeries everyone has treated me with the up most courtesy. Dr. Hennessey did a great job on my spine. I highly recommend him. "

  randolph S. - 12/01/2017

" Everything was fine. "

  berti s J. - 12/01/2017

" Pa Pereira’s patient manner and care with sutures removal was very professional. "

  caleb n B. - 12/01/2017

" Office staff as well as Dr. Hennessy was wonderful. Received a great understanding of my sons injury and recommended recovery. "

  jerald d Y. - 12/01/2017

" Dr. Viere saved my life. After decades of excruciating pain I have my life back. I will forever be grateful. "

  marilyn r S. - 12/01/2017

" Dr Carmody is an exelcent doctor in every respect. I never use anyone else for any type of back problems! "

  blavena H. - 11/30/2017

" Very friendly stuff, Dr.Carmody was very professional and helpful. I will highly recommend him. He definitely knows his job. "

  harley l K. - 11/30/2017

" My experience with Texas spine clinic is everything in expected and beyond. Dr. Michael Hennessy is absolutely the finest!! "

  michael L. - 11/29/2017

" Everyone was very thorough about explaining what my progress is and what to expect over the next few weeks. "

  nigel p B. - 11/28/2017

" Dr Carmody`s reputation in the DFW area speaks for itself. He takes his time with his patients, always explaining their options in a very simple manner. His staff is professional, courteous and friendly. "

  kerry b S. - 11/24/2017

" Dr. Park is by far the best surgeon I have had. Listens to my concerns and takes time to explain everything. "

  susan g H. - 11/23/2017

" Great doctor and great place "

  craig m k P. - 11/22/2017

" Dr. Carmody is wonderful!!! He and Randy both are WONDERFUL!! From the 1st time my husband and I walked into his office all worries were gone. Very professional, kind, patient. knowledgeable, they have a sense of humor too, they explain their care plan with you to where you understand exactly what is going on. Whether eis medication, pain relief, surgery, pre and post op they will explain it to you and answer any questions or concerns. there are not enough stars to rate this team. My husband had a 5 level cervical surgery & I had a 3 level. "

  b j M. - 11/22/2017

" You are very good.. I appreciate you "

  james l R. - 11/22/2017

" Everyone was very professional. "

  darrell P. - 11/18/2017

" I have already regard people to Dr. Carll "

  leroy G. - 11/18/2017

" The entire experience was a positive one. Form the beginning it was clear the entire staff had my best treatment and health as their main concern. "

  rebecca b R. - 11/17/2017

" It’s always good on many levels to see PA Linda. She’s such an asset. "

  susan c W. - 11/17/2017

" Dr Viere showed me the X-ray to demonstrate my back was fused. Gave me recommendations to continue PT along with yoga and Pilates. Great doctor and responded to all my questions!! "

  charlotte c M. - 11/17/2017

" She listens "

  lavonne t S. - 11/17/2017

" I love Dr. Viere and everyone at Texas Spine Consultants. During my time with them with back to back surgeries on my spine, I have not one complaint. I was well taken care of and I am doing great. "

  scot a K. - 11/17/2017

" I ALWAYS feel like Dr Carl and the staff have my needs at the top of their priority list. Everyone is always pleasant, always helpful and always upbeat! You can’t ask for more than that! Great Team!!! "

  carla l D. - 11/17/2017

" Dr. Carll take the time to explain and I appreciate everything he do. "

  thomas p S. - 11/16/2017

" Dr.Carmody was very thorough and explained my condition and options very clearly. Much appreciated. "

  earleen f B. - 11/15/2017

" office staff efficient handling all my needs very impressive Every thing explained. Physcian puts my concerns at ease. "

  ramona l N. - 11/15/2017

" Dr. Park and all staff team members are always sincerely seeking to help the patients. I literally trust Dr. Andrew Park with my life since 2010 and his PA is outstanding too. "

  focion c V. - 11/14/2017

" ]Dr Cameron Carmody and his staff, are a very professional and nice group. "

