If you use Centricity, Doctorconnect’s automated reminders will automatically push the confirmations and reschedule requests back into your Centricity system. As soon as DoctorConnect confirms one of your patients’ appointments – you’ll see it marked as confirmed in your Centricity software. We can assign a new confirmation type so that you’ll know the appointment was automatically updated by DoctorConnect.net.

DoctorConnect.net is a comprehensive patient engagement tool that has revolutionized the healthcare industry. Our automated reminder system is specifically designed to integrate with Centricity, making it the perfect tool for healthcare providers who use the Centricity EMR.

With DoctorConnect.net, appointment confirmations and rescheduling requests are automatically pushed back into your Centricity system, ensuring that you never miss an update. As soon as a patient confirms their appointment, you’ll see it marked as confirmed in your Centricity software. We can even assign a new confirmation type, so you’ll know that the appointment was automatically updated by DoctorConnect.net.

Unlike other appointment reminder systems for Centricity, DoctorConnect.net automates the entire process. We believe that automating appointment reminders is the key to streamlining your workflow, improving patient engagement, and ultimately delivering better patient outcomes.

At DoctorConnect.net, we pride ourselves on providing a comprehensive suite of patient engagement tools that can help you grow your practice. Our unique features include two-way texting, online scheduling, automated recall campaigns, and a customizable patient portal. Contact us today, and we’ll be happy to show you how our tools can help you improve patient engagement, save time, and ultimately grow your practice. Don’t settle for anything less than the best patient engagement tool on the market – try DoctorConnect.net today!

If you’re interested in integrating an appointment reminder system with your Centricity EMR, you may be able to find other options out there. However, DoctorConnect stands above the rest because we offer a fully automated process that streamlines your workflow and improves patient engagement. With our system, you’ll never miss an appointment update again. So why settle for a subpar solution when you can use DoctorConnect.net? Contact us today to learn more!