Announcing DoctorConnect Improved Support Portal

Same great support team – enhanced by a more efficient communication method.

Announcing DoctorConnect Support Portal!

We encourage our clients to use the support option when logged into DoctorConnect. This will give you the ability to monitor and respond directly to your support tickets in a secure environment. Upon opening your first request – you will receive an email regarding access your support portal. Thank you!

Outstanding customer support is a top priority at DoctorConnect!

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DoctorConnect Announces partnership with Health iPASS

DALLAS, TX, September 13, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — Adtel International, Inc., developer of patient engagement software, has announced they have formed a partnership with Health iPASS to bring a full suite of technology to automate numerous front and back office processes in medical practices.

“ is vital patient engagement software for medical and dental practices of every size and enterprise-level healthcare organizations wanting to use technology to achieve high-performance results. DoctorConnect has been on the market for almost ten years, being offered directly to end-user practices. We are honored to partner with Health iPASS,” said Catherine Sampels, Director of Sales at Adtel International. “The integration of our platforms will improve front and back office efficiency, revenue and patient experience. We are excited to offer our existing clients a way to automate patient payments with Health iPASS. Clients of Health iPASS can incorporate DoctorConnect to automate reminders, recalls, surveys, waitlist messaging, and online reputation management, along with online scheduling, 2-way texting, timeblock messaging and marketing features.”

According to Health iPASS Founder and CEO Rajesh Voddiraju, “We are proud and excited to announce our partnership with DoctorConnect. This mutually beneficial alliance will open new doors and increase the footprint of our patient communication and patient revenue cycle management solutions. I foresee significant growth and expansion opportunities for both organizations as a result of joining forces.”

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Keeping Appointment Reminders Compliant with HIPAA

Patient privacy and doctor appointments go hand-in-hand. The healthcare industry takes every measure possible to ensure that a patient’s medical or personal information is safely stored and not spread around and into the wrong hands. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, or, HIPAA, is healthcare’s main way of securing data privacy.

Recently, medical appointment reminders have become HIPAA approved. While this is a great step for healthcare providers using automated software, it is important that they understand these five tips for remaining in compliance while also providing the necessary information to those receiving the messages.

hippa compliant appointment reminders

Why is HIPAA Important?

HIPAA was created to benefit customers and improve the health insurance system with the simplification of healthcare in general. There are four key reasons why HIPAA is important to patients. This law ensures:

  1. Security of Health Information,
  2. Privacy of Health Data,
  3. Medical Record Copies for Patients,
  4. Patient Notification of Data Breaches

Remaining in compliance is integral for a healthcare company. Taking a look at these five tips can help you cover the necessary bases when creating automated appointment reminders.

1. Take a Good Look at Your Notice of Privacy Practices

Your Notice of Privacy Practice is your key to properly sending out automated appointment reminders to patients. Make sure that your NPP is updated and gives your patients the chance to opt-in or out of SMS or email reminders. Ensure that your policy is clear and specifically states what your patients are opting-in on.

2. Keep Your Patients Held Accountable

Your privacy policy is only as good as the information that you have on file for each patient. One wrong number or address can put your office in danger of stepping out of compliance. Keep your patients accountable and remind them to notify you of any phone number or address changes.

3. Know What to Include and Leave Out of Your Appointment Reminders

When creating an appointment reminder, minimize the health information displayed. Use the name of the physician instead of what specialty the physician services. Do not include any information about the treatment plan or diagnosis of a patient in the reminder.

Remember that it is always possible for an unauthorized party to get ahold of this message. Therefore, if you would feel uncomfortable broadcasting the patient information on a talk show, don’t put it in your appointment reminder.

4. Contact Your HIPAA Compliance Officer

Should you still have concerns about how to remain HIPAA compliant, your healthcare practice should have a compliance officer on-hand. They will be able to guide you into the right direction for your automated reminder services.

5. Work with a HIPAA-Compliant Appointment Reminder Service

Choosing the right software provider for automated appointment reminders is important. Going with a HIPAA compliant provider like DoctorConnect is a great way to remain compliant while not having to worry too much about the specifics.

DoctorConnect Helps Your Healthcare Office Stay in Compliance with Appointment Reminders

If your physician’s office is ready to take the steps into automated services for appointment reminders, wait list services, and more, DoctorConnect is prepared to help you take control of your automated services. Contact us today to schedule your demo!

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Carrollton, TX   – Adtel International, Inc., developer of patient engagement software, today announced they are now compatible with Epic healthcare software. As a contributor in the Epic App Orchard marketplace, this newly integrated application is now available to Epic’s growing network of healthcare providers. is vital software for every small, medium and large medical practice and enterprise-level healthcare organization seeking to use technology to create high-performance results,” said Catherine Sampels, Director of Sales at Adtel International. “DoctorConnect has been on the market for almost ten years, being offered directly to end-user practices. Our team has worked diligently to meet the requirements to be compatible with Epic software and we are thrilled to be live in production in the App Orchard. We are grateful for the visibility the App Orchard provides, which will increase our opportunity to continue providing healthcare organizations a mature, stable software platform to automate reminders, recalls, surveys, waitlist, and online reputation management, along with online scheduling, 2-way texting, timeblock messaging and marketing features. DoctorConnect is a complete package for every aspect of patient engagement – from online marketing to attract them, online scheduling and reminders to get them in the door, surveys to assess and improve their experience, recalls to keep them coming back, and payment reminders to make paying fast and easy. It automates a lot of labor intensive processes.

To learn more about Adtel International’s new integrated application, please visit DoctorConnect’s page in the Epic App Orchard marketplace.

About AdTel International

AdTel International is a privately owned software development company based in Dallas, Texas. In business since 1992, we have chosen to employ all development, sales and support staff at our headquarters in Dallas to maintain quality assurance on delivering the highest quality software and superior, personalized customer support. is communication technology used in healthcare practices of every specialty and size. By automating processes, it simplifies workflow which enhances operations to improve efficiency, reduce overhead and increase profitability. Partners With athenahealth Partners With athenahealth

‘More Disruption Please’ program to optimize revenue, operational efficiency, marketing, and patient experience for healthcare organizations of all sizes.

DALLAS, TX, June 15, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — Adtel International, Inc., developer of patient engagement software, today announced a partnership with athenahealth, Inc. through athenahealth’s ‘More Disruption Please’ (MDP) program. As part of the athenahealth® Marketplace, this newly integrated application is now available to athenahealth’s growing network of 114,000 healthcare providers to increase revenue by reducing no-shows, filling openings with waitlist notifications and online scheduling, increasing patient retention with recalls, and growing the practice through expanded and improved online presence. offers valuable software for small, medium and large medical practices and enterprise level healthcare organizations that improves profitability and efficiency,” said Catherine Sampels, Director of Sales at Adtel International. “We are honored and excited to be part of the MDP program. The relationship with athenahealth gives us the opportunity to continue providing healthcare organizations a mature, reliable software platform to automate reminders, recalls, surveys and online reputation management, along with online scheduling, 2-way texting, timeblock messaging and marketing features.”

Contact DoctorConnect for more information.

DoctorConnect clients proven to cut patient no shows by 50%-60% in the first week!

When it comes to maximizing your appointment schedule and slashing your no-show rate, DoctorConnect has the industries best solution – proven week after week, client by client.

Below is an actual email from one of our  clients. By using DoctorConnect‘s Automated Medical Reminders, client was able to cut no-shows by 50% in the very first week! What kind of revenue increase would that mean for your clinic? Give us a call and let us show you how easy it is to implement our system at your practice.


We have had a very successful first week. We have gone from 70 no shows the week before we started DoctorConnect to 30 not including today’s.

That is more than a 50% drop.


Thank you,

Jennifer B
Dermatology Center of Southern Indiana

In addition to be the industries most powerful automated reminder system – combine that with our no-show management tools (and our powerful wait list manager), and you can cut drastically cut your clinics no-show rate with minimal effort.

Even if you already use another reminder service – we can still drastically cut your current no-show rate, almost immediately – as verified by another one of our clients.

Hello Cade!

Just wanted to let you know that since switching from our prior reminder service, our no show rate for the month is down over 60%!

Thank you!

The Importance of Patient No-Show Management

In the modern age, cancelling plans seems to be something we have all just come to accept. This casual cancellation approach isn’t just with friends and family; it also happens to physicians. Even though appointment reminders help to greatly reduce no-shows, these situations still happen.

In fact, patient no-shows happen so regularly, that many physicians have signs in their lobbies stating that you will be billed a hefty fee for not cancelling within 24-hours. Patient no-shows, and current resolutions are problematic for several reasons. Find out why it is important to monitor patient no-shows and come up with a way to handle them that reduces this loss in profit.

How Do Missed Appointments Impact an Office?

Missed appointments without an advanced notice have an impact on a doctor’s office. While many patients may think that their no-call/no-show doesn’t matter, in reality, they are costing themselves and the physician money. That empty space in a doctor’s schedule could have been filled with a patient that would have actually shown up.

According to the American Academy of Family Physicians, the average rate of no-shows is very high and results in loss of revenue. Only 63 percent of medical groups actually track their missed appointments, with only 46 percent of groups with no-shows actually trying to address the problem.

Impromptu missed appointments leave gaps in a physician’s schedule that prevent them from filling the missed appointment with reliable patients. This not only impacts revenue, but with the rising trend of charging for no-shows, many patients just don’t follow up. Sadly, this results in patients not receiving the proper care that they need. Other ways that poor no-show management impacts the office include:

  • Wasted staff time
  • Decline in patient satisfaction
  • A backed-up schedule

A physician’s office can only leave so many messages before tracking the trail of your patient becomes taxing and complicated. Many offices use outdated systems like spreadsheets and prepared documents. With DoctorConnect, there is a presented option to monitor and manage patient no-shows.

Best Practices for No-Show Management with DoctorConnect

Many physicians can easily turn to blaming the patient as their no-show management. Take a good look at your office and how it is run. Is your office automated? Do you have a reminder and follow-up system in place?

DoctorConnect can help your office with our No-Show Management feature with our software. With DoctorConnect, you don’t have to pick up a phone to reach out to your patients. If you find that you have a no-show on your hand, simply select the right item on our dashboard and your patient will automatically be sent a text informing them that they have missed their appointment and need to reschedule.

This creates a time saving solution that will help you best keep track of the patients who routinely miss appointments. The rescheduling is on them, but at least your office no longer has to use its precious time to reach out to a voice message.

Wait List Management

Aside from sending bulk messages for patients to reschedule their appointment, DoctorConnect helps your office fill those gaps in your schedule. With our Wait List Management feature, patients have the option to join a waitlist that correlates with your office schedule. Upon a cancellation or no-show, patients on the wait list are notified, and your schedule can remain filled. On top of this, your patients continue to get the care that they need.

Request a Demo for DoctorConnect’s No-Show Management Software

If your physician’s office is tired of having to deal with the creation of complex spreadsheets and placing manual calls out to patients who don’t show up, DoctorConnect is here to help. Utilize our No-Show Management software and make sure that your patient is well taken care of via our program. Get started easy by requesting a demo today so we can show you how our system can increase the efficiency of your office.

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DoctorConnect in the Athena Marketplace!

Athena Appointment Reminders is an approved partner for Athena clients, and we can now be located in their online market place.

If you are an Athena user looking to streamline and improve your patient communication, including appointment reminders, surveys, recare messaging and wait list management, contact us today.

Or visit us in the Athena marketplace:

Calling all Allscripts clients!

Calling all Allscripts clients!

Looking for ways to improve your practice’s performance in 2018?
Join us as we share ideas on efficiently increasing revenue, reducing revenue leakage, increasing patient retention, generating new business, meeting points for MIPS and how to start making your website work for you.
We are hosting a webinar for Allscripts clients on Wednesday, January 10th at 1pm EST.

Register today!


Medical Appointment Reminders – DoctorConnect

Patient Engagement for HCA Facilites

AdTel International is excited to announce we are now an approved HCA vendor. We look forward to providing patient engagement software to all facilities in the US and UK wanting to increase revenue, reduce overhead, improve patient satisfaction and meet requirements for MIPS.

DoctorConnect Medical Appointment Reminders

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