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DoctorConnect Waiting List Management (WLM) gives your office the ability to expand on our patient engagement tools to quickly and easily fill your open appointment slots.

How Wait List Management Works

  1. When a patient cancels or requests a reschedule, DoctorConnect can quickly send a text message alert to the patients on your wait list.
  2. The first patient to reply to the text claims that appointment opening.
  3. Your office and the patient both get a claim confirmation.

Our system tracks which slots you’ve sent alerts to, which patients receive the alerts, and which ones were claimed.

What Happens to Patients Who Don’t Respond?

Patients that do not respond first will be notified it has already been filled and informed that they will be contacted if another slot becomes available.

DoctorConnect can be used to notify all the patients on your waiting list, individuals patients, or to a specific group. For example, you may choose to only notify patients that are waiting for a specific appointment type.

Waiting list management

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