Integrated MOSAIQ Appointment Reminders & MOSAIQ Patient Engagement with DoctorConnect

Issues with labor, patient satisfaction, or office efficiency? Need integrated MOSAIQ Appointment Reminders? DoctorConnect is happy to announce uni-directional integration capabilities with all MOSAIQ systems. What is uni-directional integration? That means both our systems will be able to communicate allowing the transfer of data between us and the EHR without human interaction. A completely automated process allows you to focus on what is important. Your patient’s health and care.

MOSAIQ Appointment Reminders with DoctorConnect

With uni-directional support, we won’t just be able to just send your reminders automatically, but we are able to pull the contacts and their appointment information right from the EHR. If wanted, you wouldn’t even have to open up DoctorConnect once set up. We will just keep sending your messages as long as we are receiving the data. A completely automated process once set up.

MOSAIQ Patient Engagement with DoctorConnect

Not only do we bring fully automated MOSAIQ appointment reminders but a full patient engagement platform. We offer automated recare/recall , bulk messaging, 2-way messaging (secured & SMS), surveys, reputation management, intelligent scheduler, digital documents and more! Contact us today and let us show you how we can improve your communication without you having to change the way you conduct your clinic!

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MOSAIQ Appointment Reminders and Patient Engagement Tools