Interactive Appointment Reminder Calls

DALLAS, TX, September 26, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ — AdTel International, Inc.’s is an interactive patient communication service using two-way text/SMS, voice, and email communications to increase patient and family engagement. was designed to be a very effective text message communication platform. Text messages are more widely received and reviewed by clients. However, the system now has added a new industry first to voice communications platform. The system will leave a toll free number on the patient’s voice mail and a patient contacted by the system can call to confirm the appointment or connect with the medical office during business hours. The new feature adds interactivity to a static voice mail message.

Some medical specialty practices still need the phone as a primary contact method as older demographics have been slower to adopt text messaging or email. The practices needing voice call reminders can now have similar automated appointment confirmations as those provided by DoctorConnect’s text and emails.

Bob Manley, President for AdTel, said, “Clinics and patients appreciate the ability to confirm their appointment by calling a secondary number. Clinic staff like to know that they patient has heard the message and confirmed the appointment. Patients appreciate that they can call 24/7 to the automated number for confirmation without the necessity of talking with a receptionist.” is a subsidiary of AdTel International, Inc. that provides text, voice or email reminders to patients of upcoming scheduled appointments, reminders of vaccination schedules, re-care reminders, notices of availability of test results, notices of prescription refills, and notices of appointment schedule changes. The system allows patients to confirm appointments automatically or request a change in appointment time if necessary. The service is used by a variety of healthcare providers in a wide range of specialties and general medical practice as well as dentists, veterinarians, chiropractors, therapists, and home health providers.

AdTel International, Inc. is a privately held corporation based in Dallas, Texas, that has been providing communication systems through innovative technology since 1992. AdTel may be contacted at 972-503-0717 or via our website