Vets know better than anyone: owning pets is a full-time job in itself. Throw your clients a bone by providing automated post and pre care patient engagement experience.

DoctorConnect’s patient engagement software brings the patient pipeline to the veterinary space. We start by getting them in the door through our online reputation management and automated surveys. Once added to schedule then DoctorConnect takes over again with automated interactive appointment reminders, digital documents, and digital check in. Having the patients/pets ready for care as they come in. They then receive the care you all are known for and DoctorConnect takes back over. 24 hours after their appointment we send them automated surveys and encourage 4- & 5-star reviews to post on other social media accounts. We then send automated recare/recall with our intelligent scheduler so they can self-book right through their mobile phone starting the process all over again.

Both your staff and the families you serve can better support pet health with reduced no-show, efficient office processes, and overall higher quality care. Try DoctorConnect in the following settings:

  • General Clinics
  • Animal Hospitals & Emergency Facilities
  • Small Animal, Large Animal, & Exotic Animal Vets
  • Mobile Vets
  • Specialty Facilities
  • Many more


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