  banita j J. - 11/14/2017

" Dr. Viere’s PA Lyndsey was very nice and explained in details and was informative. "

  robert f Y. - 11/13/2017

" Linda was great. Best medical appt I have ever had regarding medical knowledge. My wife & I were both totally pleased & happy when we walked out. What a professional!!. Bob young "

  allen m S. - 11/12/2017

" Dr. Viere is extremely thorough, patient and answers all questions to our satisfaction. He's an excellent and caring doctor. "

  jesus S. - 11/12/2017

" Staff was very attentive "

  ewell S. - 11/11/2017

" Dr. Viere and staff do a great job of respecting the patient and minimizing wait time to be seen and obtain a prognosis for treatment. I now understand why his reputation is so well deserved. "

  carri l G. - 11/11/2017

" Dr. Viere is the best of the best and I appreciate him so much. He really cares about his patients. "

  don r S. - 11/10/2017

" After suffering for over 10 years with a lower back problem, and after visits to over 10 surgeons, none of whom correctly diagnosed the problem, Dr. Kendall Carll correctly diagnosed my problem, performed a lateral 360 procedure and gave me my life back. Since I was once focused on my health and fitness, he allowed me to manage my rehab recovery with some strict guidelines. Now, I am about to turn 68 years old, I feel like I am 50 again, and am doing things with my grandchildren that I had given up any hope of ever doing. The entire staff, as a group, was the most courteous and professional that I have ever encountered (and I traveled the country for 14 years evaluating existing hospitals for acquisition and developing new specialty hospitals in over two dozen states...so I recognize professionalism and quality when I encounter them.) Because of my background, I tend to ask far more questions of health professionals than the usual patient. Dr. Carll was the most patient physician I have ever encountered. He listened carefully to every question I had and then gave me a most detailed but also informative answer I could imagine. He always explained procedures and medication issues in terms that were easily understood by the layman. I cannot find the words to adequately describe my satisfaction and appreciation of this group. They are the BEST! Don Schalk "

  bobby S. - 11/10/2017

" Always a pleasure to see these doctors and their PA’s. Dr. Michael Hennessy is very professional. The PA Lindsey Peroiada has been a blessing to me during this long and painful experience with my neck and back. She is such a valuable person for me and she is such a talented and understanding young lady. "

  patricia g C. - 11/10/2017

" After months of pain and numbness we finally know what is wrong and how to treat for now. Just waiting on Ortho doctor's office to call and set up appointments for injections. "

  danny r H. - 11/10/2017

" ,, unfortunately the workers comp form is always an afterthought and it's not the doctor's fault it's my fault but other than that wonderful excellent doctor and staff "

  mark g W. - 11/10/2017

" Dr Kendall Carll and ALL if his staff are hands down THE BEST in the Southern U.S. ! After 5 spine surgeries, I can say I have never been taken care of by anyone who has give me the level of care, service, compassion and the unbelievable one-on-one IMMEDIATE response to my questions, problems, emergencies AND medication needs like Dr Carll and every single one of his team has done. I know that any time of the day or night , weekends, and holidays I can contact his office and have my call returned within minutes ! There is no one better at what they do and how they take care if you afterwards. I traveled from Tulsa Oklahoma to Texas just because of these reason and ultimately decided to relocate to Texas because he is the best ! When a person needs help without games and hassle, Dr Carl and his staff are the ones you need. "

  susan e S. - 11/10/2017

" I have already begged two of my friends to go consult you about surgery. You guys are awesome. "

  kelly m M. - 11/09/2017

" Dr Andrew Park is the absolute best. "

  roderic G. - 11/09/2017

" Friendly staff of experts, each person got nicer than the one before. Amazing people. "

  theta w. H. - 11/09/2017

" I have been coming to this doctor and his staff over 6 years, NEVER has there ever been anyone rude or inconsiderate, I cannot express enough Dr. Andrew Park and his staff are excellent. I didn't just mark them in a hurry. They really ARE! "

  sarah T. - 11/09/2017

" The wait was quite but longer than any previous appointments, over an hour, but Doc is worth it because he spends time with his patients and doesn’t have his hand on the door. Staff are all sooooo nice and helpful. "

  mark S. - 11/09/2017

" Dr. Hennessy and his staff are amazing. He has made me feel at ease with him being my surgeon and I know I'm in great hands. "

  helen B. - 11/08/2017

" Dr. Park always explains things clearly and with a very pleasant manner..this is especialkt appreciated by me being age 88..I never leave the office with questions unanswered. In addition the Staff is organized and friendly which is also very important. "

  patricia a. L. - 11/08/2017

" Dr. Viere performed surgery on me in 2003. I was so pleased with the results that when I began having pain there was no option but call him again. "

  vicki H. - 11/08/2017

" Very positive first visit! Dr. Genes set and his staff were very helpful and really took time to listen to my concerns. "

  april R. - 11/08/2017

" Absolutely phenomenal group and Dr Carll is the best provider I have ever met. "

  benjamin r W. - 11/07/2017

" Laid out options that work for me and able to work with my schedule "

  patricia w K. - 11/07/2017

" Lindsey Pereira is excellent. Provides outstanding care. "

  amie P. - 11/04/2017

" Dr. Carmody is the best spine surgeon. "

  glenda l S. - 11/04/2017

" I have always been treated with total respect in the office as well as information before during & after surgery. My doctor & his entire staff make me feel they care about my health and always listen to my questions and concerns. They address all issues I have had and the entire staff treats me like a patient and Not a number. "

  michelle R. - 11/04/2017

" Dr. Hennessy and staff are amazing!! "

  dennis A. - 11/03/2017

" Doctor Carl is the best one around when it comes to neck fusion surgery "

  jeanna J. - 11/03/2017

" Love Dr Carll and his staff!! "

  srividya S. - 11/02/2017

" Dr Carmody is the best! "

  jerrye H. - 11/02/2017

" Wished I could have gotten office visit notes while I was there. "

  stacey e S. - 11/02/2017

" Everyone in the office was very nice and helpful. I really appreciate you all!!!! "

  daniel P. - 11/02/2017

" Mary Elizabeth is wonderful, helpful, charming, and friendly. She is incredibly knowledgable and professional and always puts me at ease! Thank you to Dr. Park and all of his amazing surgical team! "

  cheryl lynn M. - 11/01/2017

" Greatest Doctor ever "

  lisha n J. - 10/31/2017

" I would only recommend the doctor and his staff at the office. But I would never recommend the hospital. "

  martin e R. - 10/31/2017

" Dr. Park is one of the best if not the best spinal surgeon in Texas. Extremely smart and has the ability to explain medical data in a manner the average layman can understand. Dr. Park runs a very efficient office and does not waste the patients time. Simply said: I think he he is the best! "

  garry l B. - 10/28/2017

" Very professional office with all employees extremely courteous and knowledgeable. "

  rebekah D. - 10/27/2017

" Love Dr. Carll. Will be recommending him to all our friends and family if needed. "

  tiffani L. - 10/26/2017

" Excellent care! I would not hesitate one minute to continue being seen by Dr. Parks. "

  sharon d P. - 10/26/2017

" Loved Dr. Park "

  tamara B. - 10/25/2017

" It's a courteous office overall. Dr. Park is an amazingly skillful surgeon. He performed a four-level fusion in my lower back and it is wonderful! Recovery was not a piece of cake, it took a few months, but now I have NO pain at all. It is two years since my surgery and I have returned to my gardening, hiking and normal pursuits with no problems. It was a lumbar fusion and YES I can bend at the waist. My back is pain free!!!! I highly recommend Dr. Park, whom I am seeing now for an unrelated problem. "

  jerald d Y. - 10/20/2017

" We are very grateful for Dr. Viere and his wonderful staff. He essentially saved me from decades of pain and gave me life. I’m very appreciative that he is now helping my husband. "

  russell w. F. - 10/20/2017

" I think Dr. Carll and his staff are terrific and I have already recommended to others. He radiates competence and took time to answer my questions and alleviate my concerns about my upcoming surgery. "

  steven m L. - 10/19/2017

" Never had less than 1 hour wait, sometimes approaching hour and half, for any of my 3 visits. "

  maritza e M. - 10/17/2017

" Excellent service, friendly people. "

  robert l W. - 10/16/2017

" Have already had one person I talked with during rehab tell me that she told a friend and a family member, both are now a patient "

  pamela d R. - 10/16/2017

" I am already recommending Dr. Carmody and staff! The are outstanding!! "

  nancy a. D. - 10/13/2017

" I just love Dr. Carll. He is very personable and always explains everything very clearly. Would definatetly recommend him to anyone needing help with back issues. "

  paul d G. - 10/13/2017

" Great experience!!! "

  regina E. - 10/13/2017

" I have been taken care of by Dr. Carol and his staff with care and love since the first day I saw him last.year and it has helped my recovery and still is helping me. They are nice and make sure that I am comfortable. I always recommend him and will always recommend him to other people that I meet, he is the best, Thank you for all that you do and are still doing to help me and provide me with great service, Dr.Carll and his team are the best!!!! "

  ila sue B. - 10/13/2017

" Love Dr. Viere, he worked a miracle for me. "

  patrick m M. - 10/13/2017

" I really like Dr. Carll! Kinda guess you have to like a guy that opened me up twice last year!! Pat McNamara "

  patsy k S. - 10/13/2017

" I’m so grateful for Dr. Park’s expertise, professionalism and genuineness-an exceptionally intelligent and sincere doctor. "

  diane r C. - 10/12/2017

" This is the most efficient and well-organized medical office I have ever been involved with. "

  jack t G. - 10/12/2017

" Dr Carmody & his staff go above & beyond. I am so happy that I chose them to do my surgery. "

  darrell P. - 10/12/2017

" Have referred many people to Dr. Carll "

  shanequa s J. - 10/11/2017

" Dr Hennessy was very professional and very knowledgeable. He made me feel comfortable and assured me that he and his staff would take good care of me. I would highly recommend him to my family and friends. "

  betsy E. - 10/10/2017

" Dr. Carmody is very good; even though I obviously have neck issues, he knows when it's not a neck problem and is referring me to the right specialist. He is not out to perform unnecessary surgery and will prescribe physical therapy to try to resolve the issue that way first. I've been very pleased with his care. "

  donald O. - 10/06/2017

" My wife is a patient of Dr Carmody and has received excellent care for her back pain. I was already aware of the the excellent level of care and professionalism of both Dr Carmody and his team. "

  george A. - 10/05/2017

" Very impressed "

  christopher j O. - 10/05/2017

" I consider myself very fortunate to be in the care of Dr Park, his knowledge, research and surgical expertise Have given me a pain free fully active life. "

  william c L. - 10/04/2017

" Do one better than Dr. Viere "

  donald t H. - 10/04/2017

" Friendly, courteous and very professional. "

  newell k. H. - 09/30/2017

" This was a follow up from my third surgery from Dr. Viere, and I'd recommend him to anyone needing back surgery. They don't come any better! "

  sarah T. - 09/30/2017

" Doc and Nurse didn’t dismiss anything I said or stated on paperwork. They followed up on previous issues and I felt I could ask the dumbest questions. Very caring staff. "

  randall g M. - 09/29/2017

" This has to be be the best medical staff I have ever dealt with. Everyone in in this office really cares about the patient. "

  bertha p A. - 09/27/2017

" Linda Jackson, Dr. Viere's PA is truly great!!! "

  john S. - 09/24/2017

" We love Dr Viere and staff. Thank you for helping us. "

  edwin s B. - 09/23/2017

" Dr. Viere is simply exemplary! "

  don r S. - 09/23/2017

" Dr. Wendell Carll and his staff are among the absolute best medical staff I have encountered and I spent 13 years of my life traveling through 45 states while developing new specialty hospitals, evaluating acquisition candidates, and consulting with Administration on development of new Detox Wards and psychiatric wards for children and adolescents. Dr. Carll correctly diagnosed a severe lower back problem that had plagued me for over 10 years. After enduring over 75 X-rays and four MRI's in 2016 with four other surgeons, Dr. Carll diagnosed the problems and performed a "lateral 360" procedure on my lower back. During my recovery in the past year, he and his staff have been incredibly professional and courteous and have been receptive to my every need. I am happy to say that I feel that the entire staff of this facility have, as a Team, given me my life back. For the last 10 years I was unable to do anything with my grandchildren and now am looking forward to an active lifestyle with them for the rest of my years. God bless these care-givers! "

  carman r K. - 09/22/2017

" Dr. Carmody is an exceptional surgeon and a joy to see at my pre-op and post-op appointments. I trust him with my life. "

  ellen b K. - 09/22/2017

" I was seen by Linda Jackson, PA-C. What a treat to know that she and Dr. Viere are still together after all these years! The entire office is a great team. "

  susan t B. - 09/16/2017

" Dr Hennessey is the best. Conservatives in his approach and extremely knowledgeable of medical advsnces. Staff is wonderful and caring. So happy to have found him. Trust him and feel comfortable with his recommendations. "

  martin e R. - 09/14/2017

" Dr. Park is an excellent surgeon! Extremely professional and exceptionally competent. He has a good bedside manner and includes the patients spouse in all discussions. Dr. Park spends as much time as necessary to answer all of the patients questions. I, along with my wife, highly recommend him, and think he is the best signal surgeon in our area! "

  scott S. - 09/13/2017

" Dr Call and Julie Maycock are outstanding!! "

  maryland G. - 09/13/2017

" Everyone was courteous and helpful. The doctor and assistant explained things where I could understand. I'm still going to get a second opinion. "

  virginia e C. - 09/12/2017

" Everyone was very professional. Dr. Carmody made you feel like you were his only patient for the day spending time to evaluate your medical needs to resolve the problem. "

  ron C. - 09/12/2017

" I am always impressed with Dr. Carmody and his staff! When it comes to back problems, I will not trust anyone else. He is always very practical and careful in assessing my pain, anticipated recovery and quality of life. He is very methodical in comparing whatever current issue I have against my baseline characteristics in determining whether or not an issue is getting better, worse or unrelated. I will always recommend him to my friends! "

  regina r R. - 09/11/2017

" Dr. Park always takes his time to explain and show you your X-rays etc . . He never rushes and makes sure you feel comfortable with decisions. I have seen many doctors recently and Dr. Park excelled amongst them all. "

  donna m L. - 09/07/2017

" Everyone always treats me very well and they are very cordial. "

  yolanda J. - 09/07/2017

" Dr. Hennessy is the greatest! "

  melanie K. - 09/02/2017

" Dr Carmody I know and trust you I'm the tired one and pray that you will trust me to do every thing you ask of me as your patient Melanie Kindle "

  scottie g P. - 09/02/2017

" Linda is is wonderful. Great appointment "

  patrick H. - 09/01/2017

" Dr Carll and his entire staff are amazing. "

  billy f T. - 09/01/2017

" A very professional meeting with Dr Hennessy, M.D., and his medical and clerical staff. Appointment was timely and information provided was very helpful to me regarding my medical problem. "

  william R. - 08/30/2017

" Dr. Carll and staff were very efficient and courteous. I left informed about my physical situation with a suggested solution. "

  anita k S. - 08/30/2017

" Dr. Carll and his team are fantastic. Very friendly and personable. I have spent 25 years of my life with back issues and pain. Dr. Carll performed major back surgery on me last December and I feel like I have my life back again. I tell everyone I know about how wonderful he is and what a miracle he has performed. I will be forever indebted to him and his team. Thank you so much. "

  christina s F. - 08/30/2017

" There always at least four people checking in for the same doctor at the same time when I go. Generally you wait 30 to 45 minutes after your appointment time to get in a room and then there's another 15 to 20 minute wait so bring a book. "

  earl A. - 08/30/2017

" Is there anything else that could be done to alleviate the pain in my back. Such as medication or other alternatives "

  raymond a W. - 08/28/2017

" Thank you Dr Park and your staff for everything recently and past. "

  christina B. - 08/26/2017

" Dr. Carmody was great! He listened to my concerns and recommended the least invasive treatment to start "

  robert S. - 08/26/2017

" Dr. Carll is my "HERO"!!! 2 successful lower back surgeries. Good man and Doctor! Highly recommend! "

  laura l K. - 08/25/2017

" I have always been treated well by the whole staff. I recommend Dr. Viere, and sing his praises to everyone who I feel he could help. "

  ruth b M. - 08/25/2017

" Dr.Viere, with his excellent skills and warm manner, gave me back a healthy back/spine! He was recommended to me by four individuals and three surgeons. You can't beat that! Now, I'm the one recommending him and his wonderful hospital and staff. Ruth Mason "

  linda j B. - 08/24/2017

" My experience with my doctor was excellent . She listens, was caring, professional and respectful. "

  julie a R. - 08/23/2017

" Linda Jackson PA, did an excellent job. Took time with me and took X-rays to check further deterioration. "

  veronica e G. - 08/18/2017

" Dr. Hennessy is a fantastic doctor that is why I travel from South of San Antonio to Dallas to get great quality care from him and his wonderful staff. "

  willie l S. - 08/18/2017

" The service was absolutely the best! The doctor and entire staff we're all great people wth avery courteous mannerism "

  courtney R. - 08/17/2017

" Waiting time was long, but I appreciate the reason for it - the doctor was taking the time to answer another patient's questions. "

  marci H. - 08/17/2017

" Cannot say enough on how amazing of a surgeon Dr. Carmody is! His wonderful staff has always been courteous and professional as has been his PA, Randy. 6-weeks later after my neck surgery, the quality of life has definitely returned and no more pain ( how lucky am I ). This is a doctor who genuinely cares and listens to his patients. I highly recommend Dr. Carmody and have referred him to all I come in contact with regarding back pain or neck pain. Thank you Dr. Carmody for all that you do to help folks like me overcome their back/neck pain. May God always Bless YOU and your staff! "

  pat V. - 08/16/2017

" already recommended Dr Viere to a friend and she had him perform her surgery. I would recommend him to anyone with issues. "

  edwin ray H. - 08/10/2017

" I have and will continue to recommend this facility. "

  janice i V. - 08/09/2017

" The appointment lady said she would email me with the referral to a pain facility (steroid injection), but she never did. I called but could not get any information. "

  carman K. - 08/09/2017

" Dr. Carmody and his staff are a joy to be around. Dr. Carmody is an excellent surgeon and very down to earth, easy to talk with, and cares about his patients. "

  william l. C. - 08/09/2017

" Dr Park and the entire staff are always excellent. "

  wanda f E. - 08/09/2017

" Dr. Viere and his entire staff make the patient realize that they (Dr. Viere and the entire staff) are doing all they can to help the patient reach optimum health. In addition, everyone is very understanding about any discomfort and or problem that the patient is experiencing. The mutual respect that the staff shows for the patient, the family, and one another is one reason we make the extra effort to drive to Baylor in Dallas to receive the best of the best medical care. "

  agripina C. - 08/09/2017

" Dr. Viere, cared for both my parents did a amazing job on them, I'm letting everyone know that the doctor is great surgeon and he will care for you "

  robert D. - 08/08/2017

" Nurse needed to be a bit more friendly "

  farley l L. - 08/05/2017

" Dr. Carmody is such a wonderful doctor I feel very Blessed to have him as my doctor. Thank You Dr. Carmody. "

  stefanie d B. - 08/05/2017

" Dr. Viere is always so professional, kind & listens to any concerns or questions I may have. I just cannot say enough good about Dr. Viere... absolutely love him! "

  susan W. - 08/04/2017

" Great skilled surgeon! Highly recommend for spinal fusion. "

  frank m C. - 08/04/2017

" Dr Viere was outstanding. He took the time to do an exam, clearly explain his findings, diagnosis and treatment approach. I'm confident that I've found the right doctor for me. I can't thank him enough. "

  ellen h S. - 08/04/2017

" Absolutely OUSTANDING by both Doctor and his PA! "

  jimmy j T. - 08/04/2017

" Dr. Vierre is a gentleman and has been an outstanding person to use for this experience! "

  david f Z. - 08/04/2017

" A very well oiled efficient operation. "

  stephen c M. - 08/03/2017

" This group is excellent. I would recommend them. "

  scott H. - 08/03/2017

" Dr. Hennessy his PA Lindsey and scheduler Aryn have been absolutely wonderful at each visit. We are extremely happy we chose him for our medical needs. "

  susan o B. - 08/02/2017

" By choice I have been a patient of dr. Viere since 1990. My confidence in the quality of care has not waived. He and his PA have always listened to my concerns and offered ways to manage my pain without surgical intervention or pain management with prescription drugs. "

  george S. - 08/02/2017

" This is an excellent office all around. I am ver happy with all the office staff and also my doctor, dr. Park "

  patrick b E. - 07/30/2017

" I met with Dr. Viere last week and have raved to family and friends about how much I respected him. He took time to thoroughly evaluate me and explain his diagnosis and future plans for me. My experience with many doctors is that they want to get one in and out as fast as possible. This was not the case with Dr. Viere. Impressive man! Thank you! "

  leeann H. - 07/29/2017

" Amber Moore is such an asset to this office. She so professional and caring. Linda Jackson is also so down to earth and great bed side manner. Dr Viere is the best. Great practice top to bottom. "

  lindsay G. - 07/29/2017

" Dr. Carll was great! He took the time to listen to me and took me seriously. Wish I had seen him sooner. "

  paul C. - 07/28/2017

" Would definetly recommend this physician to anyone seeking back or neck surgery. "

  chris a T. - 07/28/2017

" Very courteous staff "

  virginia m D. - 07/28/2017

" I am scheduled to have surgery on Monday and had my visit with Dr. Hennessey on Thursday and everyone made me feel that I am being taken care of. They made me feel comfortable and safe about my upcoming prodedure. "

  patsy k S. - 07/27/2017

" Dr Park and staff are exceptional. "

  beatriz v B. - 07/27/2017

" Nothing but good to say about Dr. parks and office personnel. "

  carolyn ann H. - 07/27/2017

" Dr. Carmody is compassionate, innovative and will gain your trust which is paramount. Dr. Carmody's passion and skills will give you the best outcome possible. He has been my doctor for over 10 years and performed a neck fusion, lumbar cyst removal, and two vertebrae lumbar fusion. I am now pain free and still active able to bike, ski and scuba dive. It was a pleasant experience dealing with Randy, Amber and the remaining staff. "

  thomas R. - 07/26/2017

" Dr. Hennessy's nurse and Dr. Hennessy both exhibited genuine and sincere concern regarding my lumbar issue. Furthermore, Dr. Hennessy dedicated additional time to explain a totally unrelated medical issue that was revealed in an MRI and made a recommendation that I follow up with another doctor that specializes in the specific type of medical practice presented in the imaging procedure. Therefore, he went out of his way to discuss an unrelated potential medical problem and allocated the time to explain this potential alternative issue. He did not have to take the time for this matter to explain this potential situation but did so as it was in the welfare of the patient. You do not often experience that extra level of dedication to the patient in the medical profession these days. Kudos to Dr. Hennessy and also to his nurse. "

  virginia H. - 07/26/2017

" Doctor Carll is courteous, personable, informative and a great surgeon. I would recommend him instaneously. "

  evelyn P. - 07/26/2017

" Even though I was disappointed in my wait time to see Dr. Viere, I must say he's a very good doctor. Also, it showed me that he takes his time with his patients without them feeling rushed. "

  billy S. - 07/26/2017

" This was a preliminary visit. "

  ernest J. - 07/26/2017

" Not only would I recommend Dr Park, my sister sees him also. "