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DoctorConnect Announces partnership with Health iPASS

DALLAS, TX, September 13, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — Adtel International, Inc., developer of patient engagement software, has announced they have formed a partnership with Health iPASS to bring a full suite of technology to automate numerous front and back office processes in medical practices.

“ is vital patient engagement software for medical and dental practices of every size and enterprise-level healthcare organizations wanting to use technology to achieve high-performance results. DoctorConnect has been on the market for almost ten years, being offered directly to end-user practices. We are honored to partner with Health iPASS,” said Catherine Sampels, Director of Sales at Adtel International. “The integration of our platforms will improve front and back office efficiency, revenue and patient experience. We are excited to offer our existing clients a way to automate patient payments with Health iPASS. Clients of Health iPASS can incorporate DoctorConnect to automate reminders, recalls, surveys, waitlist messaging, and online reputation management, along with online scheduling, 2-way texting, timeblock messaging and marketing features.”

According to Health iPASS Founder and CEO Rajesh Voddiraju, “We are proud and excited to announce our partnership with DoctorConnect. This mutually beneficial alliance will open new doors and increase the footprint of our patient communication and patient revenue cycle management solutions. I foresee significant growth and expansion opportunities for both organizations as a result of joining forces.”

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Come visit DoctorConnect at AOA 2018!

We are attending the AOA (Association for Otolaryngology Administrators) conference on September 11-14th in New Orleans.

Let us show you how to automate your front office workflow, increase revenue and grow your practice.

Come by and see us in Booth 114!

About AOA:

Join more than 300 otolaryngology professionals like YOU at AOA-36 in New Orleans! AOA strives to bring you the premiere annual educational conference for otolaryngology practice management professionals.

In just three days, you will gain specialty-specific information to implement new ideas and plan for the year ahead. This program is designed to satisfy a wide array of knowledge levels, and it includes topics that are critical for today’s ENT practices and our changing healthcare arena.

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7 Appointment Scheduling Tips for Dental Practices

Getting patients in and out on time at a dental practice is key to the success of an office. The muscle behind the success of this method is proper appointment scheduling. Scheduling for a dental practice can be stressful with so many things going on in an office. By focusing on these seven appointment scheduling tips and automating your process, your dental practice will become a well-oiled scheduling machine.

1. Schedule in Proper Increments

Time is money, and this couldn’t be more important than in a dental office. Most dentists plan their schedule with 15-minute increments between patients. This is lost money that quickly adds up and could prevent a practitioner from retiring on-time, if at all.

We suggest shaving down your time between patients to 10-minutes. This may take some practice, but with automated software, your schedule will become more efficient and in the end, make you more money.

2. Keep Your Appointment Slots Filled

Don’t let patient cancellations or unfilled time slots become the bane of your office. Get yourself familiar with a waiting list management system. This type of software helps automatically fill empty slots in your schedule.

The software will send out dental appointment reminders via text to patients. Should one cancel, the text reminder app will then reach out to specific patients that could potentially fill this time slot, leaving you with zero money lost.

3. Schedule for the Present and the Future

Scheduling ahead is always in your best interest as a dentist. This is especially true when you begin to develop lasting relationships with your patients. Your schedule will quickly become filled for the time being, but that is okay. As long as you have daily scheduling goals in place you will always be able to focus on the now and if the methods you are practicing are effective.

4. Don’t Forget Hygiene Appointments

A dentist cannot rely on new patients and dental emergencies alone to survive in the industry. Hygiene appointments are detrimental to your business’ success. With programs like DoctorConnect, you can use appointment scheduling software to plan out distant appointments with hygiene patients before they leave your office.

5. Have Your Station Prepared

clean dental station before appointmentThis may sound like a basic suggestion, but too many dentists have wasted their time by not having the station prepped for each patient. Aside from getting your scheduling down to perfection, work with your staff to come up with a great routine for prepping the station between patients. Automated scheduling will shave off lots of time for your office and allow this to become a reality.

6. Automate Your Appointment Scheduling

Appointment scheduling has never been easier than with the modern tech of software. Forget the phone calls and refer your patients to online appointment scheduling. By working with automation software, your dental business will make planning for dental care stress-free for both you and your patients. Appointment scheduling also reduces no shows, sends out patient appointment reminders and works excellent with text messages and email.

7.   Always Schedule to Maximize Production

Maximizing production is the ultimate goal of a dental office. This can best be done by creating more time in a schedule for cosmetic procedures like dental implants or more advanced root canals. With programs that automate your schedule, you can easily separate the types of appointments on your plate and when they fit into your overall availability.

Keep Your Dental Practice On Schedule with DoctorConnect

Dental services in the United States rely on near-perfect scheduling of upcoming appointments. It isn’t easy to reach the goal of perfection without some help. Let DoctorConnect be the software that helps make your office as efficient as you need it to be. Contact us to find out how to schedule a demo for your office today.

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Increase your revenue by upgrading your appointment reminders

Intelligent Appointment Reminders

  • Interfaces with your current EMR/PMS

  • Customizable by doctor / location / appointment type

  • Bi-Lingual – Supports English and Spanish

  • Send SMS, Voice and Text up to 3 intervals for each appointment

  • Bi-directional with push-backs to your EMR/PMS

80% of Patients

want reminders via Text

Reduce No Shows

Our system has proven to reduce no-shows by up to 90%

Our Engagement Tools Include

  • Automated Follow-up Surveys

  • Automated Recall Messaging

  • No-Show Management

  • Dedicated Support Team

  • Group Messaging

60 Day Trial

Limited Time Offer

60 Day Trial

Sign up by August 30th to take advantage of our 60-day trial

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Doctor Connect has been a valuable asset to our practice! Our patients love the reminder system, birthday wishes, and promotional texts and staff lov...

Michelle Anthony, Carrollton


Switching our reminder call software to Doctor Connect was EASY and QUICK! Our director of sales (Catherine) was fabulous and made the process seamle...

Monica Hott, Carrollton


Doctor Connect is a very well thought out piece of software that has help us improve customer satisfaction through better communications....

Neil Allen, Carrollton


I originally started to go with another company, only because I was unaware of Doctors Connect. As to where the other company could not get the implem...

Gail Adams, Carrollton


Jim & his team were excellent....

Jim Otis, Carrollton

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DoctorConnect Features

doctorconnect doctor medical appointment reminders

Why Choose DoctorConnect?

Switching over to DoctorConnect to manage your office will be the easiest choice of your career. Our software is compatible with hundreds of management systems. DoctorConnect easily weaves itself into your existing scheduling software or other stand-alone programs.

The goal of DoctorConnect is to remain engaged with your patients, no matter what language they speak. We offer bilingual support that ensures that all of your patients receive the important updates and care that they need.

Our software is built to increase the efficiency of your office. One of the key features of the DoctorConnect is the ability for the software to be customizable to fit the needs of your office.

One unique benefit of using the DoctorConnect system is two-way communication. With this you are able to instantly reach out to your patients and correspond with them by any of the standard text, voice, or email methods available.

Sometimes even a doctor’s office needs help with their management system. Our support team is always on-hand and ready to answer any of your questions and make your experience with DoctorConnect time well invested.

DoctorConnect has been a staple in the healthcare industry for over two decades. We know that patient engagement and efficiency is important, so that is why we are constantly striving to be the best in quality management services for local offices.

Thousands of physicians across the nation trust DoctorConnect to keep their business efficient. We are your source for patient engagement in the Medical, Chiropractic, Dental, Veterinary, and Optical fields.

Keeping detailed records of patient schedules, no-shows, and reminders is important. We provide the best automated reports that help you monitor your patients and improve your recare and retention rates.

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Keeping Appointment Reminders Compliant with HIPAA

Patient privacy and doctor appointments go hand-in-hand. The healthcare industry takes every measure possible to ensure that a patient’s medical or personal information is safely stored and not spread around and into the wrong hands. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, or, HIPAA, is healthcare’s main way of securing data privacy.

Recently, medical appointment reminders have become HIPAA approved. While this is a great step for healthcare providers using automated software, it is important that they understand these five tips for remaining in compliance while also providing the necessary information to those receiving the messages.

hippa compliant appointment reminders

Why is HIPAA Important?

HIPAA was created to benefit customers and improve the health insurance system with the simplification of healthcare in general. There are four key reasons why HIPAA is important to patients. This law ensures:

  1. Security of Health Information,
  2. Privacy of Health Data,
  3. Medical Record Copies for Patients,
  4. Patient Notification of Data Breaches

Remaining in compliance is integral for a healthcare company. Taking a look at these five tips can help you cover the necessary bases when creating automated appointment reminders.

1. Take a Good Look at Your Notice of Privacy Practices

Your Notice of Privacy Practice is your key to properly sending out automated appointment reminders to patients. Make sure that your NPP is updated and gives your patients the chance to opt-in or out of SMS or email reminders. Ensure that your policy is clear and specifically states what your patients are opting-in on.

2. Keep Your Patients Held Accountable

Your privacy policy is only as good as the information that you have on file for each patient. One wrong number or address can put your office in danger of stepping out of compliance. Keep your patients accountable and remind them to notify you of any phone number or address changes.

3. Know What to Include and Leave Out of Your Appointment Reminders

When creating an appointment reminder, minimize the health information displayed. Use the name of the physician instead of what specialty the physician services. Do not include any information about the treatment plan or diagnosis of a patient in the reminder.

Remember that it is always possible for an unauthorized party to get ahold of this message. Therefore, if you would feel uncomfortable broadcasting the patient information on a talk show, don’t put it in your appointment reminder.

4. Contact Your HIPAA Compliance Officer

Should you still have concerns about how to remain HIPAA compliant, your healthcare practice should have a compliance officer on-hand. They will be able to guide you into the right direction for your automated reminder services.

5. Work with a HIPAA-Compliant Appointment Reminder Service

Choosing the right software provider for automated appointment reminders is important. Going with a HIPAA compliant provider like DoctorConnect is a great way to remain compliant while not having to worry too much about the specifics.

DoctorConnect Helps Your Healthcare Office Stay in Compliance with Appointment Reminders

If your physician’s office is ready to take the steps into automated services for appointment reminders, wait list services, and more, DoctorConnect is prepared to help you take control of your automated services. Contact us today to schedule your demo!

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5 Ways Wait List Management Software Improves Your Office

Keeping your office’s schedule full is important. Unfilled patient slots and patient cancelations are occurrences that cost your business money. While DoctorConnect knows that patients are your priority, we also understand that without a successful bottom line, you are unable to serve patients properly.

Find out five reasons how our wait list management system improves your office and keeps your location thriving.

1. Easily Fill Open Appointment Slots

With our wait list management software, you have the ability to improve your patient engagement tools and easily fill any open appointment slots. We know that unfilled appointment slots happen, and in the past, this meant scrambling to find an available patient to fill the spot. Before modern technology. this was a difficult task, but with DoctorConnect on your side, you can send a quick text message to your patients on a wait list.

The process is simple. Once the text is delivered to patients, the first one to reply claims the open spot. Patients who did not receive the spot get another text that notifies them of the spot being filled and that they will be contacted should another spot become available.

2. Changes Can Be Made Instantly

Wait list management allows you to make changes easily and makes communication between the front desk, physicians and patients seamless. When you work with DoctorConnect, you are instantly notified of all of the patient activity that affects your office. This gives you the opportunity to make any physical changes in the office that will best prepare you for the change in schedule. Where this would have left physician, offices stressed out in the past, with wait list management, offices can now easily focus on the important changes at hand.

3. All of Your Appointments Are In One Place

Instead of having to store patient appointments on several folders in your computer, wait list management software keeps all of your important information in one place. This makes any data you need readily accessible should you need to double-check when a patient is supposed to come in.

4. Reduce the Financial Pain of Patient No-Shows

As we mentioned earlier, patient no-shows present a huge financial burden for an office. By acquiring software that offers wait list management services, you are essentially reducing the risk of losing money because a patient didn’t feel like coming in. This software also helps to improve patient retention and recare.

5. Stay in Communication With Your Patients

Communication is key in the healthcare field. With DoctorConnect, you get to choose which patients to notify on a waiting list. Maybe you are only prepared for certain procedures on a certain day when an opening arises. With DoctorConnect wait list management, you can now be specific with who fills that opening when you need it.

DoctorConnect’s Wait List Management Keeps Your Appointments Filled

Don’t let another appointment slot go unfilled. Let the software from DoctorConnect help you keep your scheduling on track. Contact us today to find out more about the benefits of our software and how to schedule a demo.

2018-06-29T19:23:17+00:00June 29th, 2018|No Show / Wait List Management|0 Comments announces compatibility with Epic healthcare software. announces compatibility with Epic healthcare software

Carrollton, TX   – Adtel International, Inc., developer of patient engagement software, today announced they are now compatible with Epic healthcare software. As a contributor in the Epic App Orchard marketplace, this newly integrated application is now available to Epic’s growing network of healthcare providers. is vital software for every small, medium and large medical practice and enterprise-level healthcare organization seeking to use technology to create high-performance results,” said Catherine Sampels, Director of Sales at Adtel International. “DoctorConnect has been on the market for almost ten years, being offered directly to end-user practices. Our team has worked diligently to meet the requirements to be compatible with Epic software and we are thrilled to be live in production in the App Orchard. We are grateful for the visibility the App Orchard provides, which will increase our opportunity to continue providing healthcare organizations a mature, stable software platform to automate reminders, recalls, surveys, waitlist, and online reputation management, along with online scheduling, 2-way texting, timeblock messaging and marketing features. DoctorConnect is a complete package for every aspect of patient engagement – from online marketing to attract them, online scheduling and reminders to get them in the door, surveys to assess and improve their experience, recalls to keep them coming back, and payment reminders to make paying fast and easy. It automates a lot of labor intensive processes.

To learn more about Adtel International’s new integrated application, please visit DoctorConnect’s page in the Epic App Orchard marketplace.

About AdTel International

AdTel International is a privately owned software development company based in Dallas, Texas. In business since 1992, we have chosen to employ all development, sales and support staff at our headquarters in Dallas to maintain quality assurance on delivering the highest quality software and superior, personalized customer support. is communication technology used in healthcare practices of every specialty and size. By automating processes, it simplifies workflow which enhances operations to improve efficiency, reduce overhead and increase profitability. Partners With athenahealth Partners With athenahealth

‘More Disruption Please’ program to optimize revenue, operational efficiency, marketing, and patient experience for healthcare organizations of all sizes.

DALLAS, TX, June 15, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — Adtel International, Inc., developer of patient engagement software, today announced a partnership with athenahealth, Inc. through athenahealth’s ‘More Disruption Please’ (MDP) program. As part of the athenahealth® Marketplace, this newly integrated application is now available to athenahealth’s growing network of 114,000 healthcare providers to increase revenue by reducing no-shows, filling openings with waitlist notifications and online scheduling, increasing patient retention with recalls, and growing the practice through expanded and improved online presence. offers valuable software for small, medium and large medical practices and enterprise level healthcare organizations that improves profitability and efficiency,” said Catherine Sampels, Director of Sales at Adtel International. “We are honored and excited to be part of the MDP program. The relationship with athenahealth gives us the opportunity to continue providing healthcare organizations a mature, reliable software platform to automate reminders, recalls, surveys and online reputation management, along with online scheduling, 2-way texting, timeblock messaging and marketing features.”

Contact DoctorConnect for more information.

The Importance of Patient Satisfaction Surveys and How to Improve Yours

We’ve all filled a patient satisfaction survey out at the doctor’s office. From answering questions about the ease of scheduling to the cleanliness of the facility, physicians want to know how satisfied you were with your service. Here are some examples of why patient satisfaction surveys are so important to a practice and how you can improve your surveys and results through automated software provided by DoctorConnect.

Why Are Patient Surveys So Important?

Patient satisfaction surveys are essentially a report card of how each patient’s experience was in your office. To put it simply, they matter because they are a direct correlation between patient retention and the financial success of an office.

1. They Serve as a Link Between Patient and Physician

Patient satisfaction surveys let an office know first-hand what the patient experienced throughout their visit. Sometimes a patient may not feel comfortable letting a physician know about something wrong first-hand. A patient satisfaction survey serves as a simple, direct link between a patient and physician that helps improve the overall quality of an office.

Also, studies have shown that when there is this line of direct communication between a patient and physician the likelihood of malpractice claims or suits reduces as satisfaction rises. So, keeping an open communication space is important to retaining trust and ultimately, your security.

2. Patient Satisfaction Surveys Serve as a Quality Improvement Tool

Although these surveys may seem like basic formalities, the questions that you decide to place on them can help you improve your office when viewing them as quality improvement tools.

For example, if you noticed that appointment scheduling was difficult, you would instantly be able to meet with your staff and find out how to improve the issue.

Satisfaction surveys let your staff know where the office stands in your patient’s eyes and simply knowing where to work harder should be the first steps taken to improve patient engagement as a whole.

3. They Improve Patient Retention

Patient retention is the ultimate goal of a physician. Patient acquisition is hard work, so keeping patients satisfied and returning through your doors based on their loyalty to your practice is important. Retention ultimately affects your bottom line through reimbursements, guaranteed co-pays, and new patients based on word of mouth.

Improving Your Patient Satisfaction Survey Results with Automation

Once you have determined what you need to fix, you get right down to it. The easiest way to solve typical issues that arise on a survey can be done through automated software that helps control your office behind the front desk. Working with automated software allows you to take control of where you need to improve.

DoctorConnect’s software is perfect for aiding offices with:

  • Patient scheduling,
  • Patient engagement,
  • Appointment reminders,
  • Patient satisfaction surveys,
  • Wait-List management, and more.

DoctorConnect’s Software Helps You Focus on What Matters

If you are ready to step up to the plate and improve your office’s satisfaction surveys, DoctorConnect is ready to lend a helping hand. Contact us today to schedule a demo of our software and find out exactly how our product can better your practice.

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