Fuming Over Patient Reviews?

Have you ever Googled yourself or your practice only to be frustrated or angered by the reviews posted by your patients? No matter how hard you work to provide exceptional care, spend time consulting with your patients and staying on schedule, some patients can have a bad experience. It may not be the care provider – maybe it’s a staff member, or maybe the patient just had a bad day. Whatever the cause, your reputation is tarnished. Bad reviews can’t be removed, although you can respond.

You may want to consider using DoctorConnnet.net patient engagement software that includes patient surveys. These surveys are automatically delievered the day after the visit by email and text. If you currently use patient engagement software, ask your vendor if the surveys are customizable. Can they be customized for each provider? Can they be customized by appointment type, because you may want to send a different set of questions to a new patient verses a procedure appointment or annual visit. Patient surveys are a great way to provide insight from the patient’s perspective, which can be valuable in improving workflow, identifying staff problems, and improving patient care.

Patient surveys can be the catalyst for online reviews. Some software vendors have artificial intelligence to instantly score surveys so only patients whose surveys score high are invited to post online reviews…giving you control of your online reputation. And you can to choose your review sites – Google, Yelp!, Healthgrades, Facebook, etc. These reviews are legitimate because patients are posting their survey comments.

There is nothing you can do about bad reviews except bury them with good ones. Good reviews mean more new patients. More new patients equals more revenue. Most consumers read reviews so if you have disregarded your online presence, or just haven’t known how to optimize it, it’s time to get serious and take control.

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