DoctorConnect is becoming the preferred choice of healthcare professionals to improve patient retention. Keeping patients coming back is a constant task for both doctors and office managers. It takes significant time out of your work day to come up with creative ways to retain clients and deliver patient recall messages. DoctorConnect makes this process automated, which leaves you more time to manage daily operations.

Why Is Patient Retention Important?

Most people think that physicians can easily pull in new patients on a regular basis. If this were the case, no one would be getting seen by a doctor because marketing is a job on its own. This is where focusing on your retention rate comes into the picture.

A healthcare office’s retention rate is important because it simply represents the benefits of excellent business practices. Patients who you see more than once and who keep coming back for your care are considered retained patients. By focusing on increasing your retention rate your office will be able to:

  • Save money,
  • Gain patient loyalty,
  • Benefit from word-of-mouth marketing,
  • And increase the possibility of a patient returning for an even bigger procedure based on their confidence in your services.

How DoctorConnect Improves Patient Retention

When it’s time for a follow-up appointment or a routine checkup, DoctorConnect allows you to define your own rules to deliver recall messages to your patients. This technology works similar to our appointment reminder features. Then, based upon each patient’s last appointment date and type, our system pulls from your current database to send automatic notifications at designated intervals and help drive income with return visits.

Examples of Our System

Creating return visits is one of the many things that our software specializes in for your healthcare office. When it comes to reaching out to your patients for return visits, the software from DoctorConnect has many capabilities.


  • Send a message to any patient that has not been seen in a year
  • Send a message to patients with certain appointment types every 30 days
  • Send a message to all patients meeting a specific status or criteria

You simply indicate the message, criteria, and time frame. We take care of the rest. With the details of automated messaging in our hands, you can focus on the in-house retention needs of your office that include:

  • Addressing the needs and concerns of the office,
  • Staying on a regular patient schedule,
  • Being extra attentive to patient needs,
  • And making an impressive first impression for new patients.

Keep Patient Retention High with DoctorConnect

In recent years, DoctorConnect has been a leading name in healthcare communication technology. Patient engagement software that we provide has enabled healthcare providers of all types to retain patients and improve their patient engagement. If you are a manager of an office and are ready to make your location automated, contact us today to find out how to schedule a demo!

Recall and Patient Retention