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confirmed appointment Automated Veterinary Appointment Reminders and Confirmations

You already know that minimizing patient no-shows is a top priority. Just one patient no-show means lost revenue and wasted office time. We offer all 3 channels of patient reminder delivery, plus 2-way functionality on our SMS puts us above the competition and automates your confirmation process. Don't just remind your vet appointments, give them the ability to confirm or request a reschedule automatically.

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Veterinary Appointment Reminders

Appointment Reminders for you Veterinary office are the fastest way to decrease no-shows and free-up important staff time. Let your staff focus on the care of your clients, and let DoctorConnect automate the repetitive time consuming task of reminding AND confirming your appointments.

Most of our competitors offer reminders by voice and email, and some of them are now offering SMS text reminders. DoctorConnect uses all 3 of these channels as well, with one big difference - all of our channels are 2-way communication paths. This means that no matter which reminder the patient recieved first, they can act on the reminder immediately and make a real-time confirmation or request a reschedule.

At DoctorConnect, we've found that using 2-way SMS text-message as your primary reminder type will greatly increase the delivery, read, and response rates of your Vet appointment reminders.


Multiple confirmation attempts
Whether you have 1 or 100 providers at your clinic, our system imports all your appointments and reminds them at the intervals you require. For example, you can choose to set a reminder to go out 2 days before the appointment, then another 1 day before, and even a 3rd 1 hour before the appointment. All of our reminder methods ask the patient to either confirm the appointment, or to request a reschedule. At a glance, you'll know who has been contacted, who has confirmed, and which cases require assistance.


Multiple delivery channels
Because your patient population's comfort with technology varies, we use all major communication systems available in an automated fashion. DoctorConnect allows you to drill down to set each vet reminder preference to text, phone, or email. You pick the format(s) and the scheduled reminders are delivered per your wishes. Those who have text messaging available prefer to use it over any other communication medium.


Works with your existing system
DoctorConnect seamlessly connects with your current EMR/EHR/PM solution. There is nothing to change or switch over. We take care of it all. No matter who your software provider is, we will work with them to provide you with a integration solution. If you decide to change software, just let us know and we'll see your messages continue to get through without delay.


2-way communication
All reminders are fully interactive which allows Veterinary clients to confirm and request reschedules. Your staff can respond to inbound patient text messages from their PC.

Let DoctorConnect improve your Veterinary office work flow and revenue.

When sending simple reminders for patient appointments, Doctor Connect text message courtesy reminders outperform email and phone calls. It never gets too busy or forgets. You will want to notify your Vet appointments of upcoming schedules. DoctorConnect gives you control to do so, you can set the system to send automatic notifications from one week out, to one hour before the scheduled appointment. You tell us how often and when you want these reminders to be sent out and we take care of the rest. Our clients tell us it's like having an additional staff member who does all the work for you - all day, every day.

DoctorConnect is ideal for your Veterinary office.