DoctorConnect’s Encrypted 1-to-1 Video Chat

DoctorConnect’s TeleHealth Service works with your reminders to provide an all-in-one streamlined, easy to use virtual visit experience for your patients.

Prior to their appointment, patients are reminded of their upcoming visit via text, phone or email. They are given easy-to-follow instructions on how to get connected. Telehealth works automatically with our appointment reminders and consent forms can be collected through our digital documents. A one-stop shop our clients like to say!

No app or downloads necessary. Patients are given the choice of downloading our proprietary app for their iphone or android devices – or they can participate using the web-browser on their phone. Allowing for simple and easy to access video service that seamlessly integrates inside of the DoctorConnect’s dashboard.

The provider will simply log in. Click the telehealth button on the dashboard and they will be able to go in and out of appointments with ease!

DoctorConnect’s Telehealth

Our Telehealth service was built with simplicity as the top goal – for the patient and provider. Contact us today for a demo!

  • End-to-End Encryption

  • HIPAA Compliant

  • Jump between active sessions

  • iPhone / Android Patient Apps

  • Web Interface – App not required

  • Sessions are matched with your appointment schedule

  • Affordable

DoctorConnect Telehealth