Next Generation Appointment Reminders is pleased to announce the release of our SMS Next Generation Reminders. is always working on ways to improve the effectiveness and experience of using our appointment reminders.  In response to limitations that come with static 160-character reminders, and new DLC regulations being rolled out this year – these new reminders offer a wealth of advantages, but the most important being that it is more secure and informative, and increases confirmation rates and patient satisfaction.

We have assisted dozens of our largest clients convert to this new system, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive.

  • Stronger Security – Appointment details are shared thru a secured, encrypted https connection.

  • Ability to include more details and instructions

  • Live link to map and driving directions.

  • Link directly to your office forms from your reminder.

  • Real Time Appointment Status

  • Patient ‘Read’ notifications – know when a patient reads the reminder.

  • Translates into any language the patient chooses.

  • Increase response rate up to 10% higher than static reminders.

  • Better presentation / Easier to read

  • Higher delivery rate / Less chance of carrier blocking.

DoctorConnect Enhanced Reminders

Old Reminders

Hard to read
Requires several SMS message segments
Limited linking ability
Insecure content delivery
Carrier blocking issues

Insecure SMS Reminders

Next Generation Reminders

Initially relays vital information
1-2 total message segments
Confirmation possible without data services
Sensitive information safe behind SSL
No carrier blocking issues

DoctorConnect Reminders

Behind Secured Link

Display far more information
Message segments do not apply
Realtime confirmation status
100% Secured
Not exposed to carrier blocks

DoctorConnect Enhanced Reminders