Chiropractic Appointment Reminders

Chiropractors play an important role in the medical field. As spine and nerve pain specialists, it is important that they are able to efficiently schedule patient appointments. DoctorConnect Chiropractic Appointment Reminders are crucial to this goal.

DoctorConnect focuses on providing office management for facilities like Chiropractic offices that provide preventative care and treatment for patients. We know that running an office while having to keep track of a patient schedule can be time consuming.

With all of the activity in a medical office like a Chiropractor, sometimes patient appointments are missed, not scheduled properly, or it is just hard to get the patients through the door. With DoctorConnect’s software, we are able to help make office management feel like second nature.

DoctorConnect Connects You with Patients

The patient engagement app that DoctorConnect provides to Chiropractor offices will help automate and increase your office efficiency. It is important to us that you are able to keep track of what matters the most as a Chiropractor; your patient’s well-being.

Appointment Reminders and More

One excellent way to reduce no-shows at your office is by effective appointment reminder management. These days, patients need to be reminded of when their next Chiropractor appointment is; and communication on top of other office duties can be difficult. DoctorConnect provides a solution that saves your staff time and your office money.

Benefits of Appointment Reminders

  • Two-way communication that logs patient responses
  • Ability for patients to confirm or request a reschedule in real time
  • Custom group and individual patient notifications
  • Trackable communication records, confirmations and responses to patients

No-Show? No Problem!

Our No-Show Management feature helps fill in the time gaps that occur when a patient cancels late or just doesn’t show up. With DoctorConnect, your patients have the option of joining a waiting group that receives real-time texts about when appointments open up.

Yes, our system reduces patient no-shows, but they still happen. This is a great way to be ahead of the cancellation.

If you are the manager of a Chiropractor’s office, and you are having difficulties juggling patient communication with your other office duties, DoctorConnect can help. Get in touch with us today to schedule a demo of our software for your office. Find out how we can automate your office and help increase efficiency.