When it comes to maximizing your appointment schedule and slashing your no-show rate, DoctorConnect has the industries best solution – proven week after week, client by client.

Below is an actual email from one of our  clients. By using DoctorConnect‘s Automated Medical Reminders, client was able to cut no-shows by 50% in the very first week! What kind of revenue increase would that mean for your clinic? Give us a call and let us show you how easy it is to implement our system at your practice.


We have had a very successful first week. We have gone from 70 no shows the week before we started DoctorConnect to 30 not including today’s.

That is more than a 50% drop.


Thank you,

Jennifer B
Dermatology Center of Southern Indiana

In addition to be the industries most powerful automated reminder system – combine that with our no-show management tools (and our powerful wait list manager), and you can cut drastically cut your clinics no-show rate with minimal effort.

Even if you already use another reminder service – we can still drastically cut your current no-show rate, almost immediately – as verified by another one of our clients.

Hello Cade!

Just wanted to let you know that since switching from our prior reminder service, our no show rate for the month is down over 60%!

Thank you!