We’ve all filled a patient satisfaction survey out at the doctor’s office. From answering questions about the ease of scheduling to the cleanliness of the facility, physicians want to know how satisfied you were with your service. Here are some examples of why patient satisfaction surveys are so important to a practice and how you can improve your surveys and results through automated software provided by DoctorConnect.

Why Are Patient Surveys So Important?

Patient satisfaction surveys are essentially a report card of how each patient’s experience was in your office. To put it simply, they matter because they are a direct correlation between patient retention and the financial success of an office.

1. They Serve as a Link Between Patient and Physician

Patient satisfaction surveys let an office know first-hand what the patient experienced throughout their visit. Sometimes a patient may not feel comfortable letting a physician know about something wrong first-hand. A patient satisfaction survey serves as a simple, direct link between a patient and physician that helps improve the overall quality of an office.

Also, studies have shown that when there is this line of direct communication between a patient and physician the likelihood of malpractice claims or suits reduces as satisfaction rises. So, keeping an open communication space is important to retaining trust and ultimately, your security.

2. Patient Satisfaction Surveys Serve as a Quality Improvement Tool

Although these surveys may seem like basic formalities, the questions that you decide to place on them can help you improve your office when viewing them as quality improvement tools.

For example, if you noticed that appointment scheduling was difficult, you would instantly be able to meet with your staff and find out how to improve the issue.

Satisfaction surveys let your staff know where the office stands in your patient’s eyes and simply knowing where to work harder should be the first steps taken to improve patient engagement as a whole.

3. They Improve Patient Retention

Patient retention is the ultimate goal of a physician. Patient acquisition is hard work, so keeping patients satisfied and returning through your doors based on their loyalty to your practice is important. Retention ultimately affects your bottom line through reimbursements, guaranteed co-pays, and new patients based on word of mouth.

Improving Your Patient Satisfaction Survey Results with Automation

Once you have determined what you need to fix, you get right down to it. The easiest way to solve typical issues that arise on a survey can be done through automated software that helps control your office behind the front desk. Working with automated software allows you to take control of where you need to improve.

DoctorConnect’s software is perfect for aiding offices with:

  • Patient scheduling,
  • Patient engagement,
  • Appointment reminders,
  • Patient satisfaction surveys,
  • Wait-List management, and more.

DoctorConnect’s Software Helps You Focus on What Matters

If you are ready to step up to the plate and improve your office’s satisfaction surveys, DoctorConnect is ready to lend a helping hand. Contact us today to schedule a demo of our software and find out exactly how our product can better your practice.