Customize Outgoing Reminders with Tailor Your Messages to Meet Your Needs

At, we believe that personalized communication is key to providing exceptional patient experiences. That’s why we are thrilled to introduce a new feature that allows you to customize all your outgoing reminders, ensuring that they convey exactly what you want to say. Whether it’s including special instructions, address information, or any other specific details, our platform makes it quick and easy to tailor your messages to meet your unique needs.

Text, Voice, and Email Editors: Simplifying Customization

With our user-friendly Text, Voice, and Email editors, you have full control over the content and language of your reminders. These editors support both English and Spanish, providing flexibility to accommodate a diverse patient population.

The Text Editor enables you to compose SMS reminders that can be sent directly to patients’ mobile phones. You can craft concise and informative messages that include relevant details, such as appointment time, location, and any specific instructions they need to follow. This ensures that patients receive clear and customized reminders that align with your practice’s requirements.

The Voice Editor empowers you to record personalized voice messages that can be delivered as automated phone calls. This feature is particularly valuable for patients who prefer verbal communication or may have difficulty reading text messages. By speaking directly to your patients, you can deliver essential information in a warm and friendly manner, reinforcing the human touch in your interactions.

Our Email Editor allows you to design visually appealing and informative emails that can be sent to patients’ email addresses. You can easily include attachments, additional resources, or any other relevant information to complement your reminders. With this editor, you can create professional and customized emails that reflect your practice’s branding and enhance the overall patient experience.

With these intuitive editors at your disposal, customizing outgoing reminders has never been easier. You have the flexibility to adapt your messages to meet the unique requirements of each patient, ensuring clarity, comprehension, and improved patient engagement.

Take advantage of’s customizable reminder feature today and start delivering tailored messages that resonate with your patients. Enhance their experience, strengthen communication, and drive positive outcomes for your practice.

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