Telehealth Overview

Part 1: The Patient Experience

DoctorConnect designed it’s telehealth system with simplicity in mind.  With the arrival of the pandemic we’ve been contacted by many our clients asking for assistance in streamlining their transition to telehealth.   We found that the existing system they were using did not integrate well with most EMRs and were overly complicated for both the doctor, office staff and the patient.   DoctorConnect solves these issues.

When importing your appointments for our automated reminders, DoctorConnect’s import engine will identify those appointments which are virtual or telemed visits.

These appointments will receive a customized reminders – and asks the patient to confirm.

Upon confirmation- or prior to the appointment – the patient will receive details instructions on how to download the app on their phone – as well as a link if they wish to use their cam-enabled PC.  No downloads are required for any of these devices, but on mobile devices, the app does provide a preferred experience.

Upon connecting, the patient will enter a virtual waiting room and asked to hold until the doctor connects.  Once both parties, connect – their secured telehealth session begins.  

Telehealth Patient SMS Message

DoctorConnect Telemed Dashboard

Video Session


Part 2: The Provider Experience

When doctors choose the ‘Telemed’ option from DoctorConnects menu, they will be taken to their telemed dashboard.  This screen will detail the patients waiting – along with their appointment information that was extracted from your EMR.

When you are ready to start your session, click on the camera icon next to the waiting patients name.  

The patient will be notified that  you are ready, and prompted to begin the session – once they accept, your session will be in progress.

Should more patients arrive – they will be parked in the virtual waiting room until the provider is ready to begin that session.

Benefit: Session Switching

The provider may also choose to put a patient ‘on hold’ and jump to other sessions as needed, and choose to return to any available session at any time.

This can be helpful if the patients are greeted at one station in your office initially – and then put on hold an transferred to someone else.  It also allows you to be involved in several sessions at the same time, while maintaining the privacy of each individual session.