A doctor’s office relies on one thing for good business, and that is patients coming through the doors consistently. It takes a lot of work and excellent marketing to bring in new batches of patients on a daily basis. Therefore, patient retention is one of the main goals that every doctor or vet should strive for.

Although retaining patients may seem like a no-brainer, the modern physician’s office has now evolved and made this goal reliant on automating software like DoctorConnect for its success.

What is Patient Retention?

The definition of patient retention is very simple. Instead of doctors relying on bringing in new patients on a daily basis, they rely on return visits from previous patients. By following procedures that highlight positive patient experiences, doctors are able to increase the possibility of the patient returning to their office.

Patient retention is the root of building a loyal patient base that eventually branches out to new patients through positive word-of-mouth. It is one of the most important aspects of running an office and has several points of impact on a site’s success.

Why Does Patient Retention Matter?

1. It Helps You Manage Patient Care

The management of your patient’s care is important. Successful engagement with your patients helps you to have a continuous impact on their long-term care. Constantly jumping from physician to physician is not only costly for both patient and doctor, but important patient information can be lost along the way.

2. Long-Term Patients Tend to Spend More

This is a fact. If patients place their trust in you enough to return to you as the years go by, when the higher cost procedures begin to come up in their lifetime, they are more likely to spend the money. Based on the positive relationship and reliability that you have built through successful patient retention methods, you are able to break out of the “new patient” bubble that can financially hold a physician back.

3. Reduced Marketing Cost

By retaining your patients, you gain access to one of the most significant benefits of proper retention methods. Online marketing and social media definitely help with bringing in new patients. However, the most effective marketing is the free word-of-mouth marketing that a happy patient does through referrals to friends and family.

How Does DoctorConnect Improve Patient-Retention?

DoctorConnect helps your office implement efficient patient retention strategies through our automating software. DoctorConnect is able to help you remind patients to come back to your office for more of the great care that you have to offer. Based on your own rules and your patient’s last appointment date, DoctorConnect can automatically send messages to:

  • Patients that have not been seen in a year
  • Patients with appointments that must happen every 30 days
  • All patients that meet a specific status or criteria

Although the bedside manner is all in your hands, let DoctorConnect help you ace the communication that is required to help create recare patients.

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