mobile-friendly Intelligent Patient Scheduler (I.P.S) checks your current appointment calendar for open slots and allows patients to request an appointment based upon your availability.

What can our scheduler do?

  • Analyzes your current calendar and shows open slots to consumer based upon your availability guidelines.
  • Set default appointment time block size (ie 15 minutes, 1 hour, etc) to determine valid openings.
  • Specify number of concurrent appointments allowed.
  • Staff can block off office closure dates.
  • Set availability rules based on provider and location.
  • Allows for daily office hours and black out times.
  • Requests appear on doctorconnect dashboard and sent via email to be approved by staff.
  • Automatically steer patients to the appointment page if they indicate they need to reschedule.
  • Link to the scheduler through our review page or from your own webpage, post, etc.

What are some benefits?

  • Automate & reduce needed labor for reschedule to schedule workflow.
  • Automate & reduce needed labor for recall/recare to schedule workflow.
  • Automate & reduce needed labor for no-show to schedule workflow.
  • Start your mornings with a fresh batch of patients ready for confirmation.
  • Turn text into the main form of communication for scheduling.
  • Allow for a single person to manage multiple requests at once. No more 1 staff member per call. Now the 1 staff member can handle 10 requests in the same amount of time.

Check out the patient point of view here.