Pediatric Patient Engagement 

For any parent, their child’s health holds utmost importance. From childbirth to the vaccines, to routine checks, and all the other recurring appointments that happen from 0 to 18. A parent has a lot on their plate with just raising their child. Why make the required medical trips any more of a hassle. Trying to get an unhappy 4 year old to do anything is already hard enough. That is where the DoctorConnect platform makes it easy for you and your hard working parents. 

Pre-Care Patient Engagement

We make sure they are there and ready when they come in with our pre care patient engagement features. Make finding out your the best doctor in the area easy for them with our online reputation management system.

Once they call in and get their first time on schedule DoctorConnect takes off.  We make sure they get there with our Interactive automated appointment reminders, and friendly reminders. Once they say they are coming we then get their paperwork early through our digital documents reducing time in the waiting room which is a dream to most parents. Also, delivering any specialty instruction based on appointment type.

Post Care Patient Engagement

Alright, they got there and got the treatment they needed. Now what does DoctorConnect do? 24 hours after their appointment we send out automated surveys so you can make the adjustments you need to improve patient satisfaction based on patient feedback while increasing your presence online so you can help more families. 

Then through our recare/recall & intelligent scheduler feature we are able to automate the recall to schedule process. Letting you have a fresh batch of patients every morning without having to lift a finger or listen to a dial tone.

Benefits of DoctorConnects patient engagement software in the pediatrics space:

  • Automate recall to schedule for your recurring appointment types with our Intelligent scheduler and automated recare/recall.
  • Automate special instruction based on appointment types.
  • Automate your reschedules to schedule appointments 
  • Make texting your main form of communication allowing for multiple requests to be handled by a single person.
  • Reduce time in the waiting room through digital intake forms, digital check in, and appointment type specific instructions.
  • Reduce no-show overall and automate the no-show to schedule workflow. 
  • And many more that might be unique to your practice.

Please call us today or submit a contact form if you think DoctorConnect can make a difference in your practice. 

Pediatric Appointment Reminders