DoctorConnect’s Integrated Online Patient Intake Forms

Switch to DoctorConnect’s HIPAA and E- signature compliant patient intake forms solution and streamline your workflow and improve patient satisfaction.DoctorConnect‘s Patient Intake Forms offer numerous benefits to healthcare providers. The forms are HIPPA and SOC 2 compliant, meaning they comply with all applicable federal regulations, and are designed to protect the security of patient data. Legally binding esignature compliance ensures that all forms are accurate and legitimate. DoctorConnect‘s Patient Intake Forms can be attached to the patient record in any electronic medical or practice management system. They are mobile friendly, and can be filled out on tablets in office, or on the patient‘s own phone, tablet, or PC. DoctorConnect allows for easy tracking of patient form completion and sending reminders for missing paperwork. Secure uploading of insurance and ID cards is also possible with DoctorConnect‘s Patient Intake Forms. Patients can use their camera phones to take pictures of the cards, which are then securely uploaded to the system. DoctorConnect digital forms are the next step of digitization in the healthcare space. 

Benefits of using DoctorConnect’s Patient Intake Forms

  • HIPAA and SOC 2 Compliant
  • Legally binding e-signature compliance
  • Attach completed forms to your patient record in your PM/EMR system
  • Easily send and verify completed forms prior to patient arrival
  • Allow patients to use tablets to fill out mobile friendly forms in office – or use their own phones, tablets or PCs
  • We convert your current paper forms to mobile friendly digital forms
  • Easily track patient form completion and send reminders for missing paperwork
  • Allow secure uploading of insurance and id cards (with camera phone support)
  • Access the completed data online, download spreadsheets of the patient answers – or download/print a completed PDF form
  • Send Payment Forms and Collect Co-Pays – works with most major payment gateways (coming soon)

DoctorConnect Online Forms

How Does It Work?

DoctorConnect Patient Intake Forms will convert your current forms to digital mobile friendly forms.

Choose from our library of existing forms, or provide us with examples of your forms.

We can convert your existing PDFS, online forms, paper forms, etc to work seamlessly with our system.

All forms are mobile friendly and can be easily completed on phones, tablets or desktop computers.

Send forms to your patients

Link to your forms from your website send the link as part of DoctorConnect’s Appointment Reminder System.

Form Dashboard
Open Form
Link for Forms Sent to the Patient

View your completed patient forms

DoctorConnect Patient Intake Forms allows you to view the patient documents as PDFS  – including the patients digital signature.

Save, print or attach these forms to the patients PM/EMR record.

You may also view the data in simple format to allow easy copy and pasting to other applications.

Certain EMR/EHR allow for DoctorConnect to even push them directly into the patient chart. Ask your representative today to see if your EMR/EHR has these capabilities.