Practice Fusion Appointment Reminders

Looking for better Practice Fusion Appointment Reminders?

Practice Fusion is a great EMR and it’s even better when paired with DoctorConnect Appointment Reminders.  Practice Fusion has partnered with other companies to fill that void – but every week we sign a Practice Fusion clinic that is looking for something a little more powerful to meet their needs.  Contact us and let us show you why they are switching to us.   

Working the desk for a medical organisation is difficult. Patient forms need to be fulfilled, and their information entered in respective files. Appointments need to be made and managed, keeping in mind none coincide with one another. Nearing the appointment, calls need to be made, and emails send as reminders for the upcoming medical appointment. Such tasks and more prove tedious for a hard working individual, for they require immense time and concentration.

DoctorConnect intends to reduce such manual labor, and take the world of medicine by storm with its technology of automated appointment reminders. Not having to send out emails each time, or make personal calls and texts is one thing checked off the to-do list for medical professionals. Practice Fusion enhanced by DoctorConnect’s Appointment Reminder Service enters as a savior, to lend a hand in the difficult field of medicine, for it understands that doctors and hospital staff would rather spend their time tending to patients and their needs, rather than having to retain old patients by constant manual appointment reminders.

The need for appointment reminders is continuously reinforced. A study was published by BMC Health Services Research. It stated that around 18.8% of the time, patients fail to show up for a medical appointment. Estimates were made for the loss of revenue and additional costs due to missed appointments. This went to as much as $150,000 for a single physician, whilst for multi-physician offices; it pointed towards a sum higher than $1 million. This puts the importance of appointment reminders and confirmations in a whole different perspective.

With the advent of automated appointment reminder services,the percentage of no-shows to appointments has been reduced up till 25%. This is a large proportion considering the costs it saves, and the avenues of revenue generation it upholds. With prior knowledge of patients who are going to miss their appointment, the slot can be assigned to another patient, making it a win-win situation for both patient and doctor. This considerably reduces the wait lists of appointments, thereby thoroughly benefiting the patients in the long run.

DoctorConnect’s Appointment Reminders proves massively helpful due to its degree of user-friendliness. Upholding two-way communication, it allows for appointment confirmation embedded within the reminder. The administrator also has the option to enable patient intake. This in turn sends a link within the appointment reminder for an online check-in – Oh, how technology continues to surprise us with the passing of each day.

The peculiarity of  our appointment reminder service, which sets it apart from its rivals, is the element of choice it offers to patients. Upholding and respecting ideas of diversity, it allows for reminders to be in a language sphere not only confined to English. Spanish is another option. When the patient receives a text in the language they know best, there is the development of a certain connection with the organisation, resulting in loyalty and patient retention.

In totality, DoctorConnect integrates with Practice Fusion, helping maintain patient logs. It reduces missed appointments, allows customized reminders with patient intakes, whilst upholding diversity of languages.

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