Send special memos to specific individuals, predefined groups, or to your entire patient database with a few clicks.

Bulk messaging allows you to quickly distribute important notifications to any number of recipients. Need to send a message to everyone who has an appointment tomorrow? Reach them by text, phone, and/or email. Simply customize your message, select the applicable patient groups, and specify an appointment date range.

Bulk messaging is great for:

  • Emergency closures
  • Company announcements
  • Wait List Management: Patients can opt into a waitlist and receive an automated notification upon a cancellation or sudden opening. You can keep your schedule filled and your clients can get the care they need sooner!
  • DoctorConnect can also automatically import your patient’s billing status and send past due notices to patients with an outstanding balance.

You can indicate triggers to determine who receives a given payment reminder note and when they receive it.

For example, you can set up rules that:

  • Send a message when patient accounts are 3 days past the due date
  • Send an escalation message when they are 10 days past the due date
  • Send a friendly reminder to all patients that have any remaining or past due balance

All established communication preferences are honored daily and automatically. Try DoctorConnect and watch your response rates increase when you deploy payment due text messages.

Getting started is easy! Contact us for a demo today and we’ll show you how our system can start improving your office efficiency and patient engagement almost immediately. Depending on the EMR / PMS system you are running, we can have your message functions automated in as little as 2 business days.


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