Medisoft Appointment Reminders

Medisoft Appointment Reminders

In the busy world of today, it is difficult to attain appointments, but equally difficult to remember to attend them. 5 out of 6 Americans have admitted to not following medical treatment plans as they should have, including attending appointments. Are you tired of patients not showing up for a pre-booked appointment? Do you hate to see the time slot go to waste? Does the thought of failing prospective revenues put a dent on your happiness, and business career? We understand.

Be it due to forgetfulness or some last minute work springing up for the patient – the issue of medical appointment no-shows is troublesome. Not attending an appointment means the time slot goes to waste, and the same slot could have been rescheduled for another patient had there been prior notice of a no-show. Loss of time is never good for a business, for time is money – and lost time means lost opportunity of earning revenue.

However, aims to put an end to this with its automated appointment reminder service that seamlessly integrates with your Medisoft system. Simply catalog the upcoming appointments, and have the Medisoft application connect with your EMR system. Immediate data syncing allows for lessened work burden for you. Set the text of the reminder message, as well as the time interval. Then, choose a mode of communication to the best of your enterprise’s interests. Lo and behold – patients are sent appointment reminders, and you no longer have to worry about no-shows. You can also program the reminder to be in the form of a confirmation message, allowing for possible rescheduling of the appointment in case the patient has a last-minute work hold-up. 

One of the best aspects of the DoctorConnect Medisoft Compatible Appointment Reminder Service is the banner of two-way communication it upholds, between patient and doctor. DoctorConnect  allows for Medisoft patients to choose the mode of communication of their preference. In the busy lives, calls from the reception desk may be inconvenient in regular course of work, so much so, that people sometimes put the phone down without listening to all the individual on the other side has to say. 

With a truly customized appointment reminder service, you can decide whether a phone call, email, or message is the way to go.  Or have the patients choose for themselves. Availability of choice means opinions of patients are valued, and a valued person is bound to stay loyal to the organisation. More importantly, with frequent reminders of appointments, routinely check-ups, and follow-up appointments, Medisoft, combined with DotorConnect’s Appointment Reminder Service ensures you stay in the minds of the patient – giving way to patient retention. 

Moreover, as the automated appointment reminder service takes over, you no longer need to have many people stationed at attending calls, or sending messages manually. Lesser need of staff for such tedious tasks means people can be assigned work in a different, more productive department. Resulting in enhanced productivity, reduced costs, and consequently, an improved revenue stream. 

All in all, 

Benefits of Medisoft when combined with DoctorConnects Appointment Reminders:

  • Lesser no-shows. 
  • Connect with the patients. 
  • Enhanced Productivity. 
  • Better Cost Management and Revenue Stream.

Still have questions? Reach out to us at DoctorConnect, and get your demo of the miracle in appointment reminders.