Announces Kareo Appointment Reminders

Date: 04/30/2015 is thrilled to announce the launch of automated appointment reminders for the web-based Kareo EHR/EMR system. Users can now leverage the robust capabilities of’s automated reminder system with no additional effort once the initial setup is done. Typically, the system can be operational within one to two days.

Contact us today to begin utilizing your personalized, interactive text, voice, and email Kareo appointment reminders.

About Kareo EHR

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Kareo offers a comprehensive EHR tailored to your workflow. Transitioning is effortless, and the system is entirely free. Elevate your practice’s efficiency swiftly.

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Kareo’s EHR integrates flawlessly into your practice, offering a mobile-first design that empowers you to move away from the computer and engage more closely with your patients. You can also easily access charts and schedules from any location.

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Managing a busy practice is challenging. That’s why we’ve simplified processes: view and schedule appointments, manage tasks, access patient records, and more, all with a single click.