How do we get started?

Getting started is easy! Contact one of our representatives and tell us what system you are currently using (if any) and what your needs are. If you’re not sure, we are here to assist in every way.

We will then implement a secure solution to integrate your current system with ours. After that is complete, we activate your account in “test” mode, so you can verify everything is going to happen exactly as you expect. Once you are satisfied, we turn you up. You’ll start to see positive results immediately.

How many times will each patient be contacted?

It’s up to you. You can choose to contact each patient at 3 different intervals for each appointment – by 3 different methods (text, voice, email) for a maximum possibility of 9 contact attempts. As soon as the patient confirms, they are no longer notified.

Is DoctorConnect compatible with my current Electronic Medical Record (EMR) or Practice Management System (PMS)?

We currently interface with hundreds of different systems. Whether your server is located in your office, hosted in the cloud, or if your system is completely web-based, chances are very high that we already have an integration solution for your EMR or PMS.

For your reference, here are just a few major PMS and EMR systems that are compatible with DoctorConnect: Allscripts, Eclipse, Centricity, MedWare, Medisoft, Accuro, FutureHealth, Mosaiq, Dolphin, Practice Partner, Medics ADS, Eaglesoft, EZ Claim, AdvancedMD, HealthFusion, Inteleris, Aprima, Invision PM, Compulink, PracticeWorks, BeaverCreek, and many more.

How much does DoctorConnect cost?

We charge a flat fee based upon the number of locations and practitioners. We don’t nickel-and-dime you with per-message pricing like many industry competitors.

Contact us to review your clinic’s options and collaborate on the best solution.

Do you have any references?

Absolutely – we’ve helped hundreds of clinics slash their no-show rates, fill up their calendars, and optimize their office operations. We’re happy to provide references from some of our long-term happy clients! You can also browse our website for testimonials.

How does the DoctorConnect system handle cancellations and reschedules

If you opt to allow patients to request cancellation and reschedules with your automated reminders, in most cases we can push that data right back into your EMR or PMS. You will also be able to view all reschedule requests and easily reply to them from your DoctorConnect dashboard.

If you get an in-office reschedule or cancellation request, our system will automatically cancel the reminders that were scheduled to go out to that patient.

Software Integration FAQ

What fields (columns) are required when exporting data?

At bare minimum, our system will need to know the patient name, appointment time, and at least one method to contact the patient (email, phone, and/or SMS).

What format is required when exporting data?

Your data should be exported in CSV (comma separated values) format. Excel (xls) spreadsheets can also be accepted in most situations. Column names should be specified on the first row of the file if possible.

What other data column types can be exported?

Our system can handle almost any data type you are able to push to us: Patient Name, Email, Mobile Phone, Landline, Appointment Time, Patient ID, Appointment ID, Doctor Name, Facility Name, Preferred Contact Method, Preferred Language, etc.

If you have special considerations, please discuss with your integration contact.

How are files transmitted to DoctorConnect?

Typically, in a file export situation, we will assist you in setting up an automated FTP send to our secure servers. This can happen hourly or at the end of the business day, depending on the activity levels of your office and what works best for your situation.

What is the FTP information for the DoctorConnect Server?

For security reasons, we do not post this on our website. Please contact your sales manager for instructions regarding access to our FTP server.