Chiropractic Appointment Reminders are the fastest way to decrease no-shows and free-up important staff time. Let your staff focus on the care of your patients, and let DoctorConnect automate the repetitive time consuming task of reminding AND confirming your appointments.

DoctorConnect is experienced in working with many chiropractic offices utilizing a wide range of patient management systems. Some of the systems we already integrate with include Software Motif, ChiroTouch, FutureHealth, CompuLink, Eclipse, and Allscripts. We are capable of interfacing with almost any inhouse PMS or EMR system that you may already use.

Most of our competitors offer reminders by voice and email, and some of them are now offering SMS text reminders. DoctorConnect uses all 3 of these channels as well, with one big difference – all of our channels are 2-way communication paths. This means that no matter which reminder the patient recieved first, they can act on the reminder immediately and make a real-time confirmation or request a reschedule.

At DoctorConnect, we’ve found that using 2-way SMS text-message as your primary reminder type will greatly increase the delivery, read, and response rates of your appointment reminders.