Keeping your office’s schedule full is important. Unfilled patient slots and patient cancelations are occurrences that cost your business money. While DoctorConnect knows that patients are your priority, we also understand that without a successful bottom line, you are unable to serve patients properly.

Find out five reasons how our wait list management system improves your office and keeps your location thriving.

1. Easily Fill Open Appointment Slots

With our wait list management software, you have the ability to improve your patient engagement tools and easily fill any open appointment slots. We know that unfilled appointment slots happen, and in the past, this meant scrambling to find an available patient to fill the spot. Before modern technology. this was a difficult task, but with DoctorConnect on your side, you can send a quick text message to your patients on a wait list.

The process is simple. Once the text is delivered to patients, the first one to reply claims the open spot. Patients who did not receive the spot get another text that notifies them of the spot being filled and that they will be contacted should another spot become available.

2. Changes Can Be Made Instantly

Wait list management allows you to make changes easily and makes communication between the front desk, physicians and patients seamless. When you work with DoctorConnect, you are instantly notified of all of the patient activity that affects your office. This gives you the opportunity to make any physical changes in the office that will best prepare you for the change in schedule. Where this would have left physician, offices stressed out in the past, with wait list management, offices can now easily focus on the important changes at hand.

3. All of Your Appointments Are In One Place

Instead of having to store patient appointments on several folders in your computer, wait list management software keeps all of your important information in one place. This makes any data you need readily accessible should you need to double-check when a patient is supposed to come in.

4. Reduce the Financial Pain of Patient No-Shows

As we mentioned earlier, patient no-shows present a huge financial burden for an office. By acquiring software that offers wait list management services, you are essentially reducing the risk of losing money because a patient didn’t feel like coming in. This software also helps to improve patient retention and recare.

5. Stay in Communication With Your Patients

Communication is key in the healthcare field. With DoctorConnect, you get to choose which patients to notify on a waiting list. Maybe you are only prepared for certain procedures on a certain day when an opening arises. With DoctorConnect wait list management, you can now be specific with who fills that opening when you need it.

DoctorConnect’s Wait List Management Keeps Your Appointments Filled

Don’t let another appointment slot go unfilled. Let the software from DoctorConnect help you keep your scheduling on track. Contact us today to find out more about the benefits of our software and how to schedule a demo.