Survey Systems with Drag and Drop Design Allows for Less Staff Training

DALLAS, TX, February 13, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ — Adtel International (AdTel), demonstrates new survey design software for medical clinics. The new software built to operate inside of the includes the ability to add new questions to the survey via the web interface. New questions are written on the web and updated to the database. The user then drags the new question to the active survey. All future surveys will now include the new question written by the clinic’s staff.

The most innovative feature is the drag and drop on the web interface to add/remove question. Other features include that the system will automatically order the charts and patient responses to match the order of the survey. While the user of is designing the survey, with only one-click the patient’s view of the survey can be seen. The patient view allows the designer to balance and group the question by relevance.

Ross Manley, Vice President of by AdTel said, “The software will automatically email or text the survey to every patient 24 hours after their appointment. The patient’s experience is still fresh. The timeliness of the survey means the Doctors and Practice Managers will learn more about the patient experience at the clinic. The real time charts give instant feedback to compare the clinics performance across time.” is a subsidiary of AdTel International, Inc. that provides text, voice or email reminders to patients of upcoming scheduled appointments, reminders of vaccination schedules, re-care reminders, notices of availability of test results, notices of prescription refills, and notices of appointment schedule changes. The system allows patients to confirm appointments automatically or request a change in appointment time if necessary. The service is used by a variety of healthcare providers in a wide range of specialties and general medical practice as well as dentists, veterinarians, chiropractors, therapists, and home health providers.

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