You know it’s coming, and you have probably listened to speakers or participated in some webinars to help you understand the hoops you’ll need to jump through. You have the information…so now you need the tools. In January, the game changes (again) for reimbursements. will be a great asset to help you meet points for MIPS under Clinical Practice Improvement. Here are some of the categories we can help with:

Give patients the ability to request appointments any time with the online appointment request feature that embeds into your practice website to for Expanded Practice Access points. ReCare is a recall outreach engine for Preventative, Wellness, Targeted, and Critical care to meet points for Population Management. This feature can also automate communication of pre-op instructions and post-op follow-up, as well as care information based on diagnosis code, appointment type, group, status, doctor, or location. Patient surveys provide patient insight on their experience allowing you to determine your strengths and areas needing improvement. Surveys also help meet the Practice Assessment points. For Emergency Preparedness and Response, nothing beats TimeBlock and Bulk messaging to notify patients and staff simultaneously of weather closings or emergency communication. And of course, we are the best at appointment reminder communication that is required to meet Meaningful Use measures, now included under MACRA. In a nutshell, gets it done. Work smarter. Not harder. is industry-leading software that takes control of meeting these points so you can focus on what you do best…patient care.