Pediatric Appointment Reminders

Pediatric Appointment Reminders

For any parent, their child’s health holds utmost importance. From childbirth, to the vaccines, to routinely checks, until the child grows up – the parents continue caring for the child, vary of each little disruption in health. However, with little kids, the parents have their hands full. There is the constant need to be on their toes – feeding, playing with, running after, and bathing the child. The morning starts with the children, and ends with them. In such circumstances, there is a high possibility for parents to forget the pediatric appointment. 

Even if your clinic already has an appointment reminder system, DoctorConnect can enhance your system to provide greater revenue and increase patient satisfaction. Your  office staff can focus on serving your patients instead of worrying about no-shows for pediatric appointments. We understand pediatrics is a branch of medicine that requires immense time and effort. There are aspects of appointment scheduling, appointment confirmation, payment plans, and loads of paperwork. In such times, DoctorConnect understands the burden you feel, and thus arrives to take some load off. 

With DoctorConnect’s patient engagement and reminder software, you can stop stressing on appointment slots, unforeseen rescheduling, and general doubt on the arrival of patients. With automated appointment reminders being circulated, the reminder can also be in the form of a confirmation message. Thus in case the parents cannot make it, another patient can be rescheduled in that time slot – reducing the time lost. 

Why are appointment reminders especially important for ‘Pediatric’ Doctors?

  • For younger children, appointments and timelines are important.

Children have to go through immunizations, which have certain specified intervals. Following the timeline is of utmost importance, because one cannot even think of compromising on their child’s health. With parents of younger children being incredibly busy tending to the kid’s needs, there is a high probability of forgetting pediatric appointments. Thus it is appreciated for the medical enterprises to step up, and remind them via appointment reminder messages. 

  • The Pediatrician can prepare to greet the child.

Most children are fearful of hospitals and doctors in general. Thus, a great Pediatrician is one who tunes himself to suiting the likes of the child, to make the child comfortable. With appointment reminder confirmation messages being sent out, you know which child will show up, so you can prepare accordingly. Each kid is tuned differently. With one, you may be an Iron man, and a genie for the other. Knowing who is a no-show and who makes it there gives you enough time to read up on the case, whilst brushing up your children affiliation skills.

  • Sync data to your EMR or PMS. 

Especially in the case of children, it is imperative to maintain complete medical history. Every appointment, vaccine, and test should be cataloged. With the growing availability of software systems that we can interface with, the data-keeping no longer needs great manual effort. Appointments can simply be added to the file, and easily synchronized with DoctorConnect’s Appointment Reminder App. 

With automated pediatric appointment reminders, you go one step ahead in your profession. You show the parents that you value, and care about their child’s health, as much as they do. 

Please check out our reviews and contact us today and find out why so many clinics like yours have been using DoctorConnect for years.  We are dedicated to providing the industries best customer service and are constantly developing new technologies to let you focus on what you do best – treat your patients.

Pediatric Appointment Reminders