When managing an office in a healthcare setting, patient satisfaction should be the number one priority. This is done by focusing on the patient and keeping the office schedule full and focused.

Unfilled slots and patient cancellations can be problematic to the success of your scheduling efforts. DoctorConnect Waiting List Management is a software service that gives your office the ability to expand on our patient engagement tools to quickly and easily fill your open appointment slots.

How Does Waiting List Management Work?

Waiting list management is not only a way to keep your schedule on track, but it also increases patient engagement and satisfaction. When a patient cancels or requests a reschedule, DoctorConnect can quickly send a text message alert to the patients on your wait list.

Based on automated messaging attempts, the first patient to reply to the text claims that appointment opening. From there, your office and the patient both get a claim confirmation.

What Happens to Patients Who Don’t Respond?

Patients that do not respond first will be notified it has already been filled and informed that they will be contacted if another slot becomes available.

DoctorConnect can be used to notify all the patients on your waiting list, individuals patients, or to a specific group. For example, you may choose to only notify patients that are waiting for a specific appointment type.

automated wait list management

automated wait list management

DoctorConnect Helps Improve Quality of Care with Waiting List Management

If your medical office is eager to avoid financial loss when patients unexpectedly cancel, investing in DoctorConnect is the first step towards success. Our specialized software helps improve patient satisfaction and creates optimal clinical outcomes by making the management of your office automated. Contact us today to schedule your demo and learn how DoctorConnect can improve your patient engagement efforts.