Allscripts Appointment Reminders and Patient Engagement Tools

April 12, 2018 seamlessly integrates with your office Allscripts system to deliver interactive appointment reminders, after-care surveys, no-show management, re-care messaging and more. is an approved Allscripts partner and can be found in their app store.

We can provide references from dozens of happy practices that utilize an Allscripts/DoctorConnect solution in their office.

Call us today for a demo of how we can greatly improve your office efficiency and patient satisfaction. from AdTel International is an interactive patient communication service using two-way text/SMS, voice, and email communications to increase patient and family interaction. The integration with Allscripts via the Allscripts Developer Program will enable DoctorConnect to seamlessly pull data from the organization’s practice management (PM) system through a proprietary API that enables real-time transfer of encrypted patient information. This new tool enables Allscripts clients to have their patients’ appointment and contact data imported into DoctorConnect automatically and patient response to DoctorConnect can be viewed in the PM system.

Bob Manley, President for AdTel, said, “Allscripts is an industry leader and we are looking forward to introducing the DoctorConnect patient communication platform to their clients. Our goal is to increase efficiencies at the clinics. The real-time data flow and no reports to run to update patient communication is appreciated by our existing clients. Many duties that required office staff to use both Allscripts and DoctorConnect separately, can now be done in the PM system with the DoctorConnect engine running in the background.”

AdTel International and is a software development company that has been creating software in Dallas, Texas since 1992. We employ the best and brightest minds to design and develop innovative, leading-edge technology for use in practices of every size. We were offering client/patient engagement software in several countries for various industries long before the concept was even a twinkle in our competitors’ eyes. We have shifted the way businesses operate and changed the way people work. DoctorConnect is mature, stable software you can be confident using in your practice. By using DoctorConnect to automate and simplify your Allscripts workflow, practices of all sizes can enhance their operations to reduce overhead and increase profitability.