After Care Patient Surveys and Online Reputation Management

DoctorConnect helps healthcare practices with their online reputation management. Keeping a high quality appearance online is crucial for modern healthcare. Patients are more technologically savvy than ever. They’re checking doctor reviews and leaving their own. In fact, patients who are unsatisfied are more likely to leave a negative review online. Meanwhile, patients with a positive experience are not as likely to leave a review.

“The satisfied patients just make another appointment. The patients that have billing issues or have long wait times bash us online.” — Dr. Wright, DoctorConnect customer

How Patients Perceive Online Reviews

The nature of the internet is biased and tends to lean towards negative reviews. This is an inconvenient truth. Put yourself in a potential patient’s shoes. You are researching online and looking for a healthcare provider. Would you choose one who has a relatively high number of negative reviews or a practitioner with overwhelming positive feedback?

online review management for patients

Online Review Management With DoctorConnect

Our Reputation Management add-on feature helps rating sites work for you, rather than against you, by driving your satisfied patients to leave reviews. With a constant stream of positive feedback and ratings on sites such as Google and HealthGrades, your practice name is more likely to rank higher in search engines. With more visibility comes more new and returning patients.

Our Online Review Management Software

DoctorConnect has developed a two-tier system designed to engage your patients and encourage positive reviews:

1. Quality of Care Surveys:

Are your patients satisfied with your service? Is your staff operating at an optimal level? Are you doing everything you can to retain your current patients? Leverage the power of our fully responsive, seamlessly designed survey tool to answer and address these questions.

Templates & Custom Options

Use our standard template for guidance or design a custom survey, and our automated system sends it to patients the day after an appointment. In addition to customizing your own surveys, you have the ability to send them out based on provider, procedure, or location.

online reputation management survey

Instant Feedback

Once a patient completes a survey, their vital feedback is available instantly. This allows you to:

  • Identify your strengths
  • Improve any pain points
  • Evaluate different departments within your organization
  • Measure patient satisfaction levels.

It’s all there at your fingertips with our visual report (complete with individual scores, graphs for comparison, and many more tracking tools).

2. Convenient Access to Review Platforms:

Once your surveys are in, we help you even the online review playing field. When we hear from a highly satisfied patient, we thank them for their response and provide them with a convenient link to share their experience online. You’ll find that satisfied patients are generally happy to help others experience the same level of expertise and care they received. It’s as easy as a few clicks!

Request a Demo

Getting started is easy! Contact us for a demo today and we’ll show you how our system can start improving your office efficiency and patient engagement almost immediately. Depending on the EMR / PMS system you are running, we can have your message functions automated in as little as 2 business days.