We’ve been providing the latest in patient engagement technology to the Optical Industry for over 10 years. Our in-house engineers and top rated customer support team is here to help you with all of your needs.

Optical Appointment Reminders and Patient Engagement Tools.

DoctorConnect is very experienced in understanding the needs and operations that are specific to the Optical Industry.  We would be happy to supply references of other eye clinics that have trusted their patient engagement needs to us for many years.  Optometrists and Ophthalmologist are actually two of our fastest growing specialty areas.

With optical practices in such high demand, it is no surprise that managing an office comes with complications. Some of the issues that optical practices face on a daily basis include:

Optometrists, also known as Opticians have practices that range in size and staff. Optometrists are eye doctors that examine a patient’s eyes for vision and health issues. These medical professionals with OD degrees are licensed to prescribe medications that treat specific eye problems and diseases.

Optical practices are popular practices for patients to visit. After all, it is reported that 61 percent of the population wears glasses, contact lenses, or other visual aids.

DoctorConnect’s Appointment Reminders For Optometrists

At DoctorConnect, we know how important optical health is for managers of any optical practice. We know that you would rather be helping patients than having to manually keep track of endless recordkeeping. Even with a current electronic recordkeeping system, you can find yourself having to spend way too much time on business aspects that could be automated through our sotware.

Appointment Scheduling

The appointment scheduling app with DoctorConnect makes your appointment calendar something that is instant and takes away the shadow that looms over keeping track of scheduling. With our appointment calendar, you can automatically import the schedules from your office that you are already using.

Using our dashboard for appointment scheduling, you can:

  • Contact patients who have not yet confirmed their visit
  • Manually confirm your appointments
  • Respond to messages from patients
  • Send no-show messages to missed appointments

Patient Retention

With so many optical practices popping up around Texas, patient recare and retention has never been more important. Utilizing our software, you are opening the doors that allow you to deliver recare messages to your patients and have them return to your offices for follow-up care. Based on the information that you put into your follow-up appointment calendars and past calendar schedules, you can:

  • Reach out to patients you haven’t seen in a year
  • Send messages to frequent patients
  • Send messages to patients that meet a specific status

Let DoctorConnect Streamline Your Optical Practice’s Office Management

If you are tired of spending far too much time on patient scheduling and retainment efforts, DoctorConnect is here to help!

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