DoctorConnect is very experienced in understanding the needs and operations that are specific to the Optical Industry.  We would be happy to supply references of other eye clinics that have trusted their patient engagement needs to us for many years.  Optometrists and Ophthalmologist are two of our fastest growing specialty areas.

Even if your current system offers our services, you will find ours provides a much higher level of features, accuracy and dependability.  We can enhance or replace your current post and pre-care patient engagement software. 

With optical practices in such high demand, it is no surprise that managing an office comes with complications. Some of the issues that optical practices face on a daily basis include:

DoctorConnect’s Patient Engagement for Optometrists

At DoctorConnect, we know how important optical health is for managers of any optical practice. We know that you would rather be helping patients than having to manually keep track of endless record keeping. Even with a current electronic record keeping system, you can find yourself having to spend way too much time on business aspects that could be automated through our software.

Optometrist Appointment Reminders

Appointment Scheduling and Recall/Recare

Appointment scheduling and recall has never been easier than now with DoctorConnect. With DoctorConnect automated recall and Intelligent scheduler we can now automate your recall to schedule process. Reducing labor in multiple aspects of your workflow. Start your morning with a fresh batch of appointments ready for confirmation and allow your website to become the new place to schedule. 

Using our DoctorConnect Intelligent Scheduler and automated recall, you can:

  • Contact patients who have not yet confirmed their visit.
  • Start your morning filling in your schedule with just a couple minutes of labor a day. Compared to the hours and hours of recall calls your staff does now.
  • Schedule multiple patients at once. Front desk is no longer bound to one patient at a time. 
  • Automate recall and no-show messages with bounce backs that link to your scheduler page for easy appointment time requests.

Patient Retention Through the Patient Engagement “Funnel”

With so many optical practices popping up around the world, patient recare and retention has never been more important. Utilizing our complete software package, you are giving your practice the competitive edge in the ever-growing space. What is that competitive edge? We like to call it the patient pipeline or funnel.

What is the patient pipeline? To make it as simple as possible it draws in new patients while keeping your existing patient coming back on a regular schedule. 

Well, how do we do that? Our pre and post care patient engagement software was designed with the patient pipeline in mind. Our online reputation management gets them to make that first call. Then our pre care patient engagement features do their job. Automated interactive appointment reminders, friendly reminders and instructions, digital intake forms, and digital check in make sure they show up ready for care. After you provide the immaculate care you all are known for we send automated surveys to increase your presence online. Then our recall/recare and intelligent scheduler get them back on schedule to start the whole process over again. All of which requires little labor needed from your front desk staff or you!

Let DoctorConnect Streamline Your Optical Practice’s Office Management

If you are tired of spending far too much time on patient scheduling and retainment efforts, DoctorConnect is here to help!

Please, read some of our reviews and get in touch with us today to find out how to request a demo for your office.