Anonymous Inbound Texting

Approved for external distribution

Updated: 07/05/2022

DoctorConnect now allows anonymous inbound texting.

In order to function properly, any account using this feature must not share their incoming text number with another DoctorConnect account.

For the purpose of this document ‘anonymous’ and ‘unknown’ are used to refer to senders with mobile phone numbers that do not exist in DoctorConnect’s database.

The first time a DoctorConnect account gets a message from an unknown source, it will look to see if a Group called ‘unknowns’ exists.   If not, it will be created.  Then a temporary patient record is created in this group for the new unknown source (if a temporary record already exists for a phone number ,it will use the existing one).   

This patient record will be given a last name of ‘Inbound-<persons phone number>’, and a first name of ‘unknown’.

The inbound messages will appear on the DoctorConnect dashboard like normal incoming messages. Inbound MMS messages are also supported.

Clients may use this record to communicate back and forth with the unknown person until a valid record for the patient gets imported into DoctorConnect